Ghetto rape sex story

For guys taking this quiz give me a message if you're looking for a good time *wink,*wink *nuge,*nuge ;)

Created by free2quiz on Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Do you want to hear my story?

oh ya!!! i love these kind of stories
Ok, you have just moved to New York City, and you live in the ghetto. Some new people that live in your apartment tell you that there's going to be a party a this club called "Club S". The club is pretty close to you so you say you can go. Now it is 10:30 and you are walking to the club. You are wearing a tight top, a short skirt,and new
Phat-Farm shoes, and a pink thong. As you walk up to the doors of the club all eyes r on u. All the guys are all cheaking u out, and doing more than that, like slapping your ass. Then you get in the club. The music is load and you can't really hear the people talking. After you look around you turn around again. And there are the guys from your apartment. "Hey guys",you say. Then they gag you so that no one can hear you scream when they are taking you to a hiden room in the club. They are feeling you body as they carry you. Your pussy starts dripping from all the wetness, because of how excitng but terrfing this is. You try to sream but no one hears u. After they have taken u to the other side of the club they finally bring u to a room, but u can't make out what it says. Then your heart starts to beat faster. They throw u onto a bed where u can't brake free. As u look around u suddenly fell one of the guys taking your pants off. Then another guy takes off ur thongs, exposing yourself to all of them. After a differt guy goes up to u and starts kisses you, thens goes lower and starts to finger u it u scream a bit because it he is wearing something sharp on his finger, so it hurts. Then as all the other guys are waiting for their turn with u, he make you lay down, he unzips he pants and pulls his dick out. Then makes u suck it, then his sperm goes into your mouth.As much as you want to get out u can't or they will kill you. Suddenly another one of his hommies comes in and says that there's a fight going on outside. The guys all go with the guy except for the guy who made you give him a blow job. He looks back at you and says "Oh well more of you for me !" As u start crying u then feel his dick going inside of u and it's so huge. You can feel the sperm going into u also and he starts fucking u faster, and faster. "U like that bitch don't you?" he screams. He is now going even harder. Your pussy is now so wet. As you are scared you also feel so horny, you feel like you're going to blow up, and then you have the biggest orgasm you've ever had. And you quiver all over. U think to yourself that you need to get out and you with some one could stop him, because now it hurts even more than in the beginning. His crew comes back and they all take turns doing this to you all night. As it is really early in the morning the guy stops fucking u and says "That's what you get for having a good pussy!"

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