Imprint( Edward Cullen, Jacob Black love story) chap. 5

Created by taylormoon41 on Friday, April 17, 2009

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Nik's point of veiw

I smiled warmly and scurriedaway before they could protest.
I walked through the cafeteria door awaiting the yelling from my sister.
Pushing the door open, I saw her eyes and they were colored bright orange which stands for frustration.
" What did you do?" my sister asked anxiously.. Crap. Here goes nothing.
" I told them that we were going to their house tonight" I said. It was quiet. Like the silence before a horrific storm.
" You did what?!?!" my sister screeched. " Its the only way!!" I sceamed back surpassing her volume.
Her closed minded state clearly pissing me off into a state of irritability.
It was time I told my take on things.
" My bloodlust damn straight might be worse than yours, but you yearn for its taste much like a vampire yearns the blood of a human's, if not more. See in that way you are indeed like me. You wish its sweet yet spicy aroma mingled on your mouth. The lukewarm liquid to grace your lips as the first real meal you've had in months. Don't second guess me sister...You know what I have to do to feed. And I will succed." I said.
You know those sexy vampires in the moviesand how they talk with determination andseduction clear in their voices? Well that's what I sounded like.
I stopped in my tracks noticing my voice one of destortion. I didn't want to freak her out( too late) and the way that I was speaking made the yearning worse.
My nails digging hard into the arm on my skin to keep the thread of sanity from tearing.
It was already ripping just thinking of edwars blood mmmm... Wait Edawrd????.I took my nails out of my arm and watched as the skin grew back.

" So either your with me or your not" I finished sounding strained.
I look to my see mysister's facial exsrpessionto see a color in her eyesthat I have never whitnessed. Her eyes were the color of clouds.Like storm inxmen has when she uses her ability.
Yeah, Her eyes were just like that." I will go" She said defeated as her eyes turned violete.
The color of motherly love and cautiosness.


" Dude hurry the hell up man!!" I yelled from the downstairs.
I heard the sound of exspensive heels hitting the bathroom tile then footsteps coming down the stairs.
I wolf whistled and smiled when I saw how my sister looked.
She wore a red halter dress thathad casual look to it, vera wang black slingbacks,which made her legs look longer which were the exact same legs that I had seemed to inherit.
Her hair sleeked back into a messy high fashion bun.
Me being me wore blue basketball shorts and a graphic tee that said," I don't bite" and then on the back it said," Much".

" And you just dress up so nicely" Joliesa snidley remarked annoyed by me.
Her dress is like so going to go up but that's what she gets when she gets annoyed.
I chuckled at the thought of a red blush rising warmly onto her cheecks as she pushes her dress but then remembered the time we were supposed to be at the Cullen household.
I looked at my phone whichread 7:00 pm. " Can we just go?" Isaid. My sister glareddaggers at me then took my hand.
I thought of the Cullen house and in the sigh of my lips we were in their bathroom.
" Weren't they supposed to be by 7:00? Great their ignorant too." an annoying voice snarked from downstairs. Which of course was no other than that damn blonde chick Rosalie.
I opened the bathroomdoor and took a right which led me to the top of the stairs.
I have a brilliant idea. I used my abilitys to jump from the top of the staircase to the bottom step.

I looked to the Cullens who were looking at me like I had 5 heads. A thud sounded from behingd me.
I turned towards my sister who was pushing down her dress. " I knew that wearing a dress would be like that" I said.
I smirked and turned around. All of a sudden she slaps the back of my head.
" What the friggin chicken Dude?" I said. " And now you know why we were late" I said more towards my sister.
" Why are getting an attitude with me me?" Rosalie asked stepping towards me.
Is this chick on damn crack. I wasn't even talking towards her.
" Because you sounded Oh sooooooo interested in our tardyness and apparently ourignorrance" I said putting up air quotes aroung ignorrance. "

How did you get into our house?" Edward asked. I stepped away from Rosalie and back to my sister's side with an innocent smile.
" Window duh how else?!?!" I laughed making the lie more beliveable.
I looked towards a woman standing behind Carslie and while I looked at her Carslie pushed her more behind him protectivley.
I walked towards her and gave her a genuine smile. " I don't think thathave I met you" I said.

" Esme" she answered straining a smile. " I'm Nik. It's nice to meet you dude." I stuck out my hand and she cautiosly shook it.
Butshe flinchedaway from the temperature. I frowned.
Of course she would think I was weird.I wanted nothing but to be considered as normal. Might as well get feeding out of it.
My sister once a freaking again
slapped me in the back of the head. " Dude what the hell?" I said semi loud.
" Don't talk to the ones older than you like that." My sister hissed.Rosalie laughed andwith no intention of covering it up. I looked at her with a look of rage and she shut up.
I smirked at her then winked. My sister intoduced hereslf. " Hi I'm Joliesa. I lookedaway from my sister kissing some serious butt andat their whole family.
Paired up and protecting their mates. All exept Edward.I could fix that.
Edward growled obviously hearing that. I can't break their family with my own self blood disires.
" I can't do it" I whispered. My sister's head snapped away from Esme and jerked towards me obviously understanding what I meant.
" No!!! You Will!!" my sister demanded. I looked to my sisterwho was starting towards Alice.
I jumped infront of her my eyes turning black covering the whites of my eyes as well.
My teeth shapened sharper then a sharks,. My nails grew abnormally fast an d long.
My sister crouched as well with red eyes as we watched her hair turn black.
" I said No!!" I boomed. So loud that the floor boards shook........

Yes a cliff hanger!!!! Mwhahaha. Tune in the 24th of April to find out what happens!!!!
Thanks to you guys who read!!

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