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New story about Kevin Pearce(: tell me what you think

Created by faking4lettersx on Monday, March 16, 2009

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Payton Michaels

19 years old

Dirty blonde hair

Blue/green eyes


From Norwich, Vermont

Figure skater in the Olympics. Favor for gold. Won 2 gold at worlds. Undefeated season prior to Olympics. hasn’t found love since Kevin. Dated people but never felt anything with them. Very stubborn

Kevin Pearce
20 years old

Blonde hair

Brown eyes


From Norwich, Vermont

Professional snowboarder in the Olympics. Favor for silver or gold depending on how Shaun (white) does. Misses his ex girlfriend Payton more than anything. Wishes he never cheated on her and they were still together. He was scared of Paytons reaction when he told her he cheated. Wishes she’d give him another chance but knows how fragile and stubborn she is.

Jordan Reeves

19 years old


Brown hair

Paytons best friend (and roommate) since high school even though they never went to the same high school. They skate together and both going to the Olympics. Determined to get Kevin and Payoton back together.
Mason Aguirre

Age 20


Brown hair

Kevins best friend. Snowboard together. Wants Kevin and Payton back together, even though he never knew Payton he feels like he does since Kevin talks about how he fucked up everything with he all the time
Danny Davis
20 years old
Lives with Danny and Mason.
Loves Payton like a sister
Has a crush on Jordan

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