the final battle pt.1

this is the part where sora enters castle oblivion and has to meet with xanhort and kairi

Created by dxhbk1286 on Thursday, June 04, 2009


as sora enters castle oblivion he shivers

' its cold in here ' sora says

goofy calls out 'sora the heartless!'

he fights luckily i have the ultima keyblade he takes it out and slashes one heartless he kills them but they keep on coming.

'they keep on coming' sora yells

riku appears out of a dark vortex

'you need help says riku'?

they start fighting. as they fight the heartless keep comin

'ill handle them go to xemnas destroy his heart' yelled riku

'but what about u riku'said sora worrying about his friend

'ILL BE FINE JUS GO!' riku exclaimed

sora ran off as he met up with xanhort and king mickey

'king ur ok' donald said in a happy voice

'sora i need ur help find kairi and xanhort and let them know that we need help defeating xemnas ok?'

'yes king mickey' sora said in a gloomy voice

'wats wrong'

'i left riku back there fighting the heartless i dont kno if he will be ok' sora said

'he will trust me' king mickey said 'now u must go find them and meet me baq here'

sora walked and met xigbar

'hey roxas u made a bad mistake heheh' xigbar said in a evil laugh

'whos roxas' said sora

they started fighting xigbar went on a platform and started shooting crystals. sora reflected them baq at him. he teleported baq down to where sora was and they started fighting. sora took a huge amount of health away and then xigbar went baq. still shooting at sora as he reflected them baq. xigbar floated into the air shooting at sora while moving in circles. sora dodged them and started hitting him again. he casted out heartless to try and stop sora.which didnt help him at all

'your a tough one' said xigbar

they kept fighting. xigbar repeated his same technique and got defeated.

'AHHHHHHHHH' xigbar yelled

shadows were coming out of his body.

'bye roxas' xigbar said

sora yelled 'STOP CALLING ME THAT"

he tried to hit xigbar but he evaporated.sora keeps walking and meets up with kairi and xanhort.

'kairi i missed u' sora exclaimed

'me 2' kairi said they hugged

'sora i have important information to tell u i am.....

To be continued...

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