The Ups and Downs Of Dating Joe Jonas Chp.17

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Created by summer01 on Thursday, April 23, 2009

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Both you and Joe ran behind a big shrub and sit there quietly. Both of your eyes were locked on the stop where you heard the noise. A minute later you saw a hunched up man sneaking over to your back yard. Suddenly, he stopped running and just stood there listening.

“He’s listening for us,” Joe tells you as quietly as he can.

You nod back. Then quickly he disappears from your view.

“I think he’s gone,” Joe says in a whisper. “But let’s just stay hidden here for a minute just in case,” he says.

You both sat there for a few seconds when you both felt someone jam there fingers into your backs.

“Ahhhhh!” Joe and you scream at the same time.

You look behind you to see ‘creepy man’ standing there with his fingers still shoved in your backs.

“What are you doing?” Joe asks the man.

“Come with me!” the man says to Joe.

“Look, there’s someone behind you,” Joe says as he takes your hand to buy time to run away.

Quickly the man looks behind him, but sees no one.

“Never fool me!” he screams. “Now, you’re going to get it!”

Creepy man gets up and starts chasing after you.

“Run!” you scream at Joe.

“I’ll catch you!” the man screams at you.

Mean while inside: your Mom goes up to your room to see if your there.

“Aww, sound asleep,” she says to herself when she sees the ‘fake you’

Quietly she goes over to the balloon which she thinks is you and gives it a kiss on the cheek.

“BAM!!” The balloon pops in her face.

“You’re joking me!” she says as she rips the cover off to find that is not really you and is just the clothes you stuffed.

She walks over to your window and looks out. She thinks she sees you and Joe being chased by someone, but rubs her eyes to be sure. Quietly she opens the window and looks closer. She sees ‘creepy man’ and knows that you’re in trouble.

Running down stairs she calls the police, before coming out side.

Back outside you and Joe are still unsure what you’re going to do.

“Joe!” you scream as ‘creepy man’ slowly catches up to you.

“Leave her alone!” Joe says as he stops in front of the man.

“That’s pretty brave for someone so young and stupid,” the man tells Joe.

The man tries to grab Joe’s hand to drag him away, but Joe quickly punches the man in the face, which throws him off and sends him to the ground.

You see your Mom coming around the house.

“I’m here, honey!” she screams.

Quickly ‘creepy man’ grabs your arm and tries to hit you.

“Help me Mom!” you scream before being pulled to the ground.

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