Do You Want Me? - Shikamaru One Shot - Shippuden

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Created by kyarawr72 on Thursday, June 04, 2009

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Excuse any typos you find or if you find it rather short

Naneko is a close friend of shika's, thier parents are best friends meaning they got to spend plenty of time together throughout each of thier childhoods. During this time Naneko had developed a love for shikamaru that grew more everytime she saw him, he was the only person she could ever love and she wanted nothing more than to someday marry him and be by his side for as long as possible.

The story takes place in shippuden time when everyone is fifteen to sixteen.

"Naneko look out!" Shikamaru cried as you dodged a kunai thrown by a sound ninja

Jumping backwards you threw several bombs at him that looked like little shuriken. He pulled out his kunai going to deflect them, but smirking you did a hand sign, as soon as they touched his kunai they exploded in his face and he cried out, piercing the forrest's usual calm and quiet environment. Running in his direction you kicked him in the face and did familiarhand signs.

"Earth Style! Rock Tomb!"

Two sqaure rocks appeared on his left and right with the exact shape of his body carved into the sides. It closed on him and there was no sound after that. You turned to see that Ino had killed her own opponent and Shika was still going with his, Shika had taken on the strongest of the three sound ninja. You threw a kunai at one of his clones that planned to attack shika from behind, it poofed into smoke just as Shika finished off his own opponent.

Smiling you walked to them, but you didnt make it five steps when you crouched onto the ground with pain. You looked to see that you had been wounded on your abdomen, like you had been cut there. Ino and Shika rushed to you and Ino began healing it up right away.

"How did that happen?" Shika asked annoyed

"Accidents happen Shikamaru, its not too serious" you replied aloofly

"It could have been serious! Be more careful next time, dont act so selfless, thats how you get yourself killed"

"Blahrdi blah blah, Im fine, so you can stop lecturing me now" you complained

Ino pretended not to be listening, acting as if your wound was the most interesting thing ever. Shikamaru's expression changed to somewhat annoyed and angry, he frowned. It was unlike Shikamaru to be this way towards you, he was usually caring and understanding. You sighed and looked up to the sky.

"I dont want to lose a team member" Shikamaru spoke "Whether its you, Ino or Chouji, I cant allow it"

"Shika, I know, but there are some things you cant always prevent so stop worrying so much"

"Oh yea thats so easy for you to say, you have no idea what its like--"

You cut him off pushing Ino away

"Dont you dare shikamaru" you growled

He glared

"Dont you dare think you're the only one who cared for Asuma-sensei before he passed away, or think that you're the only person his death affected. I was on the team aswell in case you've forgotten, so dont you dare"

Shikamaru looked away standing up as did you.

"Just shutup Naneko" he growled

You drew your hand back and slapped him across the face tears stinging your eyes. Asuma's death had taken a massive toll on shika and you had been there for him like noone else was, how dare he make you feel this way.


You knocked on the Nara's front door impatiently, you hadn't seen Shika for a few days now, you were starting to worry about him, it wasn't like shika at all to not come visit you and your parents. The door opened revealing Shika's father. He smiled seeing you.

"Naneko!" he hugged you "Im so glad you're here!"

"Thankyou" you let go of him and looked him in the eyes seriously "I'm here to see Shikamaru, is he home?"

Mr. Nara scratched his head in frustration

"If you were anyone else i would haveslammed the door in your face by now, but you know Shikamaru better than anyone Neko" he said using your nickname "I think right now, maybe seeing you will do him some good, after, Asuma's passing. He meant so much to Shikamaru, the other three of you. Please come in, he's in the shogi room"

You nodded and went to the door of the room where you knew shika had reserved for playing japanese chess. You knocked carefully on the door and when there was no answer you walked into the dimly lit room where Shika sat on one side of the Shogi table. You sat on the other side and saw that he had bags under his eyes,he hadn't slept in ages, he said nothing as you studied him anew. He looked so hopeless, so depressed. You sighed.

"Shikamaru, Im sorry, I know Asuma-sensei was an important person to you and--"

Shika cut you off

"What would you know Naneko? You know nothing of how I feel!" he begun to raise his voice, shikamaru was agitated easily it appeared

"I know that you're hurting and have been avoiding the world!" you snapped back

"What do you want from me?!" he yelled

"I want the Shika I know to come back to me!"

"I am him! But what would you know stupid girl?!!!" he cried throwing the shogi table across the room in rage standing up

You stood up facing him afraid of how Shikamaru had become so angry in less than five minutes

"You dont know how I feel!! Or what I'm going through!! How could you possibly understand?!!" he screamed

You stayed calm regardless of your fear for him right nowand walked to Shikamaru who was now shaking, he was so angry and frustrated. You suprised Shika as you quickly wrapped both arms around him hugging him tightly.

"Im sorry Shikamaru. But please, Its ok, its ok to hurt, its ok to cry Shikamaru. I have been your best friend for years, you cant hide pain from me. Shika, I'll cry with you" you said begining to soak Shikamaru's shoulder with tears

You felt his arms circle you and hold you tightly and you knew he was crying. He was letting everything out that should have been let out of his system earlier on. He hugged you so tightly you thought he was going to crush you, but you didnt care. You were his friend so it didnt matter. You and Shikamaru lay together on the floor together, staring into one anothers eyes feeling the pain you both shared.




"Anytime" you smiled softly


On the way back to Konoha noone spoke, youabdomen was killing you because Ino hadn't been able to finish her handi-work. You didnt care though, you let the pain sear through you like adrug that was freeing you from your hurt Shika had just caused. How dare he bring up Asuma's death, he was still hurting but, ugh! When you got back to Konoha Ino went to report to Lady Tsunade and you and Shika went your seperate ways without a word. Though you heard Shikamaru mutter "Idiot" under his breath.

You went home, had a shower and got dressed. Your parents were out on a mission of thier own so you had the house to yourself. You dried your hair with a jutsu you had mastered particularly for that reason and jumped up onto the roof to look at the stars and how they shone ever so brightly. You had healed your wound yourself with a simple healing jutsu you had learned. It was the only healing jutsu you knew but it was handy. You wondered what Shikamaru was doing and if he was settled down properly now. You felt bad for slapping him but you deserved to be treated better. You decided to walk it off, so you headed out onto a path mindlessly wandering. Shika was the only thing on your mind and that probably explains why you ended up at his place. You loved Shikamaru, and you wondered how he hadn't noticed over all these years, he was so important to you but you felt so invisible to him.

You sighed and knocked on the door carefully. It took a while but eventually Shika answered wearing nothing but his baggy ninja pants, and his hair had been let down, he was unbelievably sexy looking but there was no way you were going to let him know that. You looked at him and sighed softly to yourself.

"Come in" Shika said and you walked past him into his house feeling his eyes on you

You walked upstairs behind Shikamaru who was leading you to his room which you had seen a million times before. But usually it was daytime, and you were there to tell him the latest about naruto's silly goofs and antics. Shika opened his door and you walked in sitting on his bed. Shikamaru leant against the back of his door staring at you.

"Umm, where's your mum and dad?"

"Its thier anniversary, they wont be home till next week, its like a second honeymoon if you ask me"

"Oh, how nice for them"

You were stumped and didnt know what to say, so you just said what you wanted to

"Shika, Im sorry about earlier on today, for slapping you, I didnt mean--"

"Forget it. Im sorry too, I shouldn't have brought up Asuma when you know exactly what i went through"

Shika walked closer to you and you could hear your heart pounding crazily in your ears as he was right in front of you. He crouched so he was at the same level as you

"Neko, do you. . .like me?"

You blushed a tad, barley noticeable

"Of-course I like you Shika" you said

"No." He said annoyed

"Do you like-like me?" he said pushing you down onto the bed suprisingly quickly

You could feel his whole body on top of you as you felt yourself almost going crazy

"Well?" he prompted

"No" you stated

Shika's face fell and you took his chin in between your thumb and forefinger making him look at you directly

"I dont like-like you Shika, simply for the fact because, I love you, and I have for many years"

Without warning his lips crushed themselves against yours and you could feel his tongue slip itself into your mouth ever so gently. Shika's body felt so good against yours and the warmth from his chest drove you crazy as he kissed you so passionatley. It was everything you had dreamed of and more. You felt his hands gently unbuttoning your shirt, he threw it onto the floor along with your tie as he ripped of your bra. You let him kiss your neck as he played with your breasts wanting you more and more as you did him. It wasn't enough, but it was so much all at once. You felt Shikamaru's tongue play with your left nipple and shocking yourself you moaned un controllably, but this only seemed to drive Shikamaru wild, you felt his lips press into a smile against your breast as he nibbled making more moans come from your mouth. His lips found yours again and this time they had a more sense of urgency to them, you tugged at his pants and understanding he took them off with suprising speed. Soon the both of you were utterly and pleasantly naked. Shika slid his hand down your stomach as he still kissed your neck delicatley, his hand travelled down to your thigh and then in between your legs, he slid his fingers inside of you and you moaned loudly throwing your head back in absolute pleasure.

"Neko" he moaned "Do you want me?" he teased

"ohh Shika, please....please..."

You weren't absolutley sure what you were mumbling but Shikamaru chuckled devilishly and slid and extra finger inside of you making you only want him so much more, Shika pulled them out and ran both hands down your thighs as he kissed you desperatley.

"Shika---maru" you moaned "please" you whispered absent mindedly

"Neko" he moaned

Shika nibbled your ear and his hot breath against your skin made you shiver with delight. Then you felt it, a searing pain in between you legs, it hurt, but you didnt care, it soon began to feel incredibly pleasurable and you clung to Shikamaru as he thrust into you wanting nothing more than to please you. You arched your back throwing your head back moaning his name making him want you more. You could feel yourself begining to climax and you clung desperatley to him as you came over and over. Shika moaned your name and fell on top of you breathing heavily as did you. He rolled over onto the bed covering the both of you with a sheet, you crawled to him and rested your head on his chest and he wrapped his arm around you.

"God I love you Neko" he said kissing your forehead

"I love you too" you smiled ever so happily

Two weeks later he died from akatsuki :D


You and Shika revealed to everyone that you had begun dating, eventually you two got married, you cant see any kids on the way, but you dont care, just as long as you had Shika! ^______^

Hope you enjoyed! Rate and Message!

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