Welcome to the world my little nephew!

Just a friendly welcome is all :)

Created by FoxySmileIchimaru on Friday, April 03, 2009



Welcome to the world my little nephew ^_^ i haven't met you yet as big sister is still in hospital and it is what 10:30 at night?, this day was an bundle of exitment for us all :D, so welcome to the world my little nephew who has'nt been named yet :D Just writing to see if you ever do read this when you are older that i am allways here for you like iruka is their for naruto, or like kyoraku is their for ukitake. so yeah, need anything when your older come talk to your aunt. :D
also please dont call me aunty mary , it makes me sound old! -laughs-

its a big world out their and you have a lot to learn :D, its a fun world everyday is something new and different, and its a life Most definitly worth living. so enjoy it!
Auntie Mary

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