kakashi´s little girl (sasuke love story) // 1

this is the first chapter of my history i hope you like it message me and rate it ok and remember i don´t know write english very well

Created by danyovalle20 on Thursday, May 14, 2009

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You go to the training grounds you know that your father was probably training his students in this village is going to be place of the chunnins exam this was the second part in the stadium but that is going to be in two weeks

You see your father that yell to a blond boy that appears that his name was Naruto you listen what he was saying

Kakashi: my daughter is going to come

Naruto: you have a daughter?!

Kakashi: yes I have one daughter of your old but I don´t want that you guys take interest on her do you understand Naruto Sasuke?

You saw a raven boy it seems that he was Sasuke

Kakashi: Sakura please try to be her friend she never had a friend

You a saw a girl with pink hair her name was Sakura

You walk to your father

Yoko: father

Kakashi: Yoko? Is that you? You are so beautiful you grown so much my little baby

He run to you and hug you

You only stand there then he let you

Kakashi: I’m so happy of see you

Yoko: I don´t care

Kakashi: what happened to my little girl that was so lovely?

Yoko: that was seven years ago the people change

Kakashi look sad

Sakura: so you are Kakashi daughter mi name is Sakura Haruno

Yoko: I’m Yoko Hatake

Naruto: I’m Uzumaki Naruto

Sasuke: Uchiha Sasuke

You only see them then stared to walk to a tree and sit down

Kakashi: let’s continue on the training Yoko do you want to participate

Yoko: no

They train for three hours

Kakashi: lets it something

You fallow them to a store of ramen

Naruto: you like ramen Yoko?

Yoko: no

Naruto: WHAT?! Everybody like ramen

Yoko: I don´t

Kakashi: what do you want to eat?

Yoko: I’m not hungry

Kakashi: mmm do you want to go to the house?

Yoko: yes

Sakura: but sensei I know you are hungry?

Sasuke: if you want I can take here am not hungry too

Kakashi: mmm ok but Sasuke remember what I said before

Sasuke: yes

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