Stray Dog - Chapter 71 - [Robert Pattinson]

Created by skibscoop13 on Tuesday, March 24, 2009

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The subsequent night was exactly the same and so was the night after that, and every night for the next month. Robert would wait for me at BDC and then we went out for coffee and he walked me back to my place and returned to his hotel room by cab. The media was eating up our mending process and joined in on the fun each night.

My life was being sewed back together little by little, and it was an amazing feeling. I had Robert again, by some mysterious force, I had a great job, and I was just perfectly content.

I went into teach earlier than usual, because Derek Mitchell was actually teaching a class when I wasn’t. This sort of this never happened and even though I was his co worker now, I used to take classes from him and he was still an amazing choreographer and teacher, so I made sure I got to take class from him whenever was possible. I was ecstatic when I found out that Derek was going to be teaching in the morning from then on, alternating between his lyrical class and his street jazz classes every day. I hadn’t be able to take actual classes for a while so the bit of information made me both nervous and anxious to start back up.

The class went by extremely well. Derek even had me perform the small combination we had learned for the class. After that bit of embarrassment I went on to go teach my own classes. Today was street jazz, lyrical jazz, jazz, and then hip-hop. I taught all new combinations to each of the classes. Robert entered the classroom, as I had begun to allow, during the last five minutes of my final class. He commended the group of dancers each time they performed and took pictures with the ones who were brave enough to ask as I packed up my things.

After begin asked for a few pictures by myself and along with Robert and the same group of fans the two of us left and went out for coffee at the same place we went to every night. The paparazzi of course met us outside of the studio and followed us to the café, but Robert and I enjoyed the warming late winter night.

I ordered a small coffee, feeling too exhausted to fake out my body in order to stay up. I knew that if I got anything larger I wouldn’t be able to sleep and the next day I’d be even more exhausted than I already was. This way I’d get enough energy to stay awake at the table and walk home and then be completely dead once I stepping in the door of my apartment.

That night instead of Robert leaving me alone and going back to his quiet hotel room, I invited him to stay and he accepted. All was like it had been in the past. It was as if the two years we didn’t even hear from eachother hadn’t existed, or were a figment of my own imagination. The two of us had been so concerned with the thoughts of the other that the two years really just consisted of working and literally nothing else. Other than what was laid out for the world to see, there was nothingness for both of us.

As I rested in Robert’s arms that night I could find a reason in my mind of why I gave him up, or even considered the thought of doing so. His arms were the only place I wanted to be in that moment. Dancing wasn’t important as long as I had him to love and love me back.

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