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Wow.... this turned out.. interesting...

Created by LoveIsADangerousThing on Friday, March 20, 2009

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Requested On: March 19th 2009, 6: 48 P.M.

Time One Shot / Lemon Was Finished: March 19th 2009, 11: 47 P.m.

Story Type: L-x-Reader, and there'll be a bit of um, OOCness in L's attuide.

Disclaimer: I no own, no sue. I only own my pile of tons of Manga's.


"..... What do you want, Panda?" you questioned the male, that looks like a Panda, sitting strangly, infront of you. 'Panda' only blinks, and contuines starring at you blankly.

"Why is it that you keep on calling me, 'Panda', ____-san?" 'Panda' then plopped a sugar coated strawberry into his mouth, you clearly saw his tounge. Oh, how jealous you were of that sugar-coated-strawberry right now. Your body, eyes, nor did your face show that green monster, no. You didn't want your Panda to know of you feelings, but, that didn't mean didn't threaten any of the girls that would look at him with want about staying any from him. No one was allowed to have your L. Yes, no one is allowed to have him but you.

"Hn. Because, you look like one." You responded, crossing your arms across your fully developed chest.

"... Alright then. Anyways, ____-san, I need your help with this girl. I want to tell her of my.... feelings that I have for her...." this stabbed you right in the heart, you could literally feel your heart bleed from the inside.

"..... Of course, Panda-baka." your eyes became cold, "Just tell the woman your feelings." with this you stood up, and walked towards the door. When you opened the door, "If that is all, I'll be leaving." with that said, you walked out of the door before L could say a word.

Your bangs hanged infront of your eyes as tears were leaking out of your eyes. When did....Panda leave the hotel...? Who this... woman he's speaking about? You gritted your teeth at that thought, who is the woman who stole L's heart?!

"Tsk. Damn it, I didn't think I loved Panda this much. I'm actually crying." you sighed heavily, pulling out your cellphone to call a cab.

------- A Year Later --------

"Tsk. I wonder how L is doing...? Wait, why the hell should I care for?!" You rubbed your temples, feeling very stressed out. You sighed heavily, only to get startled when you heard your cellphone start ringing. You sighed, "Hello, ____ here." you say when you answeared.

"... _____-san, I need to speak with you. Right away, come to the hotel named; Pearl Nanashi." Before you could even speak, the person hanged up. But, you couldn't breathe for a minute after your heard his voice, L has found your personal cell phone number--how?!

".. I better get this over with. It may be important..." with that, you got up and putted on your jacket, not even brothering to change out of your PJ's[your PJ's are a pair of black shorts that goes to your uh, thighs. and an over-sized white t-shirt]. You putted your wallet and cellphone in your right pocket, as you putted a gun in your right pocket for some reason--old habits I guess.

Once you got to the hotel, you payed the cab driver the fee and got out. You went to the desk where you check in.

"Um, hello? I need the room number for um, Ryuuzaki..?" you trailed off when you saw the woman smile brightly,

"Oh! You must the Mr. Ryuuzaki's sister!! His room number is 2507!!" you twitched when you heard her... preppy-ness. You nodded in thanks and walked to the Elevator.

The moment you walked out of the elevator, you were greeted with a hug. You held your breathe when you smelt the intoxicating smell of the one you missed so much.

"P--panda?" You struggled to get out, only to smack yourself mentally.

"Mmmm...?" was only what you got, you then felt yourself getting picked up by your thigh's. You wrapped your legs around L's waiste when you found out he wasn't going to let go of your thigh's anytime soon, "W--what are you doing?"

You slapped yourself mentally yet again, you gasp out a groan when he squeezed your ass. "Aggh~!"

".... You like that, ____?" you heard L chuckle darkly, squeezing your ass again, making you groan again. "I love you, ____."

"Eh!?" you questioned, only to get dropped onto a bed.

"You said; Just tell the woman your feelings." L mimicked what you said a YEAR ago, you saw a dark smirk on his face, it sent a shiver of delight down your spine.

"... W--why didn't you tell me before I left then...?"

L raised an eyebrow, "You left before I could even utter a single word to you." L said while crawling on top of you, and before you could even reply, he attacked you neck, immediatly finding your weak spot. Next thing you know, you were groaning with pleasure as L was thrusting inside of your, uh, vagina.

You curled your toes with excatsy, "Ah, ah, L--lawit...!" you cooed softly as you gripped on to the sheets and a pillow, trying to grip on to the feeling that was bubblin' inside of you.

The smell and sound of sex was echoing inside the room, the sound of sweaty and heated bodies slapping againest eachother.

You felt yourself seemingly getting more wetter then you already were, making Lawit grunt when he felt your liquid running down his hard, uh, dick as he rammed himself a little more further inside of you. Without warning you cried out, he just hitted your 'G - spot', after hitting there a couple of times, a feeling in the pit of your stomache was bubbling. You tried to grip on to the feeling, only to pay your attention to your lovable panda again.

You snapped your eyes open, only to be shut tightly as you camed heavily on to Lawit's unexpecting dick, making himself go into a bliss of pure pleasure.

"Mmm..... I love you, my little _____." Lawit nuzzled your neck, you smiled.

"I love you too, my little Panda Bear[1]." you giggled before falling asleep, making L get off chu and wrap his arms are your sleeping form.

[1.] Sorry, I just had to do that! xD

LoveIsADangerousThing: "Eh..? Sorry if it turn out like you wanted... but meh first Lemon chu know ~ ! I may RE - Write someday though ~. Oh, and hate mail are welcomed with open arms! ^-^"

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