::Takuma Ichijo::Breaking Bonds-00-

Hello everyone! This is my first Vampire Knight fanfiction and I decided to do it on Takuma Ichijo because he's so underrated and I absolutely love him! Please vote and message. Enjoy!

Created by LadyRain15 on Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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Miyako (beautiful night child) Konoe

Age: 16

Race: Vampire

Rank: Pureblood

essie6.jpg (Kagami and Miyako)

Kagami Washio

Age: Unkown

Race: Vampire/Pureblood

Role: Mother


Fuyu Konoe

Age: Unkown

Race: Vampire/Pureblood


Suzume Konoe

Age: 17

Race: Vampire/Pureblood

Role: Older-half sister


Huyu Konoe

Age: 19


Role: Older-half brother

HitoshiandChiyo.JPG (Hitoshi and Chiyo)

Hitoshi Konoe

Age: Unkown

Race: Vampire/Pureblood

Chiyo Konoe

Age: unknown

Race: Vampire/Pureblood

Role: Step-mother


"Did you hear? Konoe-sama's daughter is going to be attending Cross Academy."

"I didn't know that Suzume-sama was interested in joining Cross Academy. She'd be perfect! Can you just imagine her and Kuran-sama!"

"It's not Suzume-sama, it's the other one."

"Oh… we shouldn't talk about her! She's just a stain coming from a whore of a mother!"

A stain.

That's what they call me behind my back. That's all I was, a stain. A stain to my father, a blemish to his name; the reason for my mother's disinheritance. Even if I was born of two purebloods I was still a taboo subject to talk about. I was just the result of my mother and father's shame.

They had loved each other from their childhood but were engaged to two different people. Eventually my mother was married to a nobleman in the High Council and my father to his second cousin. One night they met again and nine months later I was became the product of their mistake.

I was detested by everyone but my mother and when father found out I was his child he quickly denied it. Mother and I was sent away by her husband and Grandmother Fuyu, claiming to the rest of the world that she had died of child birth. Both of my grandmothers and grandfather did everything in their power to hide me and mother. That was until I turned six. Grandmother found out about my powers, when rumors surfaced in the town we lived in about non-living things coming to life. She knew it was me and took me away from mother to live with father, who was forced to acknowledge me as his daughter.

I still remember that day. Mother was crying and begging Grandmother and I couldn't understand why. Surely I was coming back, Grandmother just want to take me out for a walk and before I knew it I was facing a scary look man, his wife and children all staring at me angrily.

That was the last time I saw my mother.

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