Adam Lambert fanfiction chapter 2 (and chp 1)

Thanks for all the support! Chapter 3 is coming soon stay tuned! Shout-out to all my friends at!! YOU GUYS ROCK! And since chapter 1 won't work anymore I'm combining :)

Created by livexlaughxlove1145 on Monday, May 25, 2009

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(Chapter 1)

(CAST!!: Hanna Evans, Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta, Kennedy Brooks, Rob Pattinson, Matt Giraud, Anoop Desai, Summer Laxe, Abby Navid, Addi Jameson, Meagan LaPorte, Danny Gokey, Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre, Michael Sarver, Kate Evans (Mom), Manny Evans (Dad) and Megan Joy Corkery and some special guests)

This is a story about a girl named Hanna and a boy named Adam, they are both 17 and both live in Hollywood. I play the part of Hanna and Adam plays himself. This story is from a third person view, I might make another with from my point of view or even from the guys but for now this is all I've got. Enjoy!

Hanna was at her friend Meagan's house for a party that night. Hanna was sitting outside on the porch next to a pond. She was staring in to the pond when all of the sudden she saw a shadow in the water. She jumped and turned around quickly to see who it was. The figure came in to the light and she saw it was Adam Lambert. He came and sat next to her and said "Hey, I'm Adam, why are you out here alone?" "Oh I like to come out here to think sometimes." "What do you think about?" "Anything that's on my mind." "Well would you like to dance?" Adam asked with a grin. "Of course" she replied with a smile. The two of them walked to a gazebo in the middle of the backyard. He turned on the radio that was on a ledge and Hanna's favorite song came on. "How did he know?" she thought but she was too distracted to care. He bowed and put out his hand. Hanna laughed and placed her hand in his. She was shocked because he was quite an amazing dancer. She tried her best to keep up. The song soon ended. "Would you like to go for a walk?" he asked her. "I would love to." she said, her heart fluttering. They were walking down an empty street after midnight. He walked her home, sooner than she would have hoped. "It was great meeting you..." "Hanna." she replied "Hanna, beautiful name. I'll remember that." he said "I hope you will." she answered. He kissed her cheek and they said goodnight. She got inside and realized it was 2:00am. She tip-toed up to bed and dreamed all about that night.

(Chapter 2)

Hanna sat up in bed realizing what happened last night was real. She got up and jumped around the room. She remembered it was Monday, school day but she was so excited she could care less. She got dressed for school, ate breakfast and ran out the door. She got on the bus and walked through, hoping to find her usual group of friends. Popular girls and cheerleaders, annoying, jocks, full of themselves, cool kids, conceited, skaters, not very interesting, and her friends, perfect. She didn't dare go with the nerds and band geeks in the back of the bus, she was an average person, and liked it that way, but she had a small social status and intended to keep it as best she could. She sat next to her friends, Addison, Meagan, Abby and Summer. She couldn't help but say "Guess what happened last night at Meg's party!" "What?" Addison asked. Trying to keep it low she whispered "I met Adam Lambert!!!". They all squealed, Hanna and her friends are major Glamberts. "What was he like?!?!" they all said at once. "Like a guy." Hanna giggled sarcasticly. "More details!!" Abby whisper yelled at Hanna. "He was tall, cute, very romantic, funny and as sweet as can be." Hanna explained trying not to laugh at her ridiculous friends. The bus stopped to pick up the next round of kids when she saw... was she dreaming? Dilusional? Crazy? No she was fine until she saw Adam walk on the bus. Everybody stopped talking and every girl on the bus started giggling hoplessly, even a few guys. The straight guys glared at him with envy as he walked down the rows of seats. Thinking for sure he was too cool to go further than the front of the bus Hanna waved at him. He came and sat next to her thinking she was waving him over. "Hey Hanna, Hanna's friends." Adam said. "Hey Adam, what are you doing here?" Hanna asked with both excitment and shock. "This has been my school for three years." Adam said. Hanna was shocked she never noticed him, she went through a list of kids in her head. "Oh!" Hanna said thinking out loud. They stared at her and she sunk her head down in embarrassment. "He was the blonde kid that always sat in the back of the class!" Hanna thought. Now the jett-black haired hottie was everybody's choice, while the blonde kid was kind of akward and never really talked to anyone. Meagan nudged Hanna in the shoulder trying to get her to introduce them. "Oh sorry, Adam this is Addison, Meagan, Abby and Summer, guys you know Adam." Hanna said to avoid getting punched again. "Yeah, we know Adam." Summer giggled, she had to be the worst flirt anyone had ever seen. We finally got to school after what felt like a three hour bus ride. Adam took Hanna's hand and they walked in together. Hanna could feel everybody's jealousy and was actually enjoying it. "What classes do you have Adam?" Hanna asked. "The same ones as you." Adam said, looking a little dissapointed she had never noticed him. "Oh right, sorry." Hanna apologized. They got to class and he decided to flirt and make people jealous. He walked around Hanna's chair and breathed on her neck. Then he sat next to her and ran his hand up her leg. Hanna was enjoying this a lot but all good things must come to an end, especially when your teacher comes in the room. Mrs. Brooks rambled on and on about Math, but Hanna payed no attention for the first time, well, ever. She was too busy reading Adam's secret texts and looking at him play with his hair. It was too good to last though because class was cut short from a fire drill. Adam kept his arm around Hanna the whole time and then they had Science class. Hanna's least favorite, but now her absolute favorite. Adam and Hanna were science partners. The day went by so quickly when it was spent with Adam. They took the bus home and sat together again. Adam came to Hanna's house for homework but they did no homework. They talked for hours instead, the played Would you Rather and then it was dinner time and Adam had to go home. Hanna had to go to bed early because of school the next day so she got ready for bed and watched TV until she fell asleep listening to Adam on her iPod. The only thing that could lullaby her to sleep.

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