The Tale of the Clown and the Doll (Joker) Ch40 - The show begins! Now that's how to end a party...

Created by HomicidalPorcelainDoll on Tuesday, April 07, 2009

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Hey there my dears, as work has been late and badly written; I apologize if it starts to drag at the end and then ends abruptly but it's nearly 4am...and i really wanted to get something out so my readers would come kill me with a pitchfork and a flamethrower. I have had some family issues recently but that's not an excuse for my lack of updates. Anyways enjoy!



Once again I found myself standing in the throbbing heart of the penthouse party. Dead centre. I had been given the excuse to leave Bruce when Rachel appeared at the door with a look of utter annoyance splayed over her face. She obviously had a bone to pick with a certain playboy; so I excused myself and left her to it. I hope she bitch slaps the bastard. Smack. Smack. Smack.

Wandering around the mingling party goers; I spotted Harvey Dent, he was standing awkwardly beside a few women. He was totally out of his depth here. His mannerisms had become edgy and tense; he clearly was more at ease around Gotham’s filth. Though criminals aren’t as two faced; they openly despise his guts; the wealthy say one thing while thinking another. In my opinion; these people are more dangerous; they’ll stab you in the back before you have time to scream.

Mr Dent spotted me and sent me one of those looks; you know those ‘please save me’ glances. The kind you see a girl in a bar shoot to her friend when a guy is creeping on her. The look a child sends their mother to take them off of the mall Santa Claus’s knee. It was a look of scared desperation. Disquietude.

I decided to show a little empathy; approaching the outer ring of the circle I called out to Harvey. I sympathized with him; neither of us really felt at home in this dolled-up fantasy world where everyone and everything was plastically perfect. Where the world was just peachy and the rich stayed rich while they continued to climb the ladder of success. I would always be an odd puzzle piece than never quite fits into this jigsaw of faux-hospitality and polite antagonism.

“Ah Mr Dent, may I have a quick word?” I approached the tightly-knit clique.

“Oh Lola of course!” a look of relief jolted through his frowning eyes.

I lead Dent to a quieter part of the room “I just rescued your ass; you owe me” all courteousness faded from my voice.

“ have no idea how much I appreciate that” Harvey gasped.

I chuckled “You fight against Gotham’s worst felonious scumbags, yet you’re afraid of a few upper-class stiffs?”

The blonde man never answered my questions but simply changed the topic of conversation “Oh, have you seen Rachel?”

“Yes, I have actually. She was out on the balcony talking with Bruce” I answered.

“Thanks Lola, now please excuse me; I have something important to discuss with my significant other” No sooner had his words floated into the air, Harvey Dent waded his way into the crowd and soon dissolved into the gigantic mass of party-goers.

Yay I’m alone again...

“LOLA!” Khaos came tottering over with her arms thrown wide in an almost comic fashion.

So much for getting some time to myself.

“Yes Lizzie?” I asked in an exasperated fashion.

“The shows about to begin” Her voice dropped to an almost inaudible whisper “And I want a front row seat, come on”

Before I could even ask what she was referring to, she took a hold of my hand and dragged me into the exact centre of the room.

Though I wasn’t exactly sure of what ‘show’ was going to play; I had an inkling that the Joker was around causing havoc. Skipping around threatening people with that knife of his. Frightening children. Kicking old ladies. Blowing up buildings. Stealing cars. Just the usual mischief.

He was planning something; and I’m sure disrupting this party and scaring the fuck out of Gotham’s wealthy was incorporated into his haphazard scheme. Though the Joker’s planning is done on the spot; he may decide on a plot moments before he has to pull it off or hours before; but he never really thinks too far ahead; he just does things. In the same way a small child will just do something; you ask them why and they just shrug.

I didn’t have too long to wait; the door was flung open in an over-dramatic fashion. BANG. SMACK. CLICK. There He stood, racking a shotgun, flanked by a few of his lunatic goons. Clad in his usual smoky purple and Broadway grin; The Joker; the leader of the most dysfunctional circus this world has ever seen. And me, being the lucky little dolly that I am, had a front row seat to the performance.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen; I am tonight’s entertainment!” His gravelly voice hollered in a cheery fashion. He fired a shell into the air; there was a stunned silence until reality sunk in and a chorus of screams began to harmonize.

“Shhh” The Joker hushes as he begins to walk through the horde of terror-filled guests “Now, I have only one question....” He pauses as he grabs a shrimp from a near-by tray and tosses it into his mouth and continues to talk while chewing vigorously “ Harvey Dent?” as he spoke and gnashed away at the shrimp, the scars danced up and down, disfiguring his face further; almost giving the impression that he was wearing some horrid macabre mask.

There are a few gasps from the panic-stricken; everyone else became smothered in a thick blanket of silence and simply stared as the manic clown strode in a semi-circle; brandishing the shotgun as he went. Getting into the party spirit, the Joker reached out with a gloved hand and pilfered a glass of champagne, whisking it upwards and spilling basically all of the contents yet he still pressed the glass to his lips before continuing.

I simply watched as he started confronting various individuals “Have you seen Harvey Dent...No?” He slapped a man when he remained speechless “I’ll settle for his loved ones” As these words popped off his perfectly red speared lips, a grey-haired gentleman stepped out into the Joker’s path; not a good move on his part I must say. I mean, in general circumstances, it is not a smart decision to confront a deranged clown...especially if said madman is prancing about slinging a gun and has a reputation for carving up people’s faces.

“We’re not intimidated by thugs!” He proclaimed; this guy was lacking in the intellect department; obviously he was skipped when God was handing out brains...or maybe he has a death wish; let’s hope so because he’s about to be forcefully euthanized if he isn’t careful.

Pausing, The Joker sent an incredulous look at the man; as if questioning the fact that the man had actually interrupted him. But then his trade-mark grin turned into an almost affectionate smile as he spoke to the man “You know, you remind me of my father” the smile flared into a snarl and a gloved hand seized the man’s neck while the other brought a knife into his mouth “I HATED my father”

I bet that old guy is regretting stepping out of line now; he should learn to keep his mouth shut; though is one better to be a living, scared lamb or a dead, over-opinionated lion?

But before the purple suited sociopath could go to town on the face of his victim, a female voice rippled through the stunned silence “OK STOP!”

Turning my head, I noticed a canyon form in the crowd as a slender woman stepped out; Rachel.

The Joker looked up; an expression of surprise and interest contorted his inked face; losing interest in his ‘father’, his grip loosened and the man fell to the floor. Thud. With a lick of his lips, his full attention was turned to Rachel and Rachel’s breasts. Pervert.

His grin stretched wider, if that’s even possible “Well hello beautiful” licking his gloved thumb, he ran it through his mane of unkempt grease; slicking a few locks back “You must be Harvey’s squeeze”

Rachel remained quiet as the madman in front of her edged closer to her; soon he was directly in front of her; close enough to touch. And that’s just what The Joker did; raising his knife, his fingers twirled the blade across Rachel’s cheek.

“And you are beautiful” The Joker grinned and circled his pray. Before the word ‘beautiful’ had completely left his lips; I felt a scalding sensation simmer up from my feet, sizzling through my empty skeleton; radiating white-hot anger throughout my empty frame.

For some reason I felt like annihilating Rachel; tearing up her flesh, snapping her fragile little frame like a popsicle stick, splintering her bones into small frafments...or to put it simply; hurting her in horrible ways.

‘Oh looks like someone’s jealous’ a murmur infiltrated my senses.

I didn’t respond; too wrapped up in my own murderous intent.

‘Kill her’ the dark voice wrapped my brain in its whisper ‘come on Lola, do it. Do it. She’s just like all the rest. A backstabbing liar’

I shook the thoughts from my head; trying to simply cool the boiling rage; I don’t know what’s going on...why was I losing my temper so quickly? Especially over that bastard; I really must be losing my fucking mind. Though then again I was forced to this party and made-out with a prat; I’m having a rough night, maybe I’m just a little mentally unwell. I didn’t truly believe this; but I pushed the conviction into my consciousness. I needed something as an excuse; so why not a deteriorating emotional capacity?

“Oh you look nervous...” The Joker paused and ran his blade over the soft flesh of her flushed cheek “Is it the scars?” The Joker pulled her closer and Rachel began to struggle, recoiling away from her captor. Her struggling was quenched when a gloved hand shot out and forcefully held her head still “C’mere...hey...just...look at me, l-l-look at me!” As soon as he had her full application; this is an important discovery I’ve made over my past encounters with him; he will not talk to you unless you maintain eye contact; he continued “Ya wanna know how I got em?” Without pausing for an answer he answered his own question “You see, I had a wife...who was you. Who tells me I worry too much. Who tells me I need to smile more. Who gambles and gets in deed with the sharks. And one day...they carve her face...and we have no money for surgery. She can’t take it” The Joker presses his knife harder into Rachel’s jaw but suddenly the tone in his voice changes and becomes more tender “I just want to see her smile again. I just want her to know...that I don’t care about the scars. So I put a razor a razor in my mouth and do this...” He tilts his painted face backwards and traces the insides of his scarred cheeks with his tongue “to myself”.

Rachel hasn’t made a sound. Not even a whimper. She merely stood there with her face in the grubby paws of a lunatic; she was braver than most of the people here.

The Joker licked his lips before he continued “And you know what?” a little chuckle scrapes through is throat and prods at Rachel’s face “she can’t stand the sight of me!” The chuckle turns more manic “She leaves...but now I see the funny I’m always smiling” His face splits into a huge, ear-to-ear grin, flashing his yellowing teeth. Slowly the knife creeps across Rachel’s cheek, making a bee-line for her soft lips but before it can reach that far Rachel manages to raise her knee and slug the Joker in a place that really doesn’t appreciate the gesture. Thump.

I watched as the Joker, for a split second as the Joker dropped downwards, became very hunched over and then tottered backwards; that’s what he gets for being a cocky bastard. Serves him right. He looked up and our eyes met; he flashes me a smirk before turning back to Rachel.

“A little fight in you...I like that” He giggled.

From the corner of my I spotted a black shadow flutter into the room. Th’fuck was that?

“Looks like we got company” Lizzie muttered into my ear. I’d forgotten she was there; obviously I had been too engrossed on the Joker and his antics.

“Then you’re going to love me!” A gravelly voice resounded from the dark figure; it stepped out; the shape seemed vaguely resembled a giant bat.

Oh yay Batboy...can this party get any better? I mean Christ, we got a guy who spends his time dressing as bat for the hell of it, a life-size doll who spends time with a mentally disturbed teen and her psychotic boss who paints his face to resemble Stephen King’s IT.

The Joker’s head flicked around to see who had disrupted his fun. THWACK. He was sent sailing backwards into the crowd; he’s having a rough time of it at the minute; serves him right. I hope he shoots himself in the ass. The goons that were trailing around, with movements that could easily be compared to a zombie’s, suddenly jolted to life and pounced upon the ‘hero’.

I quickly grew bored of watching the human-sized rodent break his way through the masked clowns; breaking arms, legs and faces as he went around the wrestling ring created by the party’s crowd. Snap. Crack. Pop.

“Dolly; who’s missing, we have to see if we can figure out who the bat-freak is” Lizzie’s voice was so hushed I could barely hear it.

I nodded in response. The mission was starting to take shape; this was all to give us some idea as to who we’re looking for. Scanning the room; frightened, unfamiliar faces darted in and out of my glassy vision; it didn’t help that I had no idea who was here and who wasn’t. It was like looking for a needle in a, it was more like looking for a black cat in a dark room...and we’re not even sure if said black cat was ever in said room.

And then it hit me...who wasn’t there...the host of said party; the arrogant bastard himself; Bruce Wayne. He was nowhere to be found. Missing. AWAL. Gone. So could it be that my arrogant boss was dressing up as a bat in the late hours of the night and parading around, beating Gotham’s scums to a blood-curdled pulp? It seems unlikely...or does it? He has the time and the money...and he may have the throat cancer to I be on to something here?

“Anyone not there on your side of the room then?” Lizzie broke through my chain of thought. So that’s why she insisted on meeting people; to see if any of them were absent when the Joker entered; how clever.

“Only Bruce Wayne” I muttered.

“He wasn’t on my side either...neither was Harvey Dent” Lizzie put her finger on her chin and appeared to be in deep thought “Was he on your side?”

Come to think of it...he wasn’t...

“No he wasn’t” I shook my head “I haven’t seen him since he went looking for Rachel” Oh could this be a coincidence? I mean the over-sized bat didn’t appear until Rachel was seriously in danger...and after all...she is, as the Joker aptly put it...Harvey’s squeeze.

“Hm...we have suspects” Her whisper rose in excitement.

I turned my attention back to the pub brawl in the centre of the room; a clown had managed to get a hold of the Batman and kept a tight grip...well as best one could on a struggling the Joker began to kick out; striking at the creases between the rib protection of the black armour. Crack. Bash. Thump.

‘Oh the Joker is being sneaky’ the little dark voice decided to join in.

‘How so?’ I found myself thinking.

‘Look at his shoe’ my eyes followed as the voice spoke; and there, protruding from the front of the maniac’s shoes; was a knife blade; which he was using to kick the shit out of Batman.

Damn he really does have knives coming out the wazoo.

The goon lost his grip on Batman who then proceeded to knocked the henchman unconscious. Out cold. Once more he whirled his full fury back to the Joker; I could sense the fiery fixation radiating from batman’s dark eyes; he wanted to vanquish the Joker; though he didn’t seem to be prepared to do whatever it takes. That was the difference in level between these two men; The Joker will do ANYTHING to get what he wants. Batman will not; meaning he will fail unless he drops his conscience and just goes for it.

SLAM. The Joker was flung like a rag-doll; landing in a flurry of purple noise. Another henchman rose up to take his bosses place; or to distract the batman as his main adversary crawled across the floor towards me. I couldn’t be seen to help him; so I shied away from him as he approached. Though Lizzie decided to be of assistance and subtly kicked a discarded gun in his general direction. He picked up the metal L and hoisted himself back to a standing position.

It was only then did I notice Rachel stand next to me; I hadn’t even noticed her shimmy over here. Yet again my attention span had let me down; I swear it’s getting shorter and shorter. And then I felt an idea spark. This idea was probably a remnant of the extreme hatred I felt earlier. But I couldn’t get it out of my head; it was if I didn’t have a choice, other than to follow it. I found myself edging slowly backwards until I was directly behind Rachel; reaching out I rested my hand near her shoulder and as Lizzie did with the gun, I waited for the right moment; when everyone’s attention was captured by the on-going fray; forcefully yet subtly I nudged Rachel forward; making it seem accidental. Lizzie saw what I was doing and stuck her foot out; our victim toppled forwards, tripped over the carefully placed limb and landed almost on top of Gotham’s favourite neurotic.

With a gleeful giggle, the Joker grabs Rachel from behind, arm around her neck and gun to her temple. The gruff-voiced batman spun around with a shocked look jumping across his chiselled features. Oh how the tables have turned.

“Drop the gun” he replies in a voice that can only be described as a man who has smoked a fuck load of cigarettes.

“Sure. Just take off your little mask and show us who you really are” the clown pops his scarred mouth while waving his gun around eccentrically. Rachel shakes her head and her mouth wraps around the word NO. Oh our little victim knows who he is eh? As before she started to writhe and contort herself; trying to grasp onto freedom.

Bang. Glass shattered. Blown apart by a single bullet that originated in the barrel of the Joker’s gun; he then takes a step forward and dangles his damsel in distress out the penthouse window. As expected, Rachel lost her cool composure and began to scream; her dress swirling around her in the night-time wind.

“Let her go” came the grizzly response.

Is he an idiot?

“Very poor choice of words” An inhuman manic cackle burst from the Joker’s voice-box as his fingers released and out Rachel what was presumably her death. Oh but no Batman had to ruin the whole thing; flung himself out after her.

Maybe the two of them will die.

Now that’s how to end a party!


And we're done! As always, please rate and message; makes me happy!!! And update more :D Well have a lovely easter my little gumdrops; stay fresh!

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