Fiery Love. Ace one shot.

heres a Portgas D. Ace one shot. Nar Nar Nar.

Created by MCRandFOBfan on Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Name: Brandy White.......
Lives in Cocukey (made up. I was about toput Cocomo kove -__-')
Family: You'll figure out soon
I glared at the upcoming pirate ship. I usually never bothered with the pirate ships. They would come and go, but this was Whitebeard's ship. I had a bone to pick with him.
"Brandy, what's a matter?"
" dad is on that ship," I glare. Shelly just stares at the ship wide eyed.
"Y-yo-you mean.....HIM???"
"Yes," I run towards the ship grabbing my sword. I ran onto the ship surprising the crew. I held my sword out ready to stab Whitebeard in the heart. All of a man with an orange hat blocked the attack. He didn't seem to be at full strength, but it was enough to make me go flying. I quickly stood up.
"Well done Portgas," Whitebeard said in a gruff voice.
"Your welcome, Captian," Portgas huffed.
"Hey, all I want to do is kill him! Move out of my way or next time I'll take you out too," I shout.
"Brandy don't run off like that! It's hard to keep track of you!"
"Sorry Shelly," I scratch the back of my head.
"Who are you?"
"I am Shelly and this is Brandy," Shelly says.
"Brandy hmmmm. That sounds familiar," Whitebeard stares at me.
"Yea, it should you old man," I hiss.
"Hey, you need to respect him," Portgas growled.
"You need to shut it. I can talk to my dad whatever way I like," I shout at the man.
"Oh great, you didn't tell them that you had a daughter? You know what? You're not even worth killing," I start walking away.
"I was going to ask you to become a pirate," He said.
"What if I already became a marine," I smirk. Seeing all the people tense up.
"I know you wouldn't become one of them. They killed your mother."
"Shut up! Maybe I said that so that you would never see her again." Tears threatened to fall.
"Uh huh," He smirked.
"You weren't even there......" I pull up my shirt showing a scar, "See this is what happens when you go up against a marine. You just sit there hiding and being protected by your lackees. I fought them....." I glare up at him.
"Then join my crew," He says extending his giagantic hand.
"No, I don't even want to be HERE. You have your "NURSES"........I don't even know why mother loved you. She told me to tell you something, but..."
"Tell me," He glared.
"Nah," I smirk jumping off the railing.
"Brandy?! Why are you always doing this to me?! I'm sorry for her interrupting....She truly just needs to sort thing out with you," Shelly bows and runs off chasing after me.
"Ace," Whitebeard murmers.
"Yes," He looks up to Whitebeard.
"Follow my daughter. Bring her back," Whitebeard whispers.
I looked up to see storms brewing. Shelly was scolding me for running off.
"Wait," I whisper sensing another person, "Show your self!"
"Ok," the male that had blocked my attack, "I was sent to retrieve you. Please come with me," He extends his hand.
"You, buzz off. Or I'll kill you."
"I'd like to seeyou try," He smirked.
"Your only at maybe 50% of your true strength."
"How'd you know?"
"I can feel it," I mumbled.
"Well if your not going to come along on your own," In one swift move I was being carried on his shoulder.
"Put me down! I'm going to kill you! Shelly come along," I scream. Shelly followed along right beside Portgas.
"Soooo, why do you hate Whitebeard," He asked.
"Cause he was never there for me, Portgas. Now if you put me down and say that I killed myself....I'll heal your wounds."
"Brandy, you can't do that! Remember last time you healed someone else's wounds? You were in the hospital for a week!"
"Can it! He didn't know that," I growl.
"Well I know now. Please call me Ace. My last name is Portgas."
"Wait! You're Portgas D. Ace! Brandy, if you weren't careful when you attacked Whitebeard youcould have been killed by him," Shelly freaked out.
"Thanks, now I have to calm her down AND figure out a way to escape," I growl.
"You have a temper," He muttered.
"Really Sherlock, I never knew that," I roll my eyes, "Oof."
"You do know I'm carrying you, right?"
"I know your last name isn't really Portgas," I smirk, "Your brother carries the true name. Monkey."
"Yea, what about it," Ace sounded annoyed.
"Why would you change your last name?"
"You have a different last name, too."
"Yea,my mom.......and dad wanted me to be safe," I grumble.
"Ok, well my dad was never there for me. I kind of disowned the name....."
"Then where does Portgas come from?"
"It was my mother's maiden name," He smiled.
"Uh huh," He didn't notice that I had squeezed through and I was walking with him.
"'d you get down?"
"I have my ways," I shrug, "let's hurry up so that I can go home."
Hours later
"So she wanted me to tell you that she would always love you....She would wait for you on the other side and she wanted me to be watched by you."
"Ok, please Brandy....."
"I'm not going to be a lackey to you." I start to walk away.
"C'mon Brandy give your dad a chance," Ace blocks the exit.
"Look,I know you look up to him as a dad. That's cool for you. Go ahead take my place. I don't care."
"Please," He looked me in the eyes.
"Fine," I mumble.
"I'll even let your friend stay with us."
"Thanks dad," I roll my eyes.
"Ace come here," Orders Whitebeard.
I glare over to where Ace and dad are talking. I stared at the slowly disappearing island.
"Won't it be cool to be a pirate," Shelly said in a dream like state.
"Sure," I stare at her. She was staring at a crewmate person. Hearts in her eyes.
"Isn't that guy cute?"
"No," I play with the Log Pose (it's like a compass. Nami has one and Ace has one.)
"Who's Log Pose is that?"
"Ace's," I grin.
"You stole that from him didn't you?"
"Duh," I smirk.
"Uh...Brandy, you'll be sleeping in my room for right now," Ace says.
"WHAT!? Who do I have to murder?!" I stand up.
"Now, is it that really bad?"
"No," I glare. The Log Pose was still in my hand.
"Hey that looks like mine...." Ace looked at his arm,"That is mine!!"
"Try to catch me," I stick my tongue out at him. I run off leaving Shelly to speak with that dude. I had almost tripped but I was quick to respond. I dodged the chair.
"Give it back!" I ran faster and sunk down low in a hiding spot. Ace ran the other way. "Thank God, I lost him."
"Lost who?" I stare up to seea blonde haired dude staring at me lazily.
"Who the heck are you?"
"I'm Marco, first division commander. May I ask why Ace is chasing you?"
"I stole his Log Pose. Here give it to him. I don't want it anymore," Marco nods his head.
"Marco have you seen a girl with short brown hair with purple and pink in her hair?"
"No, but I've found this." Marco holds up the Log Pose.
"Thank you," Ace smiles. Bowing he quickly leaves, " I have to keep watch of her."
"Ah I see. Better than sitting around doing nothing," Marco responds.
"Yea," Ace whispers. He walks off and Marco comes and sits by me.
"Why would Ace just be sitting around?"
"He was in prison for a while. You've noticed the marks on his wrists and neck," I nod, "He had been tracking a traitor. Blackbeard. They had a major battle and Ace was severly wounded. Blackbeard gave Ace to the marines...."
"Thank you Marco, but I have to go."
"Please, make him happy," Marco said.
"I'll try," I run to see Ace lying on his bed.
"There you are," Ace says getting up.
"Lay back down," I order. Pushing him back down.
"Wha," He stared as I started to heal his wounds.
"URG," I could feel the pain he felt when he had these wounds.
"Stop it! Your hurting yourself," Ace tried to get up.
"Stop,if you keep moving it'll hurt you and me."
His eyes widen. He lays down trying to relax.
"Hack. Hack." I start coughing up blood. My vision blurred. Darkness surrounding me.
"Brandy," Ace shouts.
I jumped off the bed. I was fully healed. She was covered in her own blood. I didn't want her to do this. I rushed her to the doctor.
"Please heal her," I shout. The doctor stares back at me and quickly pushes me out the door.
"What happened?"
"Sir, she tried to heal me," My hair covers my eyes.
"She must really like you, then," Whitebeard smiles.
"What," A blush covered my face.
"She only heals the ones she loves."
~A Week Later~
I watched her slowly breathing. This is all my fault. She's barely responding. I-I think I love her. I know that sounds crazy, but it's true.
"Ace, why don't you go out and get the crew food?"
"Sorry sir, but...."
"Go," He ordered.
"But sir, I have to..."
I was sent into the town we had just docked on.
I slowly opened my eyes. I yawned. I probably scared the crew. I walked out of the room. "Hey old man, where's Ace?"
Everyone stared at me. Shelly jumped up and ran towards me. "You're alive," She glomped me.
"Why hello,you've been out for a week. Ace was really worried. He didn't eat as much as he use to. You scared him."
"Well where is he?"
"Out getting food," Whitebeard grunted.
"Cool, ok everyone I want to play a prank on Ace. I need you all to act sad as if I died. Then when he has his back turned I jump on his back scaring him, got it? You mess it up and I swear that you will have no body to send home to your family."
Everyone nodded. "Here he comes!" Everyone put on a sad look. I hid in the closet.
"Why is everyone sad?"
"What? What happened?"
"No-No, don't tell me," He covered his ears. I quickly sneaked out.
"Rawr," I scream jumping on his back.
"She walked out and decided to scare you," Whitebeard laughed.
I snickered. Ace turned around and grabbed my face pulling it close to mine, "Don't scare me like that."
"I-I," I stuttered staring into his dark eyes. I had a crush on him ever since I met him. He moved in closer. He gently kissed my lips.
"I thought you died. I would have been truly sad," He whispers.
"Kissy Kissy," Shelly shouted. Everyone snickered.
"Oh shut up, I still could hurt you like I promised." Everyone went silent.
"I love you, Brandy," He held out his hand for me to take. We walked into our room.
"I love you, too."
Ok I'm done. Pleaz rate............Tell me if it's good or bad if you message.

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