Be Bold! (Original Slash & One Shot)

Super Long! Okay, this is my first one shot. Um, i just felt like writing about sex, so um, there you go. Love Ya Lotsa!

Created by AntiGlitter on Saturday, June 06, 2009


Kenneth’s P.O.V

“Be Bold!” My mother always said to me, and today was the day I was going to listen to her. I was going to finally ‘Be Bold!’ I saw him on the bench with his friends, all laughing and having a fun time. “Um, Ben, may I talk to you?” I asked mustering all the courage I had in my body. He looked at me “Maybe later.” I looked at him for a second.

“May I talk to you now?” He looked annoyed. He rolled his eyes and repeated “Maybe later.” I gave a angry sigh, and stomped off to gymnastics lessons. This way I can let out my anger, and be fit.

Benjamin’s P.O.V

This strange kid came to talk to me at break today, I wasn’t annoyed, it was just that, I knew the kid, and he was hot. I couldn’t look at him without a lustful glaze in my eye, so I gave my best annoyed stare at him. When I told him maybe later, and he gave an angry huff, I felt bad.

I quickly finished up with my friends and went to go and look for Kenneth. I found him in the gymnasium; he was on the still rings. Wow, did his arms look huge, do you know how much upper body strength you need for that. You could tell by his face, he was concentrating really hard.

I slowly went to the stadium to go and sit down; I watched how graceful he was. Man, I would do anything just to be half that graceful. His couch was next to him making sure, everything went alright, telling him how and when to move, I was in awe.


The bell rang and the halls were emptying to go home, I staid by the gym doors waiting for Kenneth to come out. When, he finally did my heart stopped. “You said you wanted to talk to me?” He jumped and slowly turned around to realize it was me.

Kenneth’s P.O.V

“Um, can you follow me to my locker first?” I asked, he nodded and followed me. I could feel eyes on my ass, but I said nothing. I made him enjoy the show, until we reached my locker. “Um, I h-have something r-really embarrassing to ask y-you.”

He nodded. “Continue.” He said slowly.

“Um, I will totally understand if you don’t want to do this.” He nodded again. “Okay, I was wondering if you would take away my virginity.” I asked looking up at him, through my bangs. Have you ever seen someone choke on air, it’s really funny.

“Um, are you serious?” He asked his face, red as a tomato. Why was he embarrassed, I was the one who asked the question. I nodded. “Uh, sure. When do you w-want t-to do t-this?” He thought about it for a second.

“Well, I have a gymnastics competition to go to tomorrow. My mom isn’t going to be home, maybe then?” He nodded. “Don’t you have a problem with this?” He shook his head.

“Well, I think you’re hot………for a Dude! I mean for a dude, and you have a nice butt, for a dude. You’re very attractive, for a dude. Are you sure you want me to do this?” I nodded, until my head almost came off, he laughed. That laugh was to die for.

The date and time was set, and I was so excited. I’m going to finally lose my virginity, and to the guy I wanted to lose it to.


It was the big night, and I could feel his eyes on me. Tonight I was going to perform my best, just for him.

Benjamin’s P.O.V

Tonight was awesome; I was so pumped, to see him perform. He was up next; the coach was rubbing his body with oil. I felt a pang of jealousy, go through my body. I wanted to be that guy rubbing his body up and down.

He went onto the still rings, and totally owned the show, he was awesome. When he was walking of the matt, and heading to the gym showers, he started to take off his tank top, and what I saw looked pretty good.

Kenneth’s P.O.V

The hot shower against my muscles felt so good, it just intensified my muscles. Just a couple more minutes, and I will see Ben. I quickly finished my shower, told my coach I had to go, and met Ben outside the gym.

As we were walking to the car, he casually grabbed my hand and gave me a peck on my lips. I smiled up at him.


I carried him to my house and he slowly pushed me onto bed, I was really excited, and not to mention really, really horny, and just wanted to do it.

Benjamin’s P.O.V

"Fuck me, Ben. Please fuck me. Put your huge dick in my ass and make me yours." I didn't need further coaching. I shoved two fingers up his ass. He flinched. I paused. I began to work my fingers into him as I bent over and sucked his cock. I had never done this, but it just came naturally.

I added a third finger and began to fuck him hard and fast. I felt his prostate jerk shoving his seven and a half inch cock deep into my throat. I wrapped two fingers around his butt nut and began to squeeze it as I stroked it with my middle finger. This was driving him out of his mind. I sped up my pace and I increased my suction on his cock and bobbed up and down faster. I was quickly rewarded with the treat I was after.

I allowed him no recovery time. As soon as I had the very last drop of cream from his deflating cock I pushed my cock in to replace my fingers. I had my hand pulled away and my full eight inch cock up his ass so quick that he didn't have time to get a breath in between. His eyes opened wide as he glared at me. At first I thought he was angry then a smile crossed his face.

"So that's what you like about this. Your cock feels good inside of me. I'm sorry I never asked you to do this sooner." I started a slow fuck as he adjusted to the new sensation. I watched his face as it went through every emotion I had ever witnessed in a persons face.

When he started to sigh I began a long fast fuck in his ass. He pulled us together. His back rose from the bed as I bent over him. We met in the middle for a tonsil moving kiss as I plowed into him harder and harder. He shot a load between us that started to squish noisily as our bellies slid back and forth. We giggled in each other's mouths. I kept up my movements and in moments I fired a load that I was sure was going to collapse my very body.

I wasn't about to quit. My dick was screaming at me but I kept fucking. This was my first ass and it was my Kenneth. I was going to ride it for all I could get. In moments I felt my cock fill out again and I was still at full speed. Kenneth was running his hands all over my back as we continued to kiss and breathe the same air.

He was clawing at my back and making noises in my mouth that I had to believe were noises of desire and pleasure. I kept fucking. I felt his body tense up. I could feel my toes tingling. I felt the greatest orgasm of my life building in every extremity of my body. I have never been aware of myself so much as I was at that very moment.

My balls were aching and my cock was alive. Every part of my body bowed down and radiated all of it’s' energy to my cock buried its' full length in the ass of my new best friend, and maybe lover. I wanted us to be one like this forever.
Kenneth blasted a load of cum that squirted right between us soaking both of our chins.

The convulsions of his rectal muscles hit me and I fired up his rear with more cum than I had produced in all my five plus years of being able to make the love juice. We were both enjoying a super hot ejaculatory climax as we had never experienced before and our tongues never left the confines of each others oral orifice.

Finally drained I rolled to my side as we both gasped for life giving oxygen. As our blood pressure normalized and our pulse rate came back down to a manageable level we looked at each other. We turned up on our sides and kissed. We were both soaking wet with our own and each other's sweat.

Kenneth pulled into me and hugged me. "I have never felt so loved in all of my life. I am yours forever, Ben. Command me. I am your slave." The next two months were wonderful. We slept together the rest of the term. We became boyfriends and eventually husbands; we live together now, happily ever after.

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