Love Lost and Found (Shadow the Hedgehog love story) #13

Sorry for the wait. I never get the chance to write, or type in this case... And now I gotta think of a short story idea for a final! It would be so much easier if I could just make a quick Shadow love story for the final! But I can't use copyrighted material... Shadow belongs to ME! lol. jk. He belongs to SEGA of course. Anyways, I'm going way off track here. Here's the next part! Hope ya like it! ^_^

Created by Shadowsgirl15 on Friday, June 05, 2009

You woke up facing Shadow's calm, sleeping face. His arms were still wrapped around you. You managed to get out of his grasp without waking him. You quickly got dressed before he could wake up, and you went downstairs. Amy smiled and said, "Good morning, ____! Breakfast will be ready soon. Can you wake up Sonic and Shadow and let them know?" You nodded and went back upstairs and walked over to the door to Sonic's room. You knocked on the door and waited. Nothing happened, so you opened the door and entered his room to find him still in a deep sleep. He was snoring loud enough for him not to hear you, So you snuck up to his bed and yelled right in his ear, "SONIC!!!!!" Sonic's eyes opened wide and he rolled off the bed in surprise. You laughed as Sonic got back up and rubbed his head. Before he could say anything you said, "Amy wanted me to let you know that breakfast is ready." You walked out and began to walk back to your room to wake up Shadow. You walked over to your bed and shook Shadow's arm, trying to wake him up. His arms quickly wrapped around you and he pulled you close to him. You fell on top of him and saw that his eyes were still closed. You felt one of his hands move to your head and he began to stroke the back of your head. He finally opened one eye and your face turned a light red. You finally managed to say, "Uh, Shadow, Amy said breakfast is ready. Maybe we should go downstairs?" Shadow nodded and added, "Before they get the wrong idea, right?" Your eyes widened as you saw him smirk. You ran downstairs, only to be tackled by Shadow at the last step. He elped you up and you both sat down for breakfast. After breakfast, Shadow said, "____, come with me for a sec." "Where are we going?" Shadow answered, "You'll see." He used chaos control and brought you to a location that looked very familiar.
Back at Sonic's house
"Guys! Quick! I found Mecha! I think he might be with Scourge too!" Tails yelled for everyone to see what he discovered. Sonic asked, "Where is he Tails?" "The coordinates show that he should be on the space colony, ARK." Amy questioned, "I wonder if Shadow and ____ are ok right now." Sonic put his hand on her shoulder and said, "Don't worry Amy, they'll be fine as long as they're not on the ARK."
Back with you and Shadow
You looked around at the familiar surroundings that you recognized as your old bedroom on the ARK.
(Go figure. "Don't worry Amy, they'll be fine as long as they're not on the ARK." Well guess where you and Shadow are!) You began to look through all of your old stuff, to see if there was anything that could bring back more memories. After a few minutes, You walked with Shadow to a different room. You asked, "Shadow, isn't this the way to Maria's room?" He nodded and brought you into Maria's room. You noticed that the top of her dresser was covered with old pictures of you, Maria and Shadow. Some of the frames were cracked, and others looked brand new. You heard a fimiliar voice behind you say, "What'd I tell ya, Mecha. Didn't I say they'd be here?" You looked back to see Scourge and Mecha Sonic standing in the doorway. You and Shadow got ready to fight. Mecha answered Scourge, "You were right. Thank you for your services." Shadow tackled Scourge to the ground and began to fight him. You ran around Mecha Sonic and shot him in the back. Shadow quickly grabbed your arm and dragged you to a larger room. Mecha and Scourge closely followed. Scourge grabbed you and you yelled. "Let go of me you bastard!" Scourge just smiled and shook his head. Then Shadow released you and shot a chaos spear at Scourge's side. While Shadow distracted Scourge, you began to fight Mecha Sonic. You kept throwing punches and kicks at him, only to realize that your attacks weren't working. Mecha grabbed you and threw you at the wall. You fell to the ground and watched as Mecha Sonic was slowly walking towards you.

(Ya, I'm gonna continue the fighting scene in the next chapter. I got an idea that I don't think many people think of. You'll see in the next chapter. I really just had to end this so I still have ideas for the next one. And I know the picture below is kinda random, but I was playing Sonic and the Black Knight again recently and ya... It's Sir Lancelot! lol. I just think Shadow looks so hot in his armor! lol.)


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