The Slave, The thief, and the Killer *Sasuke love story* ch {2}!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 3 plz read and rate and mssg

Created by ree7111 on Saturday, March 21, 2009

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Chapter 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recap: Haru met her as she left the building.

Haru: What was it?

Nairune’: Must I say?

Haru: *puts hands on her hips* Yes…

She let out a big sigh and said: “I’m going on a field trip.”

Haru blurted out three things: “Where?! When?! Why??!

Nairune’: Geez, you sound like an annoying Spanish- to-English dictionary!

Haru: Sorry.( O///O) But please answer my questions.

Nairune’: Three words… Village of the Leaves. Three days. Chuninn Exam.

Haru: That wasn’t three words.

Nairune’: Yeah. I know… *Sweat drops* (^^T)


OKAY this is VERY important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was debating about the age of every one…. They are all around 14 AND it is in the FIRST naruto Series. NOT the Shippuden. Sorry for the misunderstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>>>>>>>>>>>> to a few days later >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

Nairune’ was walking down a dirt path… on her way to her “fieldtrip”. It was 6 A.M. She had gotten up early to head to the Leaf Village.

She had pack a small pack filled with clothes and gear.

“ Why, oh why me?” She breathed.

She took at out a map…

Nairune’: Wut?! I hav to head on this path for twelve more miles?! This is insane.”

One word came to her mind: Short cut.

She headed left into a forest that would take her straight instead of winding around the hills.

The forest was dark and spooky… (me: r u scared?) (u: heck no!!)

It had been 3o minutes and Nairune’ stopped. “Dammit, I’m lost!”

Suddenly, she heard something in the bushes in front of her. Her eyes widened and she took off… She looked back behind her to see if the mysterious person was there. She knew that she could out run anyone—

Nairune’ hit something and fell to the ground in shock.

“Owe, wut the Heck did I hit?”

?: Not wut… Who.

Nairune’s looked up at a man standing over her. “O Gawd!!!!”

It was Itachi

(u: I thought that this was a Sasuke love story…) (me: it is…)

Itachi: hn. Nice landing. Wut r u doing out here? All alone….. and defenseless.

Nairune’: For one.. I’m not defenseless. And two… Who r u?!!

Itachi: Im Itachi… Uchia.

Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Never heard of u… U have nice……eyes.”

She got up.

Itachi: *smirking* nice @$$.

Nairune’ was so caught off guard that she fell to the ground again. (O///O)

Itachi laughed and u glared at him.

Itachi: Why don’t u come with me. I can show u a good time.”

Nairune’: *looks up at him suspiciously* I don’t think so…

Itachi: Wut color are my eyes?

She looked at them.. Suddenlyy, her body felt stiff; like she was chained to a wall. Her vision blurred and she could make out Itatchi saying: That was way too easy.


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