Fiery Desire: A Shadaze Story

I knows Shadow has never officially met Blaze.... But the strange minds of a bunch of Shadow/Blaze fans came up with this couple, so, yah. I support them, along with Sonadow, Shadilver, Silvaze, and Sonilver. I am strange with all the yaoi couples, aren't I? ^^" Hahahah.... And I modernized Blaze's outfit. Deal with it.

Created by silvahluvah282 on Monday, April 20, 2009


6:48, Empire City

It was Valentine's Day again, a day that many look forward to, and a day that many dread. Of course, Shadow the Hedgehog was one of the few who remained indifferent to the holiday. The very mention of the name to many would prompt a blush, maybe a squeal, and to the children, a long, detailed list of what candy they would hope to receive, right down to the colors. But not Shadow. He would normally "humph," then turn away. But even he needed something to do with his leftover time, so this year, he retreated to Empire City, hoping that the lights and bustling streets would drive the day out of his mind, along with the small part of him that was sad he had nobody to share the day with.

He perched on a low building, watching the pedestrians go about their business.Everything was draped in flowers, hearts, everything that could possibly remind you of what holiday it was. So much for Shadow's escape from the holiday.

At least I know that blue hedgehog and his girlfriend are going to be here. Maybe I could make use of this. Shadow mused. Looking around, it wasn't long before he heard a faint squeal to his left. Standing up, he jumped to the next building and ran a little before finally locating the source of it. He saw Amy quite literally dragging Sonic to the restaurant below him. He could very faintly make out their conversation.

"Sonic!" Amy exclaimed, exasperated. "Stop dragging your feet and come on!"

"Do I have to, Amy?" Sonic whined.

"Yes, you do." Amy said. "It took me forever to get reservations, and I'm not gonna let these go to waste."

"Couldn't we have gone to a place where there are chili-dogs?"

Amy looked at Sonic up and down. "Sonic, you really...." but Shadow didn't catch the rest of her answer, because they disappeared into the restaurant. Shadow sighed. there goes my entertainment.... he thought to himself. For a second, he contemplated ducking inside after them, but decided it wasn't worth it. Sonic would probably give a detailed description of the night later.

Slipping off of the building, he landed softly and started walking down the street, looking around. As he passed an Extreme Gear shop, he saw a flyer advertising a couples discount to those who came in with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Obviously, this place didn't judge your sexuality.

Shadow thought about running somewhere else, preferably somewhere far away from a city. All his thoughts were interrupted as soon as her saw her.

She was a cat, and she walked like royalty, holding her head high, carrying the object in her hands with an authority Shadow had never seen before. Her fur was a light purple, and her hair was piled into a ponytail. She wore a dark purple tank top, and white jeans that matched the white and red sneakers she wore. Her gloves were white as well, and had a fluffy lining around the cuff. But as soon as her gaze flickered over to Shadow, he lost all sense of where he was. It was as if he was in a tunnel, and at the end of it was that girl. Her eyes were a dark amber, and were the most beautiful thing Shadow had ever seen. Shadow felt weak at the knees, and came very close to falling over. The cat seemed to feel the same, but instead of her knees, it was her hands. Everything went silent. All Shadow could hear was the quiet whoosh of the object as it fell.

Shadow didn't have time to think about what he should do. He activated his skates and skated across the street, catching the bundle seconds before it hit the ground.

Straightening up, he held out the small box to the cat. She seemed to be in shock, unable to look away from Shadow. Then she realized what he was doing and blushed, taking the box from Shadow's hand. Shadow felt himself blush as well, and started to turn away.

"Wait," he heard the cat say.

Shadow turned around. "Yes?" he asked.

"Um...." She seemed unsure of what to say.

Sparing her the embarrassment, Shadow said, "You're welcome."

The cat gasped and looked up, blushing. Shadow smiled crookedly, and she turned a bright shade of crimson. She fumbled with the box in her hands and murmured, "Um, yes. Thank you...." She looked up at Shadow expectantly.

"Shadow." Shadow said. "Shadow the Hedgehog. And you're welcome...." It was his turn to wait for her response.

"I'm Blaze. Blaze the Cat." Blaze smiled. "Um, Shadow. Do you want to come to my apartment later? I'm sure Silver won't return until 9:00 or something."

It was as if she had thrown daggers into Shadow's heart. "Is he...?"

Blaze laughed, a very nice sound to Shadow's hedgehog ears. "No, SIlver is my friend. We just live together. Don't ask."


"Um, so, would you?" Blaze shifted her weight uncomfortably.

"Yes. Sure." Shadow said. Eyeing the box, he asked, "Who was that for?"

Blaze sighed. "No one. I just bought them, forgetting that Silver doesn't really like chocolate unless it's in a cookie."

Shadow laughed along with Blaze. "Okay, I see. Well, will you show me to your apartment?"

Blaze smiled widely. "Of course!" she said.

Blaze's Apartment, 7:13

The pair arrived at Blaze's apartment a minute later. Shadow had to admit, it was very nice.

"We just moved in, so that would explain the lack of decor." Blaze explained.

Shadow nodded, saying, "I think it's very pleasant, regardless. You should keep it this way."

Blaze laughed. "I don't think Silver would like that!" she giggled.

Shadow couldn't help but laugh along. Her laughter was infectious. It eventually died out, and he realized that Blaze was staring at him. Looking at her, he realized there was a certain gleam in her eyes that sent his heart racing. Her heard her breathing become ragged, as if she had run a race and was still trying to catch her breath.

"Shadow...." she said quietly. Shadow needed no other hint. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her close to him, pressing his lips against hers. She sighed and wrapped her arms around him, holding herself closer. You couldn't imagine the pleasure Shadow felt, as if some unknown side of him had awakened and was making itself known. A more... passionate Shadow, a Shadow that would willingly show his emotions. Suddenly, something occurred to him. Pulling away, he smirked and said, "Now Blaze, didn't you say those chocolates were for no one?"

"Yes...." Blaze said, still a little dazed from the kiss.

Shadow detached her arms from around him and held her hand, the one with the box of chocolates in it. "Would you be my valentine, Blaze the Cat?"

Blaze's answering smile could have lit up the darkest alley. "Of course I would, Shadow the Hedgehog! I would love to."

And for the first time, Shadow the Hedgehog had a reason to celebrate Valentine's Day.

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