A Spell To Turn Into A Mermaid!

Me & my freind are trying this SO WE ARE NOT 100% SURE IT WILL WORK!

Created by mermaid7298 on Monday, May 11, 2009


On a full moon fill a bowl or something up with water then put like a cool sea shell or one that is special to you also you can use an oyster shell thats what i'm using then fill up the sea shell with a little bit of sea salt go outside & try to see the reflection of the full moon in the water, Dosen't have to be perfect, then when you see the reflection pour the salt from your sea shell into the bowl of water clockwise & when you are pouring it in say this
Water Of Nature Talk Unto Me, Water Of Nature Let The Earth Come To Me, Water Of Nature Sea Creatures And I, Will Never Leave Until IResign, Oh Great Oceans, Oh Great Seas, Answer My Want, Answer My Need, Make Me A Mermaid!
Thenwhen you see the reflection go inside get a small container with a top go back outside pour the water into the container not where it will spill, If you have some left over we are not sure if it will do anything but pour the leftovers on your legs then go back inside listen to the H2O Theme Song a lot I know that sounds weird, Then everyday say that chant everyday until you become a mermaid, And open the lid dip your finger in the water just a little bit, then put it all over your face it dosen't have to be a lot at all just a tiny bit!
And Then Please Let Me Know If You Become A Mermaid! :)

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