vampire gang 10 yrs l8r chp2


Created by skittlezluverz on Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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Ashley's POV
u pulled jacob over 2 the wall.
"ok dog why are you going 2 forks"
"who the hell r u"
"Jenny Cullen edward and bella r my parents"
than he growled.than u smaked him upside the head
"dont u growl @ me now be a good boy and leave me alone"
than justin came up next 2 me
"ya and mabey we will give u a doggy treat"
"ok off 2 lunch 4 the humans"
Cassie giggled
"so i heard jacob is in all of ur classes"
than u punched john in the gut
"u know she has the biggest mouth in the world"
"well u do"
u turned around cause u heard a growl.
"who was that"
"i dont know"
than ur eyes landed on a new kid
"who is that"
"well im going over 2 talk 2him"
"k we'll come wit u"
"k thankz katie"
u were right behind him when u heard him mumble dumb dog.
"um hey ur the new kid right"
"ya im drake"
"ya iv head and im Jenny"
"did u just momble dumb dog"
he chuckled nervesouly
"ya u did ... ok ill just drop it"
"hey me and my friends are gonna head over 2 my house after lunch u wanna come?"
"ya sue what can i loose"
when you got out side the gand was in the car.
'hey drake b4 we get in i have a question"
"ya jenny"
"umm...ok this is sorta akward but are you a vampire cause u growled @ jacob and u mumbled dumbdog"
he sighed
"how do u know that i am"
"cause me,katie,cassie,john,and justin are 2.
"yepperz and so is my ma and dad.also the rest of my family alice,jasper,rose,emmet,esme,and carsile.(probally spelt a few wrong"
"ya so u still wanna chill"

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