hurt inside(a dustin breeding story )pt10

ok carnell has a gurl and bryan dose to

Created by ricangodess on Saturday, March 14, 2009

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so that day patrick was talking to leesha on her way to class leesha~hi patrick~hi it stood quiet patrick~so what class you got next leesha~um i think gym it is 7th piroid patrick~cool me to so do u like it here so far leesha~yeah but theres only one boy thats really nice to me and i kinda like him patrick~whats his name i might noe him leesha~um you promise you won't tell him patrick~yeah i promise leesha~i don't know you think i shoul tell him face to face patrick~who is he leesha~ok ill just say that i really like you patrick~ok go tell him leesha~i already did patrick~what ohhhhh leesha~yeah patrick~thnx

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