A Fight Between Love (Sai And Sasuke Love Story) Info

Created by makayla7 on Sunday, April 05, 2009


Age:16 (same as everyone else)
Birthday:July 1
Level:Chunnin(same as everyone else)
Eyes:Blue Gray Lik The Kekkei Genkai But U Get White In them wen u activat it
Team Mates:Alexus And Ashley (the only girl team)
Village:U Were At The Mist Village But U And Ur Team Left CuzOurClan Was Destoryed
Family:There All Dead
Kekkei Genkai:Rasanggi (ur eyes turn the same color as The Rasangon And U Can Read peoples minds speak to animals And Turn everything Dark And Turn Invisable)
Friends:Everyone wen u Get there(but Alexus And Ashley Are Ur best friends uve known them sents we were all 2)
Past:U Were The only clan was destored by Itachi And u alexus and ashley were the only surviers so u went to The Leaf Village
wat u look lik:rhd.jpgBut u still wear the mask alot
But u wear this:jrdf.jpg
Ur Kekkei Genkai:sigpic43145_1.jpg
Ur Team
Birthday:August 17
Hair:Blonde and Brown
Team Mate:Makayla And Ashley
Village:same as makayla
Family:Same as Makayla
Kekkei Genkai:same as Makayla
Friends:everyone wen she gets there (Makayla and Ashley Are her best friends shes they known each other sents they were 2)
Past:same as Makayla
Wat she looks lik:1216167423_1668_full.gif
wat she wears:lolalex.jpg
Kekkei Genkai:sigpic43145_1.jpg
Birthday:August 3
Eyes:Light Brown
Hair:Light brown Wit some Blonde streaks
Team Mate:Makayla And Alexus
Village:Same As Makayla
Family:same As Makayla
Kekkei Genkai:Same As Makayla
Friends:everyone wen u get there (Makayla and alexus R her best friend they known each other sents they were 2)
Past:same as Makayla
Wat she looks lik:92126656-brown.jpg
wat she wears:lolash.jpg
Kekkei Genkai:sigpic43145_1.jpg

Yes We Like To Wear the same thing but r favorite colors
Ok Thats All For Now SO Ya Mae Part One Soon Rate/Comment/Massage

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