Miracles never happen for me... or at least I don't think they do... sequel to twin story[7]

I'm gonna get to the secret part now. Marco's POV will give you a brief idea of what to expect when Cory reveils his big secret.

Created by hilton61 on Monday, May 18, 2009

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the night went great and we had fun.
after dinner, we went to have a walk around campus.
I saw Marco on our little walk and he gave me a worried look. I wondered why but didn't ask
Marco's POV -
I saw them walking together and I still couldn't believe that she's with him. ugh! this is just torture seeing them together. that could've been me and her if Cory wasn't here. if she hadn't've come to this school this year but next year, it would've been much better because she wouldn't've met Cory and only met me and then we would've been together.
she did say that I was the only guy for her. but obviously she lied. I was wrong to trust her with this, she couldn't stay mad at someone for a long time especially if it's Cory. but does she know Cory the way I do? does she know everything there is to know about him? if she's still with him then I guess not.
if she doesn't know him like I do, then she's in for a shock when she finds out, because Cory has a secret that he's never told anyone, ever. and he's probably not gonna tell Alex because he won't want her to feel let down by him. she'll probably think that he doesn't trust her enough to tell her and then she'll come back to me or just run away again.
Maybe I should tell her. or I'll wait for a while and if it doesn't seem like he's told her then I'll have to say something.
"Marco!" Kierans voice was behind me
"what?" I asked
"what's up with you?" he asked
"what do you mean?" I asked
"you seem spaced out" he replied
"and? just got things on my mind" I said
"you're still thinking about her aren't you?" he asked
"it's just... I can't.... grrrrr"
"I think you should just let her go. stop beating yourself up about it... I know she's not yours, but you have to let go man" he said
"I know. but I just can't" I replied
Alex's POV -
the next day came and went quickly.
the next few days after that went too.
Cory wasn't very psyched about the prom as he couldn't take me because it was only supposed to be for seniors.
he asked me to find him someone to go with.
"no way" he said as I told him my choice "I am not. nope. she probably hates me now"
"C'mon. it can't hurt. just ask her" I replied
"no. please just pick someone else" he said
"you said that whoever I chose, you would respect my decision" I replied "now go and ask her"

Larissa's POV -
I was sat in the lounge of the girls dorm and Cory came up to me.
"hi" he said casually
I looked at him confused "what do you want?"
"erm... I can't believe I'm about to ask this but... I was wondering if er... you'd consider going to...prom with me?" he asked
"why are you asking me when there's so many other girls out there?" I asked
"well, you're the first person who came into my head and I just wanted say sorry for everything. I was a jerk and I shouldn't've used you like that. it was wrong and I'm so sorry" he replied "but if you already have someone to go with then that's fine. but, if you change your mind then you know where I am"
he started to walk off then and I let him.
I didn't have anyone to go with. but I wasn't planning on going anyway. I thought he'd have someone by now. but I guess I was wrong. well, I'm wrong about a lot of things. I was wrong when I thought he really liked me. but I was right when I thought he liked Alex.
I shrugged it off and continued with my homework.

Cory's POV -
I walked back to Alex then and she looked at me expectantly.
"well, I asked but she didn't say anything. I told her to come and find me if she had an answer" I said
"well, it gives her time to think then doesn't it?" she asked
"yeah. I guess it does" I replied

Alex's POV -
we headed outside then and I accidentally bumped into Marco. I wasn't looking where I was going.
"sorry" I said "my fault. you know how clumsey I am"
"it's okay" he replied
I walked around him and Cory followed me.

Bella's POV -
I was alone, in my room when there was a knock on the door.
"come in" I said "door's open"
Marco came through the door then
"hey" I said "what's up?"
"I wanted to talk to you" he replied
he came in and sat down on the end of Alex's bed.
"so... what's up with you?" I asked
"well, I just wanted to tell you something. I thought that seeing as Alex is with Cory 24/7 I thought I'd talk to you instead" he replied
"go ahead then" I said "talk"
"well, I was just gonna ask you something too. because I know you and Alex tell eachother everything and I thought she may have told you. has she mentioned anything to you about what Cory has told her. A secret maybe?"
"no. she's suddenly been more distant since things...changed" I replied "she hasn't been her usual self recently. she's been getting more snappy and she's totally changed. Cory must've done something to her to change her like this. she's also been acting differently since the end of spring break.it's just getting me worried. the only time she's not with Cory is when she's in class and she's not completely herself in class. she's still doing well with her studying and working but it's her behaviour that's totally changed"
"maybe we should... ask her. find out what's going on" he said
"we'd be lucky to even get ner her once. she doesn't stay in the same room with me or anyone else for long" I replied

Alex's POV -
"do you have to go?" Cory asked
"yeah. I have tons of homework to do. and I need some me time" I replied "sorry. I wish I could stay longer but I need to get an english essay together and a history essay."
"it's okay. I have things to do too so, I'll see you tomorrow then" he said
he walked me to my dorm and then kissed me and left.
I got to the door of my room and as soon as I walked in the door, Bella grabbed me and pulled me inside.

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