I'm Not Worthless and You're Not A Monster (A Kiryuu Zero One-Shot for eve17)

Created by TheDarkWolfKiyo on Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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This is a one-shot for eve17. I’m sorry that it has taken this long to do…I’ve been sick and have yet to get better. Not very excited about that…Anyway, hope you enjoy! ^_^

Name: Evalynn Aguilar
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Hair length/style/color: http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w175/hiucanimoka777/anime girls/animemealmost2.jpg, but white bangs
Eye color: Brown
Day Class
Race: Human, but can control all elements
Personality: caring, loyal, short-tempered, shy at times

A blast flew past you and you felt your arm go numb.

“No, Evalynn! You need to concentrate!”

You groaned as you heard the headmaster yelling at you. He had accepted you into Cross Academy knowing that you were having some trouble with controlling your special powers. He had begun to tutor you at night, when the Night Class was working. All the extra training was exhausting and you didn’t know how much longer your endurance could continue. Already you were falling asleep during classes.

“Let me work with her,” a voice suddenly spoke, breaking your train of thought. You looked up to see Kiryuu Zero standing there.

“Kiryuu-kun?” you questioned to yourself slightly. You had to admit that you had been eyeing him for awhile. However, you were sure he would never notice someone like you. You crossed your arms and turned away.

“I can’t work with him, Chairman. I will not.”

You felt his glare digging into your back.

“You believe I am not fit to help you?” he asked. You spun around and glared right back.

“How could you possibly know what it is I’m going through?!”

“How do you not realize you’re not the only one with problems in the world?!”

“Oh, and I suppose you’re so troubled. Is that right, Kiryuu?!”

“I do not believe you are fit to discuss matters of my private life with, Evalynn. If you can’t control these powers, then they will consume you. I hope you enjoy that.”

You finally froze, calmed and embarrassed.

“Zero-kun, gomen,” you whispered. The chairman looked between the two of you and smiled.

“I will allow the two of you to work together,” he stated before leaving. You turned your attention back to the man standing in front of you.

“Ready, Evalynn-Chan?” he questioned. You grinned and nodded.

“Hai,” you responded before launching a fierce assault.

You trained with Zero through most of the night. You were finally starting to become tired and your concentration was wavering. Something moving caught out of the corner of your eye and you turned towards it. However, you forgot that you were still aiming a vicious fire attack at Zero.

A scream of pain turned your attention from the squirrel back to Zero.

“Zero-kun!” you yelled, terrified of what you had done. He knelt where he had originally been standing, clutching his chest. Blood pooled about his knees.

“You are faster than I gave you credit for, Evalynn. I was not expecting that and I have paid the price.”

“Oh, Zero, please, I’m sorry,” you called softly to him. You took a shaky step towards him and gasped. An odd aura was resonating off his form.

“Zero?” you asked, forcing yourself to step closer to him.

“No, don’t come any closer to me,” he commanded. You didn’t listen and knelt down beside him.

“Zero, what is wrong?”

He turned to look at you, his eyes shifting from lavender to red. You gasped and fell back slightly.

“Now you see the monster that I am. Leave me be!”

You drew in a determined breath and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“I can’t do that, Zero. You’re in pain because of me. Let me at least help you to the chairman.”

He roughly pulled away from you, causing you to fall back.

“I said to leave me be!”

You sighed and moved towards him again.

“Zero, why won’t you let me in? Why won’t you let anyone get close?”

His eyes turned towards you once more.

“What do you want to do with a monster?”

“What makes you think you are a monster?”

He looked at you and moved closer to your exposed neck.

“Evalynn-Chan…gomen nasai,” he whispered before you felt something pierce your neck. You gasped slightly and wrapped your arms around him. He pulled back and jumped away from you.

“I am a monster,” he said, looking away.

A smile played on your lips.

“I see no monster. I see someone who needs help as much as I do.”

He looked to you once more.

“I will help you if you will help me, Zero-Kun.”

“Why would you do that?”

“Because I love you,” you responded.

His eyes grew wide as he studied you. Then, ever so slowly, the corners of his lips drew up into a smile. He walked over to you and your breath caught as he lowered his lips.

"Could he still be hungry?" you found yourself wondering. Suddenly, his lips gently touched yours. Your eyes grew wide before closing. You deepened the kiss and smiled when he licked your lip, asking for entrance. You allowed him in and your tongues explored each other's mouths for a moment. You broke away when you needed air and he smiled again.
“Let’s go, we have plenty of work to do, Evalynn-Chan,” he said. You smiled and began your training once more. One day you would prove to him that you weren’t useless. That day would be the same day you would prove he wasn’t a monster.

So, that’s it. Sorry that it was so bad. I just found this one especially difficult. I did watch every episode of Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty before writing this, however. It was an AWESOME anime and the ending made me kind of sad. :-(

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