Naruto is raped by Gaara

Next one is... *drum roll* Kiba

Created by MokubaBakuraLover1994 on Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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"Naruto"! A voice I would know anywhere yelled.
"Hey, Gaar"... I was stopped my his lips.
I tried pushing him off, but he was to strong. Something slipped into my pants. When I looked down I saw a second Gaara pulling my pants and boxers down. Gaara pulled away from my lips.
"Stop it, Get off"! I yelled
"NO"Gaara said, pining me down with sand.
Two fingers went into my hole. I yelled at the top of my lungs. Tears started rolling down my eyes.
"Please stop" I begged.
After having five fingers in me they were replaced with Gaara's rock hard dick. His dick went slowly back and forth inside me. Then it stated going in and out. I let out a yell and Sasuke appeared.
"GAARA! GET THE FUCK OFF OF MY NARUTO" Sasuke yelled, punching Gaara.
Before I passed out I saw the fight of the centrary. Gaara and Sasuke had already neary skinned each other, literaly. The last thing I was was Gaara's head flying off his body...

T_T i'm sad now I just killed my favorit person in the whole Anime and Manga world. T_T kill me now. T_T.
^^I'm beter okay Kiba next 'cause the person who asked for me to continue my story said Kiba next. I'll try and get it up by june but yea... Hey that gives me time to think.

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