The Girl in the Painting. Part six~~the end

the last part ;( i no sad init hope u like it

Created by BlackParadeLoverxx on Monday, April 06, 2009

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Later that day, when Jasmine had got home from school, she found a message from her father lying on the kitchen table saying he would be home late and not to wait up for him. She smiled at this lasted bit her farther always told her not to wait up for him and she always did. Then did her usual routine; she fed her two cats, Alice and Shaun, then fed her Yorkshire terrier Sam and then she fed herself. She finished her food, picked up her bag and went upstairs to her room. She opened the door, turned on the light, walked in, dropped her bag on the floor, jumped on her bed, reached for her remote for her stereo and played My Chemical Romance, The Black Parade. Jasmine lay on her back looking up at the ceiling, her head was full of questions about the painting. ‘What did it mean?’ ‘Why did the girl look so much like her?’ ‘Was it just a coincident that they looked the same?’ ‘Why had the room looked familiar?’ with these questions still swimming around in her head, she fell into restless sleep.

She was awoken by the sound of her dog barking from down stairs. She gowned and sat up looking out the window by her bed, it was dark outside but she could see it was raining, hard, suddenly there was a rumble and then a flash of light, which took Jasmine by surprise. She let out a small scream and fell off her bed landing on her back with a small thud. She lay on the floor a few seconds, then remembering her dog was still barking, she stood up and walked out the room turning the light on. But it didn’t work. She tried again, nothing. ‘The power must be down.’ She thought as she went down stairs to fine Sam. The little dog was standing on the sofa its front paws on the armrest, barking at the fireplace. Jasmine looked at the dog then at the fireplace and froze. The room that was in front of her was the same as the one in the painting. “This is a dream! It has to be. I’ll wake up in a few minutes back in my bed and everything will be ok. I just have to either wait to wake up or try to wake myself up!” she said with panic in her voice and taking some deep breathes. She closed her eyes and thought ‘Come on me, wake up! You can do this Jaz just open your eyes and you’ll be in bed, safe! Ok go!’ her eyes shot open. She was still in the living room standing next to the sofa, the rain still pouring outside. ‘ok, that didn’t work. I guess I’ll have to wait.’

“Come on then! Show me what you got I’m not scared!” she shouted at the top of her lungs. Just as she finished her sentence a flash of lightening and a boom of thunder shook the house. She laughed “Is that all you got!” she sat down in front of the fireplace and started to make a fire, still laughing. Soon she had a fire in front of her. She smiled her work, and stood up. She headed towards the kitchen to make herself a coffee. She was about to take sip of the hot liquid when there was a knock at the door. Jasmine frowned and looked at the clock on the wall. 8:45. ‘it could be Ray’ she thought as she put down her drink and headed towards the door. She placed a hand on the door handle and opened the door to reveal… no one. She stuck her head out the door, she looked left then right. She couldn’t see anything only rain. She shook her head ‘stupid kids.’ But before she could close the door, Sam ran out the house. Jasmine ran after him with out shoes calling him to come back, leaving the door open. When she finally caught up with him, she was soaking wet and covered in mud after slipping on the front lawn. She had to tackle the small dog to catch it. She stood up holding Sam in her arms and walked back to her house.

As soon as she closed the door with her foot, the dog jumped out her arms and ran to the kitchen. Jasmine sighed, looked down at herself and ran up stairs to out on some dry, clean clothes.

She came out of her room a few minutes later wearing one of her father’s old white shits and a pair of black shorts. She walked down stairs and looked at the fireplace. She just shook her head and laughed at herself. She walked over to the fireplace, knelt in front of it and looked at the dieing fire. It was still storming outside, the made a fast tapping noise as it hit the window. Occasionally there would be a flash of lightening followed by a soft boom of thunder as the storm slowly died. ‘dad will be back soon then he can fix the power.’ Jasmine thought calmly still looking at the burning ambers. She looked up towards the mirror and she froze, her eyes widened and her breath caught in the throat. There in the mirror was a dark shape there resembled a man holding something in his hand. Jasmine slowly turned around and screamed.

:O wat happen did she die ? who nos cuz i dont and i wrote it lol

hope u liked it let me no byratingandmessagingpeace out lov jaz

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