50 Ways To Annoy Tobi

It's really hard to find ways to annoy Tobi, since he's the one who usually annoys everyone else. Yes, I know who he really is. But I'm not gonna say it cause some people don't like spoilers ^.^ This should be called, "50 Ways To Be Mean To Tobi" cause it's more mean than annoying. and yes, it's really random...

Created by deadmannequin on Sunday, April 12, 2009


Thanks to hellsangel20 and twilightfan1031 for giving me ideas xD
1. Steal his mask.

2. Go up to him and say "Tobi is a bad boy"

3. Shove a popsicle in his mask.

4. Kick him into the mud.

5. Bake cookies and not give any to him.

6. Have a tea party and invite everyone but him. [Poor Tobi LOL]

7. Lock him up in an extremely tiny closet for 6 hours.

8. Take off his mask and take pictures.

9. Call him an idiot.

10. Tell him Deidara died.

11. Throw him into an oven. Mwahaha! Just don't turn it on!

12. When he asks you if "Tobi is a good boy?" just walk away.

13. Hide his cloak.

14. Trip him when he's running around the Akatsuki hideout.

15. Or any other place.

16. Cut off his hair when he's asleep.

17. Wake him up in the middle of his sleep and do something stupid then knock him out. Making him think it was a dream.

18. Tell him Deidara wants to rape him.

19. Hit him on the head repeatedly.

20. Tell him he has a basketball for a head.

21. Poke him in the eye.

22. Stuff him in a box and ship him off to Konoha.

23. Tell him that he's no longer a part of Akatsuki.

24. Bite him.

25. Choke him with a piece of yarn.

26. Make him swallow a lightbulb.

27. Then attach it to a chain thingy and try to light it up.

28. Throw him in a well.

29. Dump a bowl of noodles on his head.

30. Rape him! Ewiieee....

31. Steal his mask and replace it with a paperbag.

32. Call him a loser :(

33. Choke him with a panda. (Teehee, Panda=Gaara) xD

34. Throw a globe at his face.

35. Hang him on a ceiling fan.

36. Turn it up to high.

37. Watch him spin around while eating a plate of cookies.

38. Bake a pie and shove it in his face D:

39. Dress him up in a cheerleader outfit. (He would look cute lol)

40. Stick piercings in him and tell him that he's going to be Pein's 7th body.

41. Give him a bra.

42. And tell him it's Deidara's. xD

43. Throw a water bottle at his head.

44. Put honey in his hair when he's asleep.

45. Tempt him with chocolate...

46. Then don't let him have any. :(

47. Hump him and then put a plastic bag over his head. (wtf? random...)

48. Give him a pet rooster... who's blind.

49. Give him a wedgie.

50. Stick stickers all over him.


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