101 Things (not) To Do In Study Hall

hahahahaha. my friends and i are sooooo strange..... NOTE most of these are inside jokes

Created by WalkingxOnxWater on Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My friend started with four so thats why its labeled 5-105.
5. Rape the kid sitting next to you to see if anyone really cares.
6. Make chipmunk noises while the monitor's back is turned.
7. Start talking loudly about last night... IN BED
8. Scream "BOOOOOOOOOOOMB!!!" and start running around while screaming and flailing
9. Scream "CODE BLUE, CODE BLUE!!!" and see what happens
10. Start moaning.......A LOT..........
11. Purposely sneeze in someone's face. For extra fun, change "someone's" to "the monitor's."
12. If you're a girl, start talking about how you got someone pregnant......and if you're a guy talk about how you're pregnant.
13. Sing "Womanizer" while dancing inappropriately. Hitting your butt repeatedly and making strange noises is recommended for best results.
14. Scream "IN MAH PANTS" loudly for no apparent reason. For more fun, try to blame it on that kid sitting next to you.
15. Strip down to your underwear, then ask the monitor to see the principal (or go in a dark closet with you).
16. Ask, "Hey, can I go to the park and have sex? Okay, thanks. Bye."
17. Ask to go to the bathroom, then have sex in the most public bathroom in school.
18. Shout, "I WANT TO END IT ALL!" and stab yourself with a pen.
19. Loudly read "The Anti-Fluff" to your study hall. (Inside joke)
20. Start singing "It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes!"
21. Sing, "I'm too sexy for my shirt." For more excitement, take your shirt off.
22. Start singing "Milkshake." "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and they're like, it's better than yours...." For more fun, hold a milkshake.
23. Bring in coffee for everyone... and spike it.
24. Start smoking crack.
25. Start discussing the baby bunny show (which isanother inside joke!).
26. Draw a bunny on crack, then hold up the paper and shout, "LOOK! IT'S A BUNNY ON CRACK!!!"
27. Shout, "GIVE ME SOME!"
28. Remind everyone of the number one rule of study hall: Save energy. Play in the dark!
29. Start cussing in French, or another, less cool foreign language. Or in English. Your choice.
30. Pee on the kid sitting next to you. Or on the monitor. Then either offer to clean it up or point and laugh.
31. Flash everyone for no apparent reason.
32. Get high off a Sharpie.
33. Drink a bunch of alcohol. If anyone's suspicious, claim you thought it was apple juice.
34. Make a bomb. For extra fun, set it off.
35. Light a match, then claim you only used it to cover the scent of your fart.
36. Shout, "GRANDPA! YOU'RE ALIVE!" to a female monitor.
37. Use a plastic BB gun to pretend to shoot everyone.
38. If you're really bored, use an actual gun to shoot everyone. This may result in jail time, however.
39. Shout, "I KILL YOU FOR A KLONDIKE BAR!" in an Achmed accent.
40. After number 39, eat a Klondike bar while saying, "Totally worth it."
41. Pull out a laptop and start watching inappropriate things on YouTube (if you know what I mean).
42. Alternatively, blast the video "Teleporting Fat Guy."
43. Or you could always play something like music with lots of cussing.
44. Tell the kid next to you (if he's not already dead) that you're not actually human and he should be afraid.
45. Rant about how stupid your friends are... in front of your friends.
46. Go to your teacher's window and press ALT F4
47. Send viruses to all the school computers
48. Throw up and blame it on the monitor's ugly face.
49. Tell the kid next to you that you just ate a lot of beans and that you have explosive farts.
50. Kill the kid next to you, because he should have died already.
51. Do something to the kid across from you to switch things up a little bit.
53. Give yourself a papercut, then act like you're dying.
54. Eat your homework, then ask to go to the nurse.
55. Ask the monitor for crack.
56. Start singing "I KISSED A GIRL AND I LIKED IT!!!"
57. Say, "I LIKE TO RAPE LITTLE BOYS!" This is funnier if you're a guy.
58. Text the teacher an insult like, "Your teeth are so yellow I can't believe it's not butter."
59. Tell your teacher to put on more clothes. Or less, you're choice.
60. Give this list to your monitor.
61. Give this list to the kid sitting next to you. If he doesn't run away, he's not human.
62. Make out with the guy sitting next to you. Then shoot him.
63. Smoke weed. Tell everyone you're trying to break your alcohol habit and it's the other white meat!
64. Rip off your clothes and do the "Thriller" dance.
65. Act like a zombie and try to eat someone.
66. Mix pudding (IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN) (inside joke, but it should be obivious)
67. Start eat pudding, then ask if anyone wants to mix some with you.
68. Get your braces caught in the guy sitting next to you's braces. Or the girl's, your choice.
69. lol69.
70. Steal the kid sitting next to you's pencil, then put it in your underwear and dare him to take it out.
71. Start acting like a dog. Run, bark, and sniff people's butts.
72. Shout, "I'M A LESBIAN LOVER" and hug the girl nearest to you.
73. Tell the kid next to you that the monitor molested you.
74. Tearily complain that the Flying Spaghetti Monster raped you. Or God-Man.
75. Tell the guy next to you that he's stacked with melons.
76. Touch the guy sitting next to you's moob.
77. Do the ficus call.
78. Hand out happy sticks (real ones or candy canes, your choice).
79. Choke on your gum or pretend to. This list might be good if you actually want to, because you'll be laughing so hard.
80. Choke on air and pretend to die.
81. Fake your own death, complete with fake blood.
82. After number 81, pretend to haunt the study hall.
83. Warn the kid next to you that you have pregnancy and he probably caught it.
84. Give the kid next to you Dippin' Dots, then tell him to stop eating your balls.
85. Stick something up your nose. You might get to go to the hospital, skipping the rest of the school day.
86. Complain about how much the school district sucks.
87. Tell the kid next to you that you're Adolf Hitler. Or God-Man.
88. Wear a dress to school, or guy pants. Or your brand spanking new invisible clothes!
89. Start singing, "I'm not wearing underwear today!"
90. Make a snarky remark to your monitor. Tell them to Google snarky.
91. Make cake laced with rat poison. Give it to everyone, then tell them you gave them the wrong cake.
92. Hand out beer in pop cans.
93. Light something on fire.
94. Tell everyone you're a porn star. It's a good idea to make videos for YouTube while faking this.
95. Wear a thong on your head.
96. Wear a thong on your butt with no pants. Or over your pants.
97. Call the monitor Brittney Spears.
98. Poke the kid next to you and tell him you're lonely and want him to play in the dark with you.
99. Lick the kid next to you.
100. Tell the kid next to you that you had a great time last night... IN BED!
101. Say, "That's what she said!" after every word someone says.
102. Poke the kid next to you's butt and say it was the wind.
103. Pretend to be a secret agent.
104. Hum the James Bond theme song while pretending to be a secret agent.
105. Last but not least, jump off the school building while holding the dead body of the kid who sits next to you while screaming one of the following: "I'M A BIRD!", "I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!", "I KICKED YOUR DOG!", "I RAPED YOUR MOM!", "YO MOMMA!" "FOR ALLAH!", "FOR GOD-MAN!", "FOR THE FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER!", "THEY DON'T PAY ME ENOUGH TO DO THIS CRAP!", "I'M A MOLESTER!", "OH SHI-", "I'M HIGH ON LIFE!", "FOR YOU MY SEX TOY... I MEAN LOVE!", "IF TWILIGHT DIDN'T EXIST I WOULDN'T HAVE TO DO THIS!", "I'M FARMIN' THE PEAS! CAN'T TOUCH ME 'CAUSE I'M FARMIN' THE PEAS! OH NO, I'M FARMIN' THE PEAS!", "MISOOOOO SOUP!", "I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE!", "GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD!", or, my own personal favorite, "YOU ALL SUCK!"
The kid next to you died far too many times. May he rest in peace.
101 Ways to goof off in Study Hall! (105 counting Rebecca's)
Created by Alli, Lauren and Sarha

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