Ash And Dawn Love Story. Chapter Two.

Now That Ash's Feelings For Dawn Are Noticable, Will They Become Out In The Open To Dawn And Brok?

Created by DawnHikarixX on Thursday, February 19, 2009


"Hey What Are You Guys Doing?" Brok Said In A Surprised Tone. Dawn Blushed And Ash Looked Like He Was Going To Die. "Well It Doesn't Matter Right Now, What Matters Is That Team Rocket Have Stolen All The Chimchar!" Dawn Looked Shocked.

"Brok It Really Wasn't Team Rocket Who Did This! It Was A Pokemon Ranger! He Was The One Who Grabbed Me And Held Me Down Until I Fainted! He's Really Mean! He'll Keep Doing This Unless We Stop Him!" Ash Looked At Dawn's Worried Face.

"As If A Pokemon Ranger-" Brok Began.

"No Brok! It's True! I Swear." Dawn Bellowed. Ash's Face Was A Mixture Now. Dawn Looked At Brok And He Walked Away To Pack Things Up. "Ash...?" Ash Looked Up At Dawn. "Are You Okay?"He Nodded Then Pulled Dawn To Him And Kissed Her Gently On The Lips. Dawn Was Shocked. She Was Dazed After The Kiss Ended.

"Dawn. I Think...I Think I Love You." Dawn Looked At Ash In Shock, But Then Realised That She Liked Ash Too. She Hugged Him Close To Her For A Long Time Then They Both Stood Up And Dawn Took Hold Of Ash's Hand.

"I Love You Too Ash." Ash Smiled And Almost Fainted With Happieness. They Walked Hand In Hand To The Camp Witch Brok Had Just Packed Away. The Two Of Them Stared At The Brok Who Was Shocked To See Their Hands Linked. Ash Didn't Care And They Continued Walking To The Next Town In Silence Made By The Shock Of Dawn, Ash And Brok.

Suddenly Ash Spoke Up. "Brok. This May Seem Strange But The Truth Is...I've Always Had A Thing For Dawn...I Mean We Used To Fight Sure We Did...But The Thing Is...I Love Her." Broks Eyes Watered.

"Oh Man! A True Real Life Love Story! Happening Right Here! I Thought I Would Be The First One Out Of Us To Fall In Love! Ahhh Man!" Ash Laughed But Dawn Stayed Silent. She Was Thinking That All This Was Just Too Weird. She Knew She Loved Ash. Sure She Did. But Not As Much As She Thought. This Was Really Strange. She Had To Let Him Know She Liked Being Friends Much Better.

Ash Noticed Dawn's Change In Status "Erm...Dawn? Are You Feeling Okay?" Brok Butted In Before She Could Open Her Mouth.

"Oh Cause Not Ash! She's Feeling The Pressures Of Love!" Ash Laughed Again And Dawn Stayed Silent...

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