19. Carlisle Cullen - I’m dying anyway so please don’t try to save me

Created by yellowchimp on Sunday, March 22, 2009

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I sat on the living room couch after a shower to get the mud off and careful consideration done by Alice of what I will wear. I don’t mind her choosing. Bella and Alice sat on either side of me. Alice hooked one arm with mine and Bella holding my hand. I didn’t know what was happening. Carlisle had left, he said there was someone he wanted me to meet. I have meet most of the vampires he knows at our wedding. I’m not quite sure what he means by this. Emmett paced behind the couch were I sat. Jasper was across from me sitting on a couch with Edward on the other end.

“What don’t I know Edward?” I ask eyeing him impatiently.

“I am still unsure if she is ready.” He turned to Jasper.

“She has full control.” Jasper replied.

“Ready for what?” I ask.

“Edward.” Bella began. “I know you know she is ready for this.”

I held my tongue from beginning an impatient rant of secrets that are unnecessarily kept in this family. Edward smirked at this.

“It’s very rude to read my thoughts.” I looked away.

“Yours tend to be very entertaining though.” Edward retorted.

I felt like grounding him if I could. He’s so insolent and childish. The front door opened and I saw Rosalie enter. Her eyes widened with appraisal when she saw me. She rushed over and hugged me.

“It has been so long!” she says softly into my ear. I return the hug.

“It is nice to see you again, Rose.” I smile.

She sits between Edward and Jasper enthusiastically. A whiff of something caught my nose. I recognise it but never found its source. I breathed in more curious about it rather than thirsty. Then there was Carlisle’s scent amongst it.

“Eva?” Carlisle’s voice came from around the corner.

“Yes?” I say.

“I think you should meet someone. He’s been anxious to see you.” Carlisle’s voice was soft and happy.

I stood up. Carlisle’s footsteps came closer and finally his figure was in view. In his arms was something small. It was moving. I went to him and looked down into the little thing in his arms. Two big blue eyes gazed up at me. A small giggle left its lips. I gasped.

“He has been missing his mommy.” Carlisle added. “Here.”

He carefully put him into my arms. I looked down at his innocent face in awe. He is the most precious thing I had ever seen.

“I thought our baby died.” I said uneasily.

“No. Rosalie has been caring for him while you were gone.” Carlisle smiled at me.

“He... is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” I gently trailed my two fingers down the side of his face.

“Mommy.” His sweet voice spoke.

“He talks?” I hiccoughed in astonishment.

“No, that is the only word he knows so far.” Carlisle explained.

I stood there for I don’t know how long. I simply stood with him in my arms gazing into each others eyes, his beautiful bright blue eyes. His skin was pale but I suppose he hasn’t had enough time to get a tan. His hair is a light brown I curls that I couldn’t help but twirl gently in my fingers. But his big blue eyes were something that stunned me. I didn’t know where he got such blue eyes from.

“Carlisle?” I began. He was standing with one arm around me and the other underneath on my hand supporting our baby. “Did you have blue eyes?” I asked. He chuckles.

“Yes. He has my eyes. I suppose the gene stays even when a human becomes a vampire.” He concluded.

I was informed of all the capabilities a half vampire and half human child has. Night came so I gave him his dinner... a sachet of blood from storage. I dressed him in cute little blue pyjamas and set him to bed. He slept like a little angel. He is a little angel in the reflection of his father. Carlisle was in his office writing something I didn’t care for. All I cared for was my sudden urges for him. I want him now. I fluently and gracefully make my way to him. I stood behind him and slithered my hands rubbing his shoulders. I kissed his neck and nuzzled the groove between his neck and his jaw. I felt a smile curve up on his lips.

“Do you know how long it has been?” I whisper in his ear.

“Curse your newborn desires.” He says. I pull him off the chair giggling and him chuckling. We head for the bedroom.


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