Hypnotic Illusions! Ch. 7 Help has arrived, 115 fever, and Three Challenges! How are they going to do it?


Created by Amberqueen234 on Monday, March 09, 2009

“W Were am I?” Ed looked around till his gaze found his brother next to him.

“Al, Where are we? How did we get here?” Al was shocked and worried.

“WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BROTHER?” The man shrugged.

“I had to erase his memory. You see if the military found out about this then I would be forced to quite, and I can’t do that.” The man said.

Al was scared. His brother had no clue were they were and he had no idea what to do.

“Al I don’t feel good.” Ed started to sway then passed out again. Al caught him and picked him up. That just added to Al’s worry. Ed’s face now looked pale and his cheeks red. Al could tell Ed had a fever.

“Wait, I see it now. You’re a spirit attachment. Oh, this is perfect, this can help me in the experiments.” The guy said happily. Al glared at him.

“Can’t you see my brother is ill and needs help? Your out of your none existing mind.” Al burst.

Roy Mustang and Cop. Walked deeper into the castle. After a few hours they heard whispers and walked faster. They then came up on a fork in the hall.

“which was sir?” Riza asked.

‘Can’t you see my brother is ill and needs help? Your out of your non existing mind.’

“That’s Al’s voice. Go right. Quickly.” Roy ordered as they ran towards the voices.

“Ha, ha, ha. You don’t get it do you? I’m not only going to use you. I’ll use your brothers soul two.” The man laughed.

“Your crazy.” Al breathed. Then he heard the sound of military boots coming closer.

“THE MILITARY!” Both of them yelled. Al was pleased but the man wasn’t.

“I guess I can test my new experiment on them.” The man said as he held up the white glove again. Ed stared to wake up.

“A-al? What happen AGGGGGGGGGGGG!” Ed screamed holding his head. Al looked at the man to see his glove was red. Ed continued to scream in agony as tears came down his face. Al was scared.

“BROTHER!” Al said and Ed stud up stumbling from the pain still screaming. Then he fell to his knees hands on the floor and the man laughed. The glove turned blue and Ed stud up. His eyes were dull and lifeless. He looked like a doll.

“What did you do to him?” Al demanded.

“See for yourself. GO PUPPET!” The man yelled and pointed at Al. Ed impedingly started fighting Al.

“BROTHER, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? STOP YOUR GOING TO HURT YOURSELF!” Al yelled. Then the military boots were in the room. Al speared a glance to see it was Hughes, Riza, Havoc, and Mustang.

“Ha, ha, ha. Looks like the Colonel decided to come also. Well we can let him play to. SWITCH TARGETS PUPPET!” The man ordered and pointed to Mustang. Ed back flipped from Al and walked towards Mustang. Roy gasped when he saw Ed’s face. Pale, red cheeked, tear stained, and pained. ‘the boy must be ill. What the hell did this man do to the kid?” Roy thought. Ed stared fighting Roy who barely missed the punched.

“Havoc, Riza, Hughes, Alphonse try to hold down Fullmetal.” Roy ordered trying to dogged the attacks. Hughes and Havoc grabbed his arms and put them behind his back. Al put his hands Ed’s shoulders. And Riza pinned his feet. Roy walked up to the still struggling Ed and looked at him.

“Fullmetal what the hell do you think your doing?” Roy asked.

“I-it hurts. I-it hurts.” Ed rasped out.

“What does?” Hughes asked.

“E-Everything. H-he won’t l-leave m-me alone. I-t hurts. P-please make h-him stop.” Ed begged tears coming down his face.

“But who’s that?” Roy asked looking to Al.

“Its him.” Al pointed to the man with the glove that was laughing.

“Oh, come now. A little pain won’t kill you. Suck it up boy.” The man laughed and the color of the glove changed to orange.

“AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! AGGGGGGGGG!” Ed screamed more tears coming down his face. Roy knew that everyone there was just as heart broken as he was seeing the boy in so much pain.


“That’s the point dear military man. Military dogs need training and pain is a good way for it.” The man laughed. Ed continued to scream, You could hear the strain in his voice. Roy never even knew Ed was possible of screaming as long and loud as he was. The kids eyes widened more as the glove got a darker orange. He screamed louder.


“Let him go.” He ordered. They did so and Roy walked up to Ed who was now holding his head still screaming.

“Sorry, kid, but its for your own good..” Roy whispered into Ed’s ear as he hit the back of Ed’s neck making him pass out. Riza caught him and felt his for head.

“Sir, he has a ragging fever.” Riza said worriedly. Edward was breathing short, shallow, and fast. Roy got worried two. ‘How long is the kid going to last?’ Roy thought.

“Awww, you had to ruin my fun? Well I guess I can deal with the rest of you. You might be a challenge, unlike your friend there. He was too easy to control. No fun at all.” He smirked.

“Alphonse, Riza take Edward and get out of here.” He ordered.

“But sir, you three can’t take on this guy.” Riza said.

“Hawkeye, we don’t have time for this now. Edward needs to be our main focus. If we don’t take care of that fever now then it could get much worse. NOW GO!” Roy ordered. Riza sighed and put Ed on her back. She and Al ran for the exit.

“Oh, don’t think I’ll let you get away. I need more test subjects.” He said and snapped his fingers. Two maid dolls popped up and walked towards them. Riza and Al backed up till they were with the Colonel again.

“What now?” Riza asked. Roy shrugged. The man let out an evil laugh.

“Here well play a little game. You’ll stay here for three days and I’ll give you three challenges. If you can win all three then I’ll let you go before my dad gets back.” The man laughed.

“Dad?” They asked.

“Oh, I forgot to take the costume off. I’m egger miller. My dad is doctor miller. I’m only thirteen and there aren’t any kids in this place. So now that I can have some fun I won’t let you go easily.” The boy laughed as the costume was removed.

“Egger you have to let us out. We have a kid with us and he’s very sick.” Roy explained.

“To bad. Maids take them to there room. See for the first challenge.” The boy said and ran off. Roy growled as they were let out of the cage. They fallowed the puppets to a two bed, one couch, one bathroom, room. After they walked in the maids locket the door. Riza placed the still sleeping Edward on one of the beds.

“How is he?” Roy asked walking over.

“Not so good. His body tempter is starting to rise.” She said after placing a hand on his for head.

“I’ll look for a thermometer and get a cold cloth for him.” Roy said and walked into the bathroom. He came back with both. Riza shook Ed lightly till he groaned. He opened his eyes and could barely see.

“Where are we? Where’s that weirdo man, and ow why does my head hurt?” He asked.

“Blame the Colonel.” Havoc said. Ed glared.

“Hush now open up and keep this under your tough.” Riza said taking the themapature from Roy and placing it into Ed’s open mouth. A few second later Riza took it out and gasped.

“What’s wrong.” They all asked. Ed looked at her worried, but it suddenly turned into a pained face as he jolted up and ran to the bathroom. They could hear him heaving and throwing up.

“What does it say Riza?” Roy asked using her first name.

“His fever is 115. He has a bad case of the Flu Roy.” She said worriedly as she used his first name. Roy shock his head and was about to say something when they heard a flush, then a series of harsh coughs, fallowed by a thud from the bathroom. Everyone quickly ran in to see that Edward was on the grounded coughing. He was on his side with his hands at his throat. Hughes ran over and picked him up with one arm under his back and the other around his stomach.

“Roy, get a glass of water for Edward. Riza, get the cloth and soak it again. Al could you please bring Ed to the bed and take his coat, boots, socks, pants, and jacket off. Havoc go through my bag and get out the medical kit. Please?” Hughes asked and handed Ed to Al. Everyone did as told as took military jacket and through it on the couch. Hughes pulled up a chair next to the bed. Ed was slowly drinking the water Roy had given him. Hughes rubbed his back when ever the young alchemist choked.

“Ed are you okay?” Havoc asked worriedly.

“What does it look like. It feels like my lungs are on fire.” Ed said his short and shallow breathes evening a little. Ed gave the glass back to Roy and lay down.

“Havoc hand me the kit.” Hughes said. Havoc gave him the kit with a red cross on it. He opened it and pulled out a white bottle and a needle. Ed’s eyes widened.

“Just hold still Ed. This well help you to fall asleep and it’ll stop the pain.” Hughes coaxed. Ed shock his head.

“Don’t worry Eddie you’ll be okay. I’ve had one of them when I got hurt before and they help. You feel tired and warm and nothing hurts anymore. So don’t worry and beside if it did hurt then I’ll just shot Hughes for you.” Riza said brushing her hand through his bangs. He closed his eyes and leaned into her motherly touch. Hughes took this chance to inject the medicine into Ed’s flesh arm. He yelped shooting his eyes open, but they got blurry. Riza was right, he felt warm and there was no more pain and he was tired. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

“Finally, he’s asleep.” Roy said. Riza placed the cloth on his for head and tucked him in.

“Brother won’t be happy when we wakes up after you gave him that shot Mr. Hughes.” Al pointed out. He smiled

“Don’t worry, he wouldn’t kill someone with a family waiting for him at home.” He said.

“Why were you carrying a bag anyway?” Roy asked.

“I don’t know fatherly instincts or something. I had weird feeling something was going to happened to so happen so Gracie fix it up. Well we have more important matters, right? Like what are we going to do about that brat.” Hughes said referring the other kid.

“Well we won’t know till tomorrow morning what the first one is. So I guess who ever would be fit for it well go.” Roy said.

“What are we going to do about the Chief?” Havoc asked.

“I don’t know, but I hope that his fever at least goes down a bit. If it gets any higher then 123 then he could die.” Roy said sadly.

“Well we should go to sleep. We need all the rest we can get for tomorrow.” Hughes said yawning.

“I agree. Alphonse will you please watch your brother for us?” Riza asked yawning two.

“Okay.” Al said. Riza got into the other bed as the three men slept on the couch. Al sat on the chair and waited for morning.

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