~*~ Dance with me~*~ a Sasuke Uchiha love Story ~*~ Chapter 4

The idea of this story came to me when i was watching So you think you can dance. i'm the bad w/ spelling so srry for spelling errors. *** This is my FIRST story so please be gentle on me. *****I do NOT own Naruto or So you think you can dance ***srry for publishing an unsaved draft XD my sis pushed the button And thats to hinata1595 who messaged me. This is longer than he others, so hopefully that makes up for the time i didn't post.

Created by moviestar29 on Monday, May 25, 2009

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This is for thoughts btw in this one u think alot
... = dramatic pause

(made a banner, couldn't find the pic i had for Sora that was in the info so ima change it to that... srry if it doesn't show up cuz they changed it and idk how to make it show up. and if anyone knos plz message me and tell me how and with youtubes i would like for them to show up 2 if you kno how to make them show up on here)

~*~ Chapter 4 ~*~

You and all the other that were in the bottomwere in a line on stage. Kory was over by the tthree boys, in between Naruto and Sasuke. You were next to Tenten andSakura.
'I wish Kurenai would start this all ready'
"Welcome again and now it is time to figure out who is staying and who are leaving tonight" Kurenai said.
'Oh great' you then rolled your eyes after you thought that.
"Tenten....(dramatic pause) you were dancing with naruto the samba. The judges didn't exactly 'love' it but they said it was that bad. Are you leaving tonight... You are safe! Please join the others backstage."
'Oh God'
"...You and Kory had to do a hp hop routine. The judges said that you shined while kory failed. Did you shine to the audience and the viewers at home enough that they would vote for you?......Lets go to a comercial break!"
'Ima gunna ring her neck!'
"And we are back! Sora are you safe or not?....You are safe join Tenten and the others please. That means Sakura that you were not saved and that you will be going home tonight."
You basically ran when she told you were safe. You went into the back and watched to see who of the boys is going to get kicked off.
Naruto was safe and now it on a break. Kory was all looking cool and girls are shouting his name and crying over him. He was just loving it and lew them a kiss.
'Wow i never knew how self-centeredhe was.'
Now the were seeing if Sasuke was safe or not. If he was safe then that meansKory wasnt going to be hyour partner but if he is kicked off hen Kory will still be your partner and you were gunna kick some sence in that boy to pick up the pace and stop being stuck on himself.
"Sasuke are you safe.....Yes you are! i'm sorryKory, this means you are going home tonight."
Everybody ran out to the stage and gave Sakura and Kory a hug goodbye.
"We hope to see you next time! Next episode everyone will have a different pair! See you then. Bye!"
the on air box went out and everyone in the audience was leaving.Kory and Sakura had to go straight to there hotels and get there stuff outso they were not there anymore.
"Okay everyone the list of your new partners is posted on the board in the waiting room please find your partnter and meet back here A.S.A.P. to pick your type of dance for next week show!" Kureni yelled.
You ran into the room and loked at the list.Parnters as follows:
Tenten & Neji
Nartuo & Hinata
Temari & Shikamaru
Sora & Sasuke
Kiba & Kimi (i'll make a info thingy on her but not in the story)
Shino &Ino
Lee & Kitsuninea( I'll make one for her 2)
'So I'm partnered up with HIM. I'm going to get attacked by so many fan girls now. Thanks Kureni !'
You looked around the room and Sasuke was no where to be found.
"Sora! I so wished to be your partner. You are such a good dancer, we would probably win. Beleive it!" naruto yelled.
"Naruto! You dope! shes not just a good dancer she an awesome one and if she was your patner you would definatly win not probably." Sasuke said in 'a matter a fact' way as he walked up to you.
When he said you were a awesome dancer you didn't help but blush and look at him.
'Stop it Sora! Hes just saying that to get on your good side. Now snap out of it!'
"Come on Sasuke, we have to pick our dance style."
and with that he followed you to the meeting spot.
Kureni called your and Sasukes name to pick a style.
"We got waltz?!?!" you said in confusion yet excited.
You never had to do a waltz before but you were willing to try to do it and plus then you probably have danced all the ballroom dances now. how hard can this 'waltz be?
to be continued~~~~ :) (I just had to put it there.)
hope you enjoyed this chapter of ~*~ Dance with me~*~. plz message and rate!
***Dont forget to vote in the poles i'm going to be making! The poles will determine who gets sent home and for future ones what style should they do.
And I will b posting Kitsuninea's and Kimi's info A.S.A.P. or at least a pic :)
~*~ moviestar29 ~*~

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