Stray Dog - Chapter 72 - [Robert Pattinson]

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Created by skibscoop13 on Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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It was so much easier to be with Robert now that I didn’t have school on my agenda. One less commitment made life so much easier. He went to work, I went to work, and then we reunited with eachother for the rest of the day, or night depending. So, we were officially back on, continuing where we left off. The media seemed to share the same joy as us, save for a few tabloids that discussed another failure on our behalf rather than a long life together. Those few articles were enough to keep us together forever. Robert was exactly like me in the sense that when someone told him he couldn’t do something, he would do it just to prove him or her wrong.

Robert’s final week in Manhattan came all too quickly. He was going to be around for exactly six more night and seven days, and I felt like I was counting each and every second. During one particular night Robert took my out to dinner rather than just to get coffee. He’s come accustomed to the city and knew his way around just as well as I did. He brought me to Fireinside, which was a high-end restaurant by Rockefeller Center.

We sat in solidarity at the far end of the room. I had a feeling about the occasion tonight, and why everything seemed to be different than previous nights. In my head I concocted a plan. If things started to go in the way I thought they might I’d take over control, and if not, Id just sit there and try to look pretty.

The waiter brought us a bottle of champagne, which heightened my suspicion. He pour both of us a glass and took our orders before walking off with a nod. After the waiter was out of sight I looked over to Robert who stared at me with wide eyes. I cocked an eyebrow at him, trying to inform him of my notion. His expression turned from wonder to one of shock and he looked down at his napkin. I laughed to myself at his reaction and then took a sip from my champagne.

At the bubbling fluid hit my tongue; there was a foreign clang of something against my teeth. I closed my mouth instantly, stopping the flow of the liquid, and concern tore at my face. Whatever was in my mouth was metal, I could distinguish it’s form as I held it to the roof of my mouth with my tongue and swallowed the remaining champagne in my mouth.

I spit the metal object into my hand, coming to an assumption about what was going on. It looked like I was going to have to take control as I’d planned. In my hand, I now held my engagement ring. My path of vision slowly traced upwards to meet Robert’s eyes. His face read pure nervousness.

“Is this your way of asking me to marry you again?” I questioned his beautifully worried face.

“Uh, well, only if you’re going to say yes.” He shrugged, his expression unchanging.

“How about I save you the trouble and ask you instead.” I suggested leaning in on the table closer to him.

“Really?” His expression changed to that of confusion, something that was completely adorable on him.

“Sure, why not?” I smiled to him.

“Well.” He shook his head confused again. “Yes, then.” He smiled to match me.

As a joke I attempted to slide my ring onto his pinky finger, only managing to get it past his first knuckle before it wouldn’t budge any farther. Robert laughed at my attempt and removed it to place on my own ring finger. It went on much easier than it had on his hand. Unlike the first time we got engaged I felt completely different. Not cliché per say, but more like I felt that I should, more normal than the previous attempt. I looked at the ring at it resumed it’s rightful place on my finger, holding up my hand before me and sprawling out my fingers. I sighed and dropped my hand, looking Robert in the eyes.

“Things are going to be different.” I told him.

“What do you mean?” He question, a little of his smile disappearing.

“Everything is going to work out this time around. I’m going to make sure of it.” I crossed my arms on top of the table.

Robert laughed unceremoniously at me.

“What?” I asked with a small giggle.

“You’re something else.” He shook his head and then leaned across the small table to place a short charming kiss on my smiling lips.

The following week was spent making plans. Robert was going to move out to New York, and even after I insisted him not to, he told me it wasn’t right to have me move away from my great job in order to return to LA when he would just have to travel anyways. In a way it made sense, but some part of me wanted him to tell me that I had to go back to California, that I had to escape the cold and the closeness to my own family.

Since the flow of my money was nearly the same as Robert’s my apartment was large and swanky enough for the both of us to live there. He was going to return to LA, get his things from his own apartment, tell the landlord last minute that he wasn’t going to be back and return to New York for me.

It took three days for Robert to pack up and leave LA before he was back with all his belongings in tow. Our life together began then. Robert wasn’t due for any movies, press signings, or what have you. He only had one interview scheduled for GQ magazine, that seemed to have a crush on him since he first appeared on their cover in early 2009 and a couple of premiers which were never that big of a deal for the either of us. That interview was three months into his six-month break and all the premiers took place after the interview. We had a long time to ourselves, which we used to plan for our wedding.

It was going to be on October 13th, seeing as it was early march now that left us six months of almost uneventful time to get things together. We were going to get married in a small, extraordinarily beautiful botanical garden in upstate New York. The both of us loved the fall so that was our simple theme for the wedding, autumn. The theme worked well with my already purchased dress. I decided that even though I’d already worn my wedding dress to the premier of Breaking Dawn it was still what I originally planned to be my wedding dress and therefore I needed to wear that and only that. I decided to just get a new dress to wear during the reception party afterwards.

Other than the obvious things like cake, rings, venue, caterer, and clothes we had to plan for flowers, invitations, guest list, music, priest or whatever the two of us atheists were going to use, décor, and honeymoon. Both of us felt like we were in way over our heads, but it took a lot off the load having a second person fully involved in the equation. Robert had a keen eye for planning and decorating and what looked good together. He was the kind of person who could visualize things together and make them come to life. I was more than lucky to have him by my side assisting in the workload.

We went on several tasting for food and cake, eventually finding the right place to serve at our wedding and finding the perfect real life version of our imagined cake. The flowers got picked along with the table arrangements. The guest list became finalized and the invitations printed. Robert got my ring, and I got his. We found ourselves a flower girl, who was actually Sasha’s now four-year-old daughter Joliee. I was thankful at that moment that I had so many friends with cute children. Robert was able to book the bad the National to play at our wedding, which was completely absurd but all too amazing. And we were having some schmuck pose as our priest to lead our non-spiritual wedding. There was no God involved, no faith, just love, and life, and death.

The days until the wedding pulled closer. We had two and a half months until the day, which meant we needed to send out the invitations. Of course we invited all the cast members and crewmembers we were close with from the movies we’d worked on. I invited all my close friends from college, So You Think You Can Dance, The Little Mermaid cast, BDC, and Millennium. Sadly I had to invite my own family, but Robert’s was invited too, making the situation better knowing that I’d have at least their support. On top of those people we invited old friends from our hometowns that needed to be a part of our wedding, without them there it wouldn’t be the same. At the end of everything we’d invited three hundred people not including the wedding party.

My maid of honor was Sasha. I had always told her that no matter what she’d always be, and my bride’s maids were Nikki, Monica, Jessica, and just to be funny Greg. Robert on the other hand stuck with the traditions. His best man was Jamie, probably because he was the one that found and saved me in London when all hell broke loose, and the other four were Matt, Tom, Jackson, and Kellan. Typically.

Everyone was excited for our wedding, although we weren’t going to be the typical celebrities and blow three million on just the flowers, it was going to be nice. We didn’t spend money on designer clothes and sunglasses, and shoes, so we deserved to use some of our money on an important event.

Everything was in place with one month left until our wedding. We made one final meeting with the company building our cake and then we were done. Robert and I were finished and ready to get married, all we had to do was wait for the day to come.

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