I am who? (a shadow the hedgehog love story)

I can't help myself writing these. You play Sara Ashford again in a new Shadow fanfic

Created by alexiaNBC20 on Sunday, May 24, 2009

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I was jolted awake when I accidently pressed play on a youtube video of Shadow the hedgehog with Bon Jovi's It's My Life blasting in the background. I found myself asleep on the keyboard with a bit of drool on itand I wiped it up in disgust. I was an okay studentin this world. Excellant at History to my teachers' appreciation yet I was not the socializing type. It wasn't so much that I hated the world and its people but that I was brought up to fear them. When I was young, I was bullied by my classmates and couldn't do anything about it without exploding into rage. Even though the teachers inevitable backed me up when I was being bullied, I felt pshychollogically scarred. The friends I did make either turned to be the wrong kind for me to associate with or (in most cases) gradually left me behind to be alone because I rarely talked to them (me: this always happens to me). My loneliness ended up consuming my life almost to the point of committing suicide. The only thing that kept me alive was my love of history, music, and more importantly, the Sonic the Hedgehog series. To me, Sonic and even better, Shadow, represented my will to push beyond what many judge as the impossible. Shadow the hedgehog had more in common with my life as well. I was shy, alone, only had enough strength to do what I'm told to do yet resented those who attempted to control my life. More than anything, the pain in my heart and haunting memories of my dark past kept haunting my dreams. As I pushed myself from my computer, I felt this bizarre feeling that something bad was going to happen. This intuition of mine never failed.I looked at the clock and saw it was 5:56 AM. School starts in one hour. I sighed and got dressed in dark jeans and a grey turtleneck. I put my shoes on and went downstairs to make breakfast. As I knelt into the cabinet, I heard what sounded like a window break. "Burglars!", I thought. I went upstairs to look for something I could use as a weapon and came back with a bat.I came back down and heard voices from the living room. "Ow, that glass was sharp", a rough yet chilling voice said. "You could have used the door", said a voice that for some reason sounded like Shadow the Hedgehog. I didn't take a look out of fear of them seeing me. Then I heard footsteps approaching my position. I raised the bat and ready to beat the guy to a pulp. The footsteps got closer and closer until even I heard his heavy breathing. I finally swung my bat as the person came into view. I closed my eyes as I swung. Then to my horror the bat stopped asthough blocked by some powerful force. I opened the eye and gasped. It was a a robotic hedgehog similar to Metal Sonic only this one was taller, had bulky arms and legs, and a single long red eye. I looked down and saw my bat broke in half causing no dent in that robot's body. He glared at me then stuck his arm out towards me. I ducked as his hand flew over my head and literally went through the wall I was kneeling by. I sprinted towards the back door, flung it open and ran as fast as I could.I wasn't a good runner but I could sprint faster than anyone in my school. I was almost clear of the house when something hit me in the back of the head. My head fell straight into the earth. It felt like it was cracked open and I felt several scraps and cuts around my face. Then footsteps approached me again. They stopped and two long shadows overlook me. I was afraid to look up fearing that they were going to hit me. Finally one of them grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up. This wasn't like a normal tug, it felt like he was going to rip all my hair out by the roots. The other figure held me up as the robot looked at me. I finally recognied him as I heard familiar low beepingemerge from his body. This was Mecha Sonic, one of the bosses from the game Sonic the hedgehog 3 only he looked more menacing in person. Finally the robot spoke, "This is the target. Mission complete with minimal casualties". "Wait, Minimal?", I said curiously. I knew minimal meant that there was someone dead. "Who did you kill?", I asked again. The robot looked at me and said with no emotion, "Lifeforms presumably designated as parents were silently eliminated". What? My parents were dead? My body began to shake uncontrollably. The very people who supported me in my darkest hours were killed. "No", I heard myself say then it broke into a scream, "NO!". The figure behind me tugged at my hair growling, "Shut up". It didn't matter anymore. I felt like my heart and more importantly my mind was shattering into pieces. "NO! MOM! DAD! NO!", I screamed again and again as tears came from my eyes. I fell onto the grass as my body continued to shake uncontrollably. "Come on", the robot said and a shining portal emerged. The other figure pulled me by the arm as my vision became clouded with tears. I now felt like dying right here and now. I tried pulling away but I ended up spraining a muscle causing more pain in my arm.I was pulled through the portal and pushed onto a cold metal floor.

I pulled myself up but my body still shook as every moment of sanity within my mind began to shatter. "So this is Mrs. Sara Ashford?", came a voice that I recognised as Eggman, "I look forward to your services. What's wrong with you?" I heard what sounded like a large lift lowering itself to the ground and soft footsteps approach me. I saw black boots approaching me. I begged someone to let this be a dark dream. "Mecha what did you do to her?, Eggman asked. "Target had nervous breakdown upon hearing news that parents were terminated", Mecha said with no emotion. "Dear me", Eggman said surprised, "Shadow why didn't you stop him?" Shadow? I looked up and saw him. An ebony hedgehog with red stripes, inhibitor rings on his wrists, crimson eyes and his popular scowl. He looked away not caring. "well, doesn't matter. We can fix your mental state", Eggman said pulling me up by the arm and dragging me to a large machine with a glass capsule in the center. Hepushed me into the capsule, flipped a switch and the chamber closed around me. A green light illuminated above me as I hammered my fists against the glass. "Hmm", Eggman said, "you share incredible knowlege from your world and know a lot about my arch-enemy. No matter, we can keep your knowlege intact while erasing memories dealving into your personal life". "No", I screamed baging harder against the glass, "let me out". I watched helplessly as he flipped a switch and a red light above me began glowing and a loud humming noise began taking over my ears. It grew louder until it was a long shriek. I clapsed my hands against my ears and fell against the back of the capsule. Then I felt as though everyone I knew and love was vanishing before my eyes. visions of my parents were becoming a white blur. I banged harder against the glass but to no avail. Then a seering pain jolted my body into standing upright as though I was being stretched. A Green light from the bottom of the capsule began climbing up towards me and my body began losing its strength. I felt numb all over and could barely breathe. I looked down as I saw my body being engulfed in a blinding green light. "No", was the last word I said before the light engulfed me entirely. What followed seemed bizarre. My body felt like it was hanging within the center of a never ending abyss almost as though I was dead. Everything seemed dead quiet. Silence everywhere. Then feeling returned to my body as did my hearing. I heard the capsule open and I fell out and slammed into the cold metal floor. My body still felt numb all over while my eyes stood transfixed on the adjacent wall. "A marvelous success", came Eggman's voice again. A robe fell over me as Shadow pulled me up, wrapped me in the robe and sat me onto a chair. Eggman knelt down until we were at eye level and said, "You're name is Sara the hedgehog. You were born to serve me and Shadow only. Now let's put this to the test". He turned the chair until I was facing Mecha Sonic. "Do you know this unit?", he asked. "Yes", I answered, "Mecha Sonic. What I belive to be a boss from the video game Sonic 3". He looked at me at first confused then shook it off and asked, "do you know him and what he did to you?" I tried hard to remember but nothing was coming to mind. All I saw was a white blur. I gave up and shrugged. Eggman smiled at my reaction. "Excellant", he cried in joy, "Shadow take her to her room, get her fresh clothes, and make sure she goes to bed. She needs sleep for the transformationto be complete". I felt Shadow pull me up by the arm sharply. I flinched as the pain in my arm began to return. I couldn't feel anything in the lower part of my arm. "Could you-?", I began but Shadow glared at me and I lost any strength to talk. I lowered my head in shame as he continued pulling me down the arm. My arm began losing its circulation. He finally eased on his grip then he shoved me into a room. It was completely white in every structure particularly the bed. There was a mirror next to the bed so I decided to see who I was. I looked and saw myself; a red hedgehog with long purple flowing hair and green eyes. I had a sad expression on my face. I lowered the mirror and placed it on the table by the bed then knelt by the bed. I felt a tear stream down my eye and onto my cheek. I wiped it away. I looked over and saw Shadow approaching me with fresh clothes, which he laid by a chair next to the bathroom door. He looked at me with scornful eyes then walked towards me. I kept my head down as he approached me until we were only a few inches apart. "Stop being a crybaby", he grumbled at me, "Sit up". I refused causing him to lift my chin up. I lifted my arms up and covered my face afraid that he was going to hit me. He didn't. "Just get some sleep", he said with his emotionless voice, "you'll feel better if you do". I sighed and laid down on the pillow only I didn't go to sleep. I felt like I was dying. Shadow grabbed the covers from my bed and pulled them over me. I kept staing blanklessly as Shadow left the room. When the door slammed shut, the lights shut off. I gradually fell asleep. My body felt like it was being suspended in midair as I slept. In fact, my only dream that night was me hovering in what seemed to be a completely dark room. Nothing and noone on the horizon. What was happening to me?

img006.jpgSara (you)

1223319518_5513_full.pngShadowSilver_Sonic_MKII_by_Dillo64.jpgMecha Sonic

to be continued...

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