The Name of Life-Kakashi Hatake One-Shot


Created by MoonAura on Saturday, March 14, 2009

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Aozora ni sen wo hiku
Hikoukigumo no shirosa wa
Zutto dokomademo zutto tsuzuiteku
Asu wo shitte'ta mitai
Mune de asaku iki wo shiteta
Atsui hoo samashita kaze mo oboeteru
Mirai no mae ni sukumu teashi wa
Shizuka na koe ni hodokarete
Sakebitai hodo natsukashii no wa
Hitotsu no inochi manatsu no hikari
Anata no kata ni yureteta komorebi
Tsubureta shiroi BOORU
Kaze ga chirashita hanabira
Futatsu wo ukabete mienai kawa wa
Utainagara nagareteku
Himitsu mo uso mo yorokobi mo
Uchuu wo unda kami-sama no kodomo-tachi
* Mirai no mae ni sukumu kokoro ga
Itsuka namae wo omoidasu
Sakebitai hodo itoshii no wa
Hitotsu no inochi kaeritsuku basho
Watashi no yubi ni kienai natsu no hi
The last time you heard your mother voice....
You were born in the Leaf Village. But you have been neglected and pushed aside due to the reasoning of you being cursed. Your parents died shortly when you were at the age of two years old. You became a child that was wanted by no one. You were forced to take the cold streets and rummage through trash bins for scraps of food, even fight off animals that roamed the same street eating the same scraps of food. In time you were found by Minato. He asked if you wanted to be apart of his family. You rejected the offer and walked away.
"A young girl like you shouldn't be roaming the streets," he persuaded.
"I am doing fine on the streets. No one didn't care then so why should they care now?"
"So you are the cursed child that everyone has talking about. Inochi?"
You disappeared into the Forest of Death and began to live there until someone found you and wondered why a young girl was in the forest of death. The Third Hokage saw you and smiled once he knew who you are.
"Hokage isn't that the girl that is said to be cursed."
You hugged your knees together and placed your head in your lap. The Third Hokage then sat next to you as the Chunin and Jonin along with the Anbu were warning the Hokage.
"Relax, she is not going to hurt anyone, she is just alone and misses her parents." said the Third Hokage "I heard that one of my Jonin found you and offered a home, you rejected it? So if maybe you don't want to be with the Jonin then you can come and live with me, my son, and my wife?"
"I don't want your offer Hokage."
"It hurts to see that my people refuse to be in a protective enivorinment. It hurts when my people are in danger." said the Hokage. "It hurts-"
"Alright, if you stop with your speech I will go with you."
You lived with the Hokage as he enrolled you into the Ninja Academy. It was your first day and when you entered everyone gasped to see that it was the cursed child. You then looked away and looked out the window as the Hokage was smiling and you smiled back.
"What is she doing here?!" yelled a voice.
"Be nice! She is a new student."
"She would put us in danger, she might just kill us." said a girl gossiping to her friend. You went to your desk in the back as you had the whole row to your self. You looked out the window mostly.
During your years in the academy you were a mute. You went on to become a part of the Team Minato, led by the future Fourth Hokage and guy who offered you a home, Minato NamiKaze, with Obito Uchiha, Rin, and Kakashi Hatake. You were the outcast of the group, you went to practice the first day as everyone distant them self from you except for the Jonin. You almost began to cry but you stopped yourself because you were strong and trying not to be a baby. It was after that day you refused to go to practice until one day the Hokage dragged you to practice, literally. You used every jutsu you could think off from Sexy Jutsu, to Shadow Clone, to even Hokage level Jutsu.
"Lord Hokage!" yelled Minato.
"*hyperventalating* Here, I came to bring Inochi,"
"How did you get those brusies and why are you breathing hard."
"Ask Inochi."
"I am not going to this stupid practice, If I almost beat you then I don't need this practice!" you yelled.
"You are not staying in the house, you are starting to eat everything in it."
"It not just me, it is Asuma and Kurenai as well!" you yelled.
"That is why they are in school while you train, with your Jonin."
"What if I say no!"
"Do you want to have a challenge?"
"N-N-No...." you said as you trembled. "I surrender you win."
"I hate you so much."
"I love you to." said the Hokage. "Minato tell me how she is today."
"Hn!" you yelled.
"Welcome back Inochi."
Just like the first day, everyone distant them selves from you, but you really didn't care anymore. You started to get used to it and then felt that they were intemidated by you. You realized that they formed there own relationship as you were the outcast. You could careless. Your attitude became colder and colder.
"Inochi? Don't you want to hang with your teammates." asked Minato as he sat next to you.
"Why? They hate me so that is why they distances themselves from me. So why tr? Why not just enjoy Life."
"You are apart of the team, everyone should act like it."
"So talk to them, my doors are still open, I never even had a friend except for the Fourth Hokage and You and maybe all the other Jonin, Chunin, and Anbu along with Asuma and Kurenai." you said.
"Your still not happy that you have many friend."
"Friends that are not my age, you are all older than me except for Asuma and Kurenai who were born later, but they are younger than me. I want someone around my age. But why beg, if they do not want to be my friends then I can't be theirs. But it does show how strong I am."
"You right Inochi, you are stronger than them, you have learned the morals and understands of a ninja, you may the best in the team. You are very smart and intelligent, one day you will be hokage!" yelled Minato.
"Mind telling me why you yelled?"
"Because you are right they do feel intemidated by you, and since you are the strongest on the team they might try to be your friend."
"I don't want them to be my friend because of my strength, I want friends you like me for me." you said.

"Which is why one day you will have friends, who knows maybe you will be married."

"I don't want to settle down, I just want to enjoy life outside not inside a house." you said. "You are the worst at starting a conversation."

"I am trying my best!" yelled Minato.

"Try harder." you said.

"You know if you were my child you would have learned a thing or too."

"Shut up." you said as you read a book and was eating a fruit.

"What are your goals in life?" asked Minato.

"Enjoy Life," you replied.

"What is your philosophy?" asked Minato with a sweatdrop.

"Why go through so much trouble for attention when you can just be happy and enjoy life as it is. Life only comes once in a person's time, enjoy while you can." you answered.

"Tell me, I was wondering why do people call you the cursed child."

"I possess a certian type of chakra different from many others, usually peoples chakra is blue. Mine is blue also but it is just a subsitiute, my real chakra depends on my mood."


"My mood is always dark and cold so it is always black, and that is how I got the name cursed child."

"So that is why you never participate in the tasks." said Minato.


"What are you reading?"

"Ichi-Ichi Paradise, I stole this from the Hokage." you said.

"WHAT?! Give me that book!" yelled Minato as he tried to take it until he touched you and you turned into a subsitution. "Inochi!"

"The girl went "AHuh! Deeper!" you said as you read.

"Stop reading that book, you are not suppose to be reading that!" yelled Minato as he climbed into the tree only to see that you were already down looking at him.

"Haha, to slow." you said. "AH! Akira please!"

"Give it to me!" yelled Minato.

"Please Sensei I know you read this stuff." you said. "Jiraya is a good writer for ecchi almost hentai, even though it has gottent to the hentai."

"I got you!" he yelled as he held you and then took the book and hit your head. "Pervert!"

"Shut up sensei, you read it too, and don't lie, when you and the Hokage were talking and me and Naruto were in the living room. I did an inspection and the evident showed me that you have the top bookshelf with Ichi-Ichi Paraside. That book I read was the one I stole from you, I lied."

"What?!" yelled Minato.

"And I read it to Naruto and he said his first words but I told him not to say it only when i tell him," you said.

"What did you teach him!"

"Nothing you will learn."

"Tell me now!" yelled Minato

"I love ya baby." you said.

"I don't trust you."


"Alright Team lunch is over, I want to tell you about your new mission."

"A mission?" asked Obito.

"A team mission," said Minato.

After all the missions we had on the team. Rin, Obito, and Kakashi started to talk to you but you never communicated back. You thought that they were talking to you because they knew that you were the strongest, especially Kakashi. There a crush thing going on. Rin has a crush on Kakashi, Kakashi has a crush on you. Obito had a crush on both you and Rin. During the attempt to rescue Rin, despite being injured by Kakashi’s tanto, the enemy was able to blend in with the environment and also to remove all scent to prevent detection. The enemy then moved to attack Obito from behind, but being able to sense his presence through air currents and sound, Kakashi moved to protect Obito. As a result, Kakashi sustained permanent damage to his left eye. Obito, due to the shock of Kakashi's injury, awakened his Sharingan and killed their assailant. The two managed to rescue Rin at the cost of Kakashi's tanto being broken. Unforunately, a rockfall techinque was triggered, hindering their escape. It was then that Obito chose to make the ultimate sacrifice, pushing Kakashi out of its path, and being crushed by a falling rock. As he laid there dying, Obito had Rin (a skilled medical ninja) implant his Sharingan eye in Kakashi’s damaged eye socket, referring to it as a gift, as he had never given Kakashi one before the mission started. He died shortly there after. You did not join this mission because you were busy helping the Hokage with the paperwork and taking on Anbu level missions.Sometime prior to the Fourth Hokage’s death, Kakashi joined the Konohagakure ANBU where he served as a squad leader. During this time, Kakashi rose to fame as The Copy Ninja, a nickname he earned due to use of his Sharingan eye - having copied over a thousand jutsu. He has been hanging with you a lot as you wonder why and would walk away but he would follow you.

"Why are you ignoring me?"

"Why are you talking to me?"

"Why did you answer my question with your question?"

"Why are you following me?"

"Why won't you ever talk to me?"

"Why are you near me?"

"Why do I love you?"

"Why do I hate you?"

"I am being serious."

"I am being sarcastic."



"Please go on a date with me?"

"Why are you so desprate?"

"Why won't you go out with me?"

"Why are you talking to me for all these years?"

"Well...It is thought you were really cursed but I guess after learning the truth and knowing your personality a little more, I have seen that you are really nice, kind, intelligent, strong, and being you."

"Minato taught you to say that, because that was in Ichi Ichi Paridise Volume 17 Chapter 74, Page 56." you said.

"Please!" yelled Kakashi "Go on one date with me, and if you do not like it then we will never talk, we would just say a casual hello and goodbye."

"Or not talk forever towards one another, I will take up on your deal." you said "Don't worry in deals, I do not lie."

"Alright, then deal!" yelled Kakashi. "But if you like it then we start dating."

It was after that night he walked you home.

"Close your eyes."



"Why Kakashi, I want to see your face."

"I am not showing you that."

"Goodbye Kakashi. Yo Asuma!"

"What woman!" yelled Asuma.

"Hey yo what up!" you said as you walked inside. "Oh I had a great time Kakashi, you win."


"Couldn't you stay with him?"

"So you can make out with Kurenai?"

"What do you mean!" yelled Asuma as he blushed.

"I heard you to last night, all the moaning and groaning, "

"How about you forget last night if I give you some money."

"Depends How much?"

As the years passed you were given a mission was given to you. It would have requried years of doing. You read the mission over and sighed. You knew that you wouldn't be able to be happy, now that people have accepted you and you had a boyfriend.


"What is it?" asked Kakashi.

"What if I was going somewhere for a while?" you asked.

"I will follow you to then ends of the earth." said Kakashi.

"And you couldn't come? It was a mission?" you asked.

"Then I would ask how long would you be gone and when will you come back?" asked Kakashi.

"For a couple years." you answersed simply. "For the most three years. That means that I will be back when I am twenty-seven."

"What?!" yelled Kakashi. "You can't leave! You were serious!"

"That is why I asked."

"But I don't want you to leave, I want to come with you."

"Kakashi you are a Jonin and I am Anbu black cops Captain, the closest to the Apprentice." you said. "Kakashi I am going on with the mission."

You disappeared and went into your room and went to sleep. You packed your bags and was on your way to the leaf village exit. As you were about to exit you saw Kakashi against the gate looking towards the sky. You then walked passed him until he grabbed your vest.

"Kakashi I have to go."

"Inochi...I want to give you this." said Kakashi as he got on one knee "I know you won't be back for a while and I want to asked you this now, will you wear this ring in symbol of our relationship and never take it off. Please?"

"Kakashi, get up, you making people look at us thinking that you are proposing to me."

"Well in that way they will try to get you to say yes." said Kakashi.


"Yes or no."

You sighed and put out your right hand as Kakashi just looked at it.


"I want your left." said Kakashi.

"You are not marrying me." you said "Nor are you proposing an engagement."

"I want that hand."

"Fine, hurry up I am behind schedule."

Kakashi slid the ring on your finger and smiled as he got up and then hugged you tightly and whispered in your ear.

"Never take that ring off, if you do then you are dead." said Kakashi.

"You can kill me?"

"I will kill you, in a place that you will not be able to fight back. I would be in control in that place." said Kakashi.

"Goodbye Kakashi."

"What about a Goodbye kiss." said Kakashi.

"No." you said.

"Come on."

You kissed him on his cheek and disappeared.

"Can't you just give me a kiss on the lips!" yelled Kakashi.

"Yea, when your a man."

"I am a man and I can show you!"

At Age 27, In this cold land where everyone's heart was very cold and central. Doto over the military and has control over it. It is the worst, he has been after you trying to get with you. Every gift and threat never phased you until Doto actually arrestted you for no reason. You hung in the prision fell looking at nothing, literally looking at the bars that kept you within this cell. Everyday Doto would open the cell and ask the question but you would always reject it. He would shock you in very denial. One day a boy in orange suit came in the same cell. Everyone left, he opened his eyes.

"Your from the leaf village?" you asked.

"What are you in for?" asked the boy

"Disagreeing with Doto, he wants to marry me but I don't want to marry him because I already made a promise to someone else. So he hung me in here and has torture me since." you said.

"Wow, your really pretty lady, what is your name?" asked boy.

"Tell me your name?"

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki! I will become the next Hokage so one day people could look up to me and believe in me!" yelled Naruto.

"You have some big dreams, my name is Inochi."

"You mean Inochi, the cursed child?"

"They still call me that? Whatever I can care less." you said.

"I love you! Your just like me!"yelled Naruto.

"Just like you huh? Those villagers sometimes are something else, but you only deal with it to protect them." you said. "So your the infamous Naruto Uzumaki, with the demon sealed in his body? Have you harnest the power within yourself?"

"How did you know?" asked Naruto.

"I know because I can feel the presence of two chakra's and see that you have a red and blue chakra, the red one is similar to the nine-tail fox." you said. "Shhs."

You pretended that you were unconsicous as Doto passed by to see that you were knocked out.

"I must of overdone it. When she wakes up we will have a chat, if she denys again then this time I will go extreme." said Doto as he left.

The guards and brought another prisioner.

"Inu, Tori, ne, Saru, le, Naku se, me te, le Tori break!" you yelled as the chains didn't move. "I guess I will have to break the chain."

You then pulled your arms apart as your chakra was red along with your eyes. The electricty charged through your body. You broke the chains and then crushed Naruto chains.

"Wow you are very strong." said Naruto.

"Stand back." you said as you let your hands out and pushed the bars back against the other cage. The guards were running and then looked to see that you were looking towards them and pushed them against the wall.

"Never underestimate real ninjas." you said. "Naruto get the princess and follow me."

"Alright Inochi ma'am!" yelled Naruto as he got Princess Koyuki Kazahana. Naruto and the Princess got into the elevator as you notice a Snow Ninja coming up. You then jumped up. As Naruto and Koyuki got out, the snow Ninja blocked them off as you held a kunai knife to his neck.

"Hi Kakashi."

"Who ever thought I be seeing you again, Inochi." said Kakashi as he took off the disguise and then smirked underneath his mask. "Sorry for keeping you waiting princess."

"Yea, you switch my hex-crystal for a fake." said the Princess.

"Score one for the home-team, smart thinking Kakashi because that is what Doto was looking for." you said.

"I apologize for that," said Kakashi.

You looked up.

"Listen Kakashi, this has been a quick reuninon but I might have to postpone the time limit i said I might be back at."

"You promised Inochi." said Kakashi.

"I will see you soon." you said as you jumped one the walls and used it as a base while the girl trying to defeat you fell. "Did you hurt your self Kira?"

"Inochi!" yelled the girl.

"I am not going to repent, keep trying to kill me because it will fail, you made my life a living reck, you not only killed my parents you made the whole village believe I was cursed." you said as you then ran as she followed.

"You will be slain today." said Kira.

"I don't want to fight you."

Kira then surpise attacked as she jumped and you went to the side dodging the blade. You then flipped when she tried to attacked you beneath. She then charged towards you as you slowly moved back as she tried to cut you. You ran up a wall trying to dodge yourself from the blade and ran away as she followed. You jumped over a cable cord and then grabbed on to it and kicked her in her chest. You then took a peice of metal lying around and clashed it with her sword.

"Why are you doing this Kira?"

"You need to be at the clan."

"I am not going, you neglected my parents and then killed them when I was young. What makes you think I will go back to the clan when they ruinned my life."

She then got a hold of her blade and released it trying to cut you until you span and dodged it. You both clashed with the metal. You then smirked and had the blade to her neck.

"I thought you were the only one I could trust, but after learning the truth your nothing but a pathetic lowlife."

The then pushed you back and the clash began as she then used the wall as a base and pushed you back into a different room while Kira was coming after. You then looked towards her and jumped up the wall and kicked her in her face as she flew back. You then looked towards her as she looked around to see many others.

"I will kill you." she said as she disappeared. "Unless you change your mind and come back home."

You then looked up and charged towards the other wall until Kakashi blocked your path.

"Where are you going?" asked Kakashi.

"To a place." you said.

"What do you mean? You promised that you were going to come back."

"Kakashi, pay attention to the mission." you said. "Do not worry about me alright."

"You don't know how much I have worried about you Inochi."

"Bravo Inochi what a beautiful act preformed by you two." said Doto. "Have you come to reconsider? Have you come to marry me once and for all."

"You heard of me yet I never heard of you." you said.

"You will soon hear of me when I come to take you!" yelled Doto as he moved rapidly and grabbed you as you smirked and disappeared.

You then went into the mountains to see the full scale battle between Team 7 and the others. you smiled when they won and went back into the town.

"Kakashi, you really fight for what you want don't you? I guess your wish might come true."

Everyone was celebrating the new leader of the land of snow until a request was made.

"Inochi Kazahana, a young man as asked me to make a request towards you." said Koyuki.

You were in a tree with a book infront of your face as you were sleeping not listening to what she was saying.

"He wants you to be his wife!" yelled Koyuki. "What do you say!"

"Viceroy you should reply." said the people.

"Turning on her mike."

The mic was turned on as snores were being heard.

"SHE WAS ASLEEP THIS WHOLE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Koyuki.

"AH!" you yelled as you fell out the tree and looked towards her. "What the hell woman, I am trying to get so damn sleep!"

"The guy just proposed to you and you just fall asleep!" yelled Koyuki.

You took out the microphone and stepped on it and crushed it and then continue to read.

"Leave me alone!" you yelled as you climbed up into the tree and then began sleeping once again.

"*sigh* She was always something else." said Koyuki.

Koyuki were speaking to squad seven as you got out the tree and walked passed them.

"Who said I was retiring." said Koyuki. "Ruling the land of Snow and acting I have to be out of my mind to give it up now. Besides me and Inochi are ruling the lands together. She really from this land and her parents were visiting the Land of fire so she was born there. She knew that but she and her philosophys never told anyone."

"Such a pain." you said as you were sitting on the step looking towards everyone.

"AH! would you stop sitting like that and staring a people like that!" yelled Koyuki.

"Act III, I guess my part is for you to chase me around and grab my boobs. Your not touching my reall boobs." you said.

"Inochi?" asked Kakashi.

"Who do you to know each other sensei?" asked Sakura.

"She and I were dating a while back and happened to be the outcast in out team and the outcast in the village but the Jonin, Chunin, Anbu, and even Hokage loved her." said Kakashi "I started to love her as well."

"You stalked me and made a deal with me Kakashi Hatake." you said. "I told you the truth and that is how you ended up dating with me."

"And now to make sure you don't escape. That ring on your finger I am wondering are you willing to turn it into an engagement ring?" asked Kakashi.

"Oh Kakashi, I love you." you said in an acting voice. "How was that?"

"You need to be more girly with it." said Koyuki.

"Inochi I am being serious."

"Are you sure you just not saying that because I am playing the lead role of Make-Out Paradise?" you asked.

"Y-Yo-You are playing the main character. " studdered Kakashi.

You smiled and got up.

"If you need me,then I will be fields." you said as you walked towards them.

You were walking into the fields and looked up to see the clouds in the sky. The first time to see clouds in this land.

"Can I join you?"asked Kakashi.

"Like you are now?" you asked.

"I was actually serious, I want you to marry me." said Kakashi.

"Kakashi, you saw the girl didn't you. If you were to get into my life thought marriage, not only would I be in danger but so will you." you said. "I am apart of a very powerful clan that orginated here in the Land of the Snow, but my mother met my father and fell in love and then had me. Since I was not born on these lands, this clan wants me to become apart of them and rule the clan. That is why I left the leaf village, because if I stayed there that girl would have made my life more contaminated then she already did. I was never a cursed child, she killed my parents and destroyed my life."

"I don't care about the danger, I would be happy if I knew where you were and if you were with me. I love you Inochi, I want to know if you love me the same way."

"I do Kakashi, I love you so much that I don't want to see you hurt." you said.

"If you love me so much then marry me, please?"

"Kakashi...I will marry you but I hope you know what you are getting into."

"Then we will reslove it together." said Kakashi as he tackled you to the ground as you laughed and he laughed back. "The last time we had an encounter you owed me something."

"I did?" you asked.

He pulled his mask down and placed his lips on yours as you grabbed his cheek and kissed back and smiled as he smiled back. He pulled away and laid on your chest.

"I missed you so much." you said.

"I missed you as well, but now once we go back the the Leaf village we are not going to be able to spend some time with one another." said Kakashi.

"What do you mean? You have a mission?" you asked.

"We have a mission, I asked her if you can come since you did say you would return in three years." said Kakashi.

"So it like out own trip but a mission, an S-rank mission?" you asked.


Kakashi got up and went behind you and leaned against the rock as you leaned against his vest.

"We have lot of catching up to do Kakashi?"

"Yes, How did your looks change so much, you hair is brown and not black. Your eyes are nicer and your chakra is has been a regular blue for a while. Are you sad?"

"Kakashi that doesn't happen anymore, it only goes between blue and black." you said.

"I still like you for the way you are," said Kakashi.

Aozora ni sen wo hiku
Hikoukigumo no shirosa wa
Zutto dokomademo zutto tsuzuiteku
Asu wo shitte'ta mitai
Mune de asaku iki wo shiteta
Atsui hoo samashita kaze mo oboeteru
Mirai no mae ni sukumu teashi wa
Shizuka na koe ni hodokarete
Sakebitai hodo natsukashii no wa
Hitotsu no inochi manatsu no hikari
Anata no kata ni yureteta komorebi
Tsubureta shiroi BOORU
Kaze ga chirashita hanabira
Futatsu wo ukabete mienai kawa wa
Utainagara nagareteku
Himitsu mo uso mo yorokobi mo
Uchuu wo unda kami-sama no kodomo-tachi
* Mirai no mae ni sukumu kokoro ga
Itsuka namae wo omoidasu
Sakebitai hodo itoshii no wa
Hitotsu no inochi kaeritsuku basho
Watashi no yubi ni kienai natsu no hi

You finished singing as your eyes were closed you began to fall asleep along with Kakashi.

"Kakashi-sen...I found him." said Sakura. "How romantic they are sleeping with one another."

"An ugly duckling who followed her philosophies and was herself became into the beautiful duckling she is now with her newly engaged husband."

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