JONAH'S STORY------A haunting in connecticut 4

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Created by TokiDokie on Sunday, April 12, 2009

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A thinker.
Thats what my mother had called me.
A thinker.
She said that there was a reason that god made me ponder things, because I was ment to be.

So I sat, and I thought.
I thought about her.
I thought about Her eyes.
I thought about the kiss.
I thought about how hard she was making my life. In the 10 minutes that I had met Demetria Aickman, I felt Different. Funny. Damn her for making this so hard! Damn her!

Aickman's voice chorused from downstairs, beckoning me to the table where we kept the caskets and served our food. Kind of a greusome mix. I strode down the stairs to find that for tonight Aickman had chosen to prepare Pork chops, they were burned to a crisp. on the side were mashed potatoes, that dripped with water and some stringy green beans. Aickman was a horrible cook, But after I had almost burned the house down last time I cooked a meal, we had an agreement that He would cook from now on and I would watch. Demetria clicked down the stairs, and Aickman pointed to her seat. She had washed up and was even prettier now, if possible. her pale legs streached out from under a knee length orange dress Her dark hair waved down her back, curling at the ends. it was so black, it put the raven's wings to shame. She looked at me, and I looked away as quickly as I could. We sat down and Aickman and I started eating. "what about Grace?" she asked. "We choose to practie no religion in this house, Demetria. You will get used to it. Just like Jonah."said Aickman."okay." she said, shooting me a glance. I stared at my hands folded in my lap.She kept staring for a few minutes. And when I wouldnt look at her, she slid her chair away from the table and mumbled "excuse me". She ran up the stairs and slammed her door. I could barely make out soft, strangled cries comming from her room.

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this chappie is dediated to the one and only carlos for helping me work out some bumps in the storyline<3

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