FMA 7 minutes in heaven Edward Elric STYLE

Okay, im doing some of the characters from full metal alchemist, i may do more. but i might get tired so yea. it might get detailed, i dont know, that would be for you to decide^^ so yea, um please read then rate^^ Or comment if u feel like it.

Created by chibiko999 on Saturday, May 30, 2009

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You were sitting next to Winry went she was boasting on and on about how shes building this new high tech automail arm that Edward will be the guinea pig and try it on and go to a mission and try it out. You just sat there with a sweatdrop smiling nervously. *BAM*
"Ow!" You yelled rubbing your nose when Roy hugged you yelling.
"Will a kiss make i-" Before he could finish you punched him right in the jaw sending him across the room with him hitting the wall, you were wiping your hands on your pants and grabbed your paper.
"Okay, i got a little stick person with a freaky intena." You said calmly as Edward huffed and jumped up yelling about smallness and other things then you patted his head.
"Edward-kun, i didnt know it was you i got, besides, i think your tall and handsome." You smiled trying to calm him down. You swift fully walked into the closet as Edward shuffled his feet to the closet blushing up a storm, Winry violently pushed Ed into the closetas he pinned you to the wall on 'accident' and was inches away from your lips as Winry slammed the door closed really loud so you jumped a little and 'accidently' pressed your lips to Ed's warm smooth lips. You quickly pulled away but Ed had his hand on the back of your neck pulling you closer and deepening the kiss. Your eyes went wide but to only close as you melted into the kiss sliding your arms over his shoulders and pulled him more closer till' your bodies were so close there was no air between you. You pulled away for air but your eyes never left his.
"____" he said under his breath onto your neck having his sweet warm breath trickle down your neck sending a chill down your spine. Before you could speak Ed's warm damp tongue ran across your skin of your neck giving you goosebumps, you couldnt stop the moan leaving your lips. Ed's lips curled into a smirk against your smooth skin. He nipped at your neck and started giving you butterfly kisses to find your sweet spot as your breath went sharp. He started sucking it, you let out a sharply loud moan.
As Ed crashed his lips onto yours thrusting his tongue into your mouth exploring every inch carefully. As Ed just started to grind his hips into yours there was a loud banging on the door.
"GET THE FUCK OUT NOW FULLMETAL!! YOU BETTR HAVE NOT TOOK HER INNOCENCE OR ELSE!!! SHES MINE YOU HEAR?! IF I FIND ONE THING OUT OF PLACE YOUR ASS IS MINE!!" Roy whined crashing the door open huffing. You were sitting down on the floor away from a smirking Ed.
"What are you talking about Roy?" Ed sneered.
"I didnt do ANYTHING.." He walked out the closet pushing a confused Roy as you followed close behind giggling. You sat next to Ed holding his hand with your head resting on his chest to soon doze off. After you woke up he very gently kissed your cheek and asked you if you would be his and join him to every mission with him so he could protect you as much as he could. You just smiled and nodded as you held his hand tightly with you both blushing most of the party to see a very mad Roy sitting and huffing with his arms crossed in the corner.

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