winx club stella and brandon sex

Created by riamorgirl2 on Wednesday, May 06, 2009


one day, stella was walking around alfea school. suddenly a ship from red fountain came. "stella! i missed you so much!" brandon hugged stella after he's long trip to the um... somewhere... maybe the real world or something... lets continue... "brandon! c'mon! i have a present for you!" stella pulled brandon to her room. she closed the window and locked the door. "what are you gonna give me?" brandon asked. " something special..." stella got on brandon and touch he's lips. slowly she touched he's hips and opened he's pants. "stella... i... um... well......" stella closed hes mouth and laid him on the bed and slowly removed her shirt and skirt. "could you move to the other side... i want to remove something first..." brandon turned and faced the bed and stella opened her bra and panty. she hold brandons hands and slowly moved her boobs up and down. they had sex more than a hour.... finally they did anal...

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