Runaway Train (Arranged Marriage Story) {2}

Chapter Two. Give me feedback .

Created by XXEmoXXChick on Sunday, February 22, 2009

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Runaway Train
Chapter Two


“Bye Dad” Sasha choked out. “Don’t be so sad sweetie; I’ll see you in about 3 months at your engagement party okay.” “Bye I love You, Have a safe flight.” Finished her father.

Sasha climbed the stairs to the private jet. When she entered she was greeted by 4 people the pilot, the co-pilot, and two stewardesses. They introduced themselves as Captain Blake Carter, Co Captain Matthew Davinforth, Mary Brown, and Jane Hover. Sasha smiled and said hellos to all of them. They all seemed friendly. Mary and Jane led Sasha into the main part of the jet and Sasha’s mouth about hit the floor it was the most luxurious of jet’s she’s ever seen. “Wow” was the only thing Sasha could say. Mary and Jane laughed and said “We had the same reaction as you when we first started the job.”

Sasha picked out a seat out of the many she had to choose from and got comfortable. Mary and Jane kept asking if there was anything they could get Sasha but Sasha just Said “I’m good for now but thank you anyways” Over the intercom the Pilots said to fasten your seat belts and get ready for takeoff. The plane began to pick up speed as it went down the run way, and then they were in the air above Moscow. Sasha looked out the window wondering when she’d be able to come back.

The seat belt sign went off and Sasha undid hers. Mary came by to ask if she needed anything but she told her she still okay. Sasha dug in her pocket and pulled out her iPod. She turned it on and laid her head back letting the music drown out the sound of the engines.

Sasha was woken out of her sleep by someone calling her name. It was Jane asking if she wanted anything to eat or drink. Sasha asked how long she had dozed off for. Jane said she had been out for about three hours and would be landing in about thirty minutes. Sasha said she’d have a coke but that she wasn’t that hungry. So Jane scampered off to fetch Sasha a coke from the planes kitchen. Sasha took out her earphones and waited for Jane to come back. Jane came back with her coke and Sasha was now sitting there sipping at it listening to her music again. Sasha looked up to see the seat belt sign was on and sure enough when she took out her headphones the pilot was saying just that. Mary and Jane hurried in and took Sasha’s coke and they all them fastened their seat belts.

Sasha looked out seeing London as the plane went in for its landing. Sasha got up and stretched once they had landed and then went to the exit. She said goodbye to Mary and Jane and went down the stairs and was greeted this time by a limo driver who seemed to be in his mid thirty’s. He said his name was Harry and that he’d be taking me to the Webber’s palace.

And all this time it had slipped my mind that I would be staying in a palace. I mean my house is big but it’s not quite a palace. Okay Sasha its okay calm down it’s just a place where normal people live no need to be nervous. Psht yeah right now that you mention it I’m nervous as hell. Oh I wish we could just turn back now.

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