Konoha Academy:Episode 19-Plan Failed

A Modern Sasuke Love Story

Created by AnimeGirl677 on Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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*BEEP!!!* *BEEP!!!* *BE-

You closed your alarm clock and got up. When you looked at the mirror in your bathroom you saw something in your neck,"Oh yeah, Gaara's love mark."you thought. You touched it and remembered the experience you had with him last night. It was a Saturday so no classes and no Sasuke to deal with. Somehow you have a feeling to go back with him but you wouldn't admit it at all.

After you took a bath your phone rang...

*RING!!!* *RING!!!* *RING!!!*

"Yeah yeah I'm comin. Who calls early in the morning?!"you thought as you got the phone,"Hello."you answered.

"Good morning Hikari."you knew that voice anywhere...

You smiled,"Good morning Gaara!"you said happily,"So what did you call for?"you asked.

"Oh yeah, I was wondering if you want to go to the mall with me you know like a date."he asked suddenly you heard someone else in the line...



"GREAT IDEA KANKURO!!!"Temari replied.

You heard Gaara growling at the other end,"Gaara, you ok?"you asked in a worried tone.

"Yeah wait a sec okay?"

"Sure."you heard him sigh loudly then shouted at his older siblings...


You sweatdropped at how Temari and Kankuro would video, picture and record everything about Gaara's personal life mainly his love life.

"C'mon Gaara we need to savor this moment!"Temari complained.

"I don't bug you guys about your personal life so why bug mine?"

He did have a point there but...

"Cause you're the youngest sibling among us so its natural for the older siblings to bug the youngest sibling about his/her personal life."Temari and Kankuro said in unison.

"Oh...bad move Temari and Kankuro."you thought cause you knew that Gaara hated called being the youngest sibling.

"You two. Get. OUT!!!"Gaara said in a deadly tone, suddenly there was some peace and quiet in his room,"Finally. So Hikari how about it?"he asked.

"Huh?"okay you got confused with the whole fight thing that you forgot the main thing why Gaara called you.

He sighed,"Do you want to go with me to the mall as a date?"he asked...again.

You smiled,"Yeah sure I would love to!"

"Great pick you up at 1:30 PM."he said then hang up.

After the phone call you dressed up for you date, you look like this:


You looked at the clock and it says its only 10:30 AM. You thought of making Brunch while you wait for Gaara. You made a tuna sandwich with some vegetables in it. You finished at 12:45 PM and you waited till Gaara get to your house. Suddenly you heard your door bell ring...


You went to get it since you're the only one in the house. You saw Gaara in a punk attire at the same time a bit formal. He starred you with wide eyes,"You look beautiful Hikari."he complimented.

"Thanks Gaara not bad as yourself."you replied.

"C'mon let's go."he said as you guys went on his black and crimson red motorcycle (AnimeGirl677:Yes Gaara can ride one)since he is the son of the Mayor in Suna he was granted license to ride one.

You guys arrived at the mall and went to the Music Store to listen and might buy some albums. You and Gaara were listening to Nightmare's latest album. After that you guys went to the Antic Shop, Gaara is also interested with antics but usually buys anything the looks like a gourd or anything that reminds him about the history of Suna. You guys were having a good time till a certain someone came along...

"Hey Sasuke."Gaara greeted, you looked at the direction he was looking at and him coming towards you guys.

"Hey Gaara. Hey Hikari."he replied,"So what brings you guys here?"

You resisted to glare at him,"We're here on a date Sasuke."you replied,"What brings you here Sasuke?"you asked.

"Oh just passing by. Trying to get away from my fangirls and such."he replied

"Um...Hikari I'm just gonna go to the boy's room for awhile. Sasuke can you keep her an eye for me?"Gaara asked.

Sasuke nodded,"Sure thing Gaara."

After Sasuke said that Gaara went to find the boy's room and left you with Sasuke Uchiha,"This ain't gonna look pretty."you thought.


"Thank you Gaara! Now time to get Hikari back to me."you thought,"Listen Hikari, I'm very very sorry what happened before and could we get back together again? I promise to keep my emotions controlled."you said with a pleading tone and pleading eyes.

She looked at you with a glare,"Why should I? You have called my best friend a freak and you have mistrusted me. Tell me one good reason why I should come back to you."

"Cause this was my first time-"you were cut off by Hikari.

"First time of what Sasuke? If its love then Gaara had a much harder time cause since he never experience the real love for oh I don't know 6-7 years?! And you have experienced the real love for almost your whole life."she got you there.

"Well I've never experience having a relationship before."

"This is also Gaara's first relationship and you knew what to do when you're in a relationship and I bet Gaara asked his older siblings for some advice or help with it when he finally realized that he loved me since middle school so you don't make much of a difference."she glared harder on you.

You were running out of ideas and Gaara will be back any second and you would have to leave then something came to your mind,"I was afraid that you might leave me for him since you knew him more than me and he was your best friend during middle school and the time he got here you were all hanging on him and you left me behind."you hoped this would work.

Her glare softened to wide eyes,"Please take me back Hikari."you thought.

She looked at the ground,"Well I am sorry that I left you behind when Gaara moved to Konoha but..."she looked at you again with a glare,"That doesn't mean you have to mistrust me. I really thought you trusted me that I wouldn't hurt you and I trusted you that you wouldn't hurt me. But still you mistrusted me and at the same time insulted my best friend in middle school. Sorry Sasuke I can't take you back."she said then ran away.

"Something tells me it didn't work at all."Gaara said behind you,"I should go after her to make sure she's okay."Gaara was about to go but you stopped him.

"Don't. She might think its suspicious."

"Don't worry I'll give an excuse."he replied then chased after her.

You sighed then went home,"Why did this happened to me? What did I do?"you thought.


After calming Hikari down, you went back home and went straight to your room. There you got a personal phone that you only use in emergencies that is about Hikari. You started to dial a number and called.

*RING!* *RING!* *RING!* *RI-

"Hello?"a voice said from the other end.

"Hey its Gaara."

"Oh hey Gaara! What up?"


"Oh what happened to her this time?"another voice said.

"Heart broken with her ex and she wouldn't admit that she misses him. I need you guys to help me."

"Help you with what exactly?"another asked.

"To get her and her ex back together."

"Who is she with right now anyway?"

"...With me."

There was silence then they started laughing like crazy,"It took you this long Gaara?! To confess to her?!"

"Hn. Whatever are you guys gonna help or what?"

"Of course we're gonna help."one said.

"We're her cousins."the other said.

"And cousins stick together and help each other."another said.

You sighed,"Okay when are you guys coming to Konoha?"

"Actually we're on our way. See you and Hikari later!"then he hanged up.

You sighed and placed the phone down and went to bed to sleep for just 3-5 hours.

To be continued...

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