• Forbidden Love • Character Info [Zero Kiryuu Love Story]

I'll only put info there for a while, dont have so much time XD I'm writting 3 stories at the same time and I need to rewrite one and complete another two, so...its hella hard XD Hope you will looking forward to the two new stories about Zero Kiryuu (2 versions).

Created by SuicuneNami on Friday, February 27, 2009

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Name: Tsumi Chishio (Sinful Blood)

Age: 17

Race: Pureblood Vampire / Junketsu

Job: Student; hunt down Level-E

Class: Night Class

Family: Hitsumi Chishio (mother); Kirai Chishio (brother, fiancee)

Childhood friends: Hanabusa Aido, Akatsuki Kain, Daniel Amae, Kuran Kaname (a bit)

Clan: Chishio (Is in connection with Kuran family)

Likes: Blood; music; girlish things; teasing Hanabusa

Dislikes: Treating her with "sama"

Hair: Purple; long

Eyes: Purple (normal); bright red (when thirsty)

Special Ability: Healing powers; necromancers powers; control wind

Appearence: Kinda loner; cold and self-important althought it is only mask; she is really kind and warm-hearted


There's not much about her life. She was born to the family of vampires. One of the most powerful clans. She doesn't like when people, uhm, vampires treat her like princess with "sama" or "hime". She is very good friend with Hanabusa and Akatsuki. She came to Cross Academy because these two and because she want to co-exist with humans. Bcause of her purebloodyty, she is engaged with her brother, but she doesn't like him. She is the only one from Cross vampires who knows about Yuuki being Kaname's sister.


Name: Daniel Amae

Age: 17

Race: Human

Job: Student; Vampire Hunter

Class: Day Class

Family: Hina Amae (mother, dead); Shiro Amae (father, dead); Rayne Amae (brother, twin, alive); Ritsu Amae (grandfather, alive)

Childhood friends: Tsumi Chishio

Clan: Amae (Vampire Hunters clan)

Special Ability: None; he have only gun against vampires


Tsumi's childhood friend. Her parents didn't like she has relationship with child of Vampire Hunters, so they killed his parents, but he still like Tsumi, but hates her brother Kirai. He is in love with her. He won't be very important in story, but is part of Day Class, Zero's and Yuuki's class.


Name: Kirai Chishio (Hateful Blood)

Age: 18

Race: Pureblood Vampire / Junketsu

Job: Student; part of council

Class: N/A

Family: Hitsumi Chishio (mother); Tsumi Chishio (sister, fiancee)

Special Ability: Mind talking

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