I'm Falling For My Boyfriends Brother!? (22) And He's Falling for Me too!?

Created by smexylizard on Sunday, May 03, 2009

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when i came back in the living room Emma was still sleeping on the couch all crouched up. i grabbed a blanket and draped it over her. "HI, Mr. shane?" "who is this?" "it's andrew... um...emma fell asleep on my couch when she was over helping me clean up my apartment. woudl it be okay if i get some dinner and bring her home tonight?" i asked him. "sure! just have her home before 10 please." he requested. "okay. thank you sir." i said. hopefully i will be able to make my behavior up to her.

"mom...mom...don't go..NO! MOM!" emma yelled and squirmed in her sleep i sat down close to her to see if she was ok. she had tears running down her cheecks. "emma?" i said while brushing her hair out of her face. "NO!...mom!" she whinned. "emma, its ok." i said soothingly. her eyes fluttered open. she began sobbing big sobs. so i took her into my arms as she cried.

i paid the chinese delivery guy and took our food over to the coffee table where emma was at. "thanks andrew..." she mumbled as i set the food down. she opened the container od orange chicken and began eating it with her chopsticks. thats talent if she can eat with those things. especially the noodles. "Emma, i'm really sorry i got drunk again. I-" "don't worry about it, just don't let it happen again when i'm around." she said giving me a warm smile.

andrew was really upset about being drunk again and stuff so i told him not to let it happen as long as im around. we talked about a whole bunch of things while we ate. i learned that andrew likes a lot of classic rock bands and he really digs old cars. he aslo told me something very disturbing. he neer told anyone yet he told me. when he started to drink and do drugs it was becuase he was angry and grieving for his soul brohter i guess. him and his friend were out and his frined was shot right infront of him. he said that the image and memory of it was pretty gruesome and painful. i feel bad for him. i took in his features once agian. his brown eyes stayed on mine making me shake. i told him when and how my mother died and i also told him i love 70's and 80's songs along with reading. thats the one thing i always perferred. when will bought me jewelry i wanted a book instead. "i'll help clean up." i offered but he shook his head and cleaned everthing himself.

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