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Created by SoulCrush on Wednesday, June 17, 2009



Name: Celeste Prideaux

Age: 15

Personality: Usually calm depending on the situatuation

Family: Taken by evil seed

Species: Human/Dog Demon

Weapon:Claws/Teeth and Kunai(x2)


"Theif! Kill that damned mutt!"

"You'll have to catch me first dumbass!" I yelled back. Running on all fours I was sure those knight were not gonna catch me,but I can be wrong sometimes. The knights jump from some treetops and land infront of me. I go to turn around to find the previous one's there too, I thought I lost. "Damn! All for some bread"I cursed.

They all begin to attack. I pull out my kunai and begin to take them on, well as much as I could. While not looking someone snuck on me and jabbed a sword in side. I held my side as the sticky warm liquid poured out. I fall to my knees after being struck the second time. I cough up some blood and spit it on the ground. "You guys are pretty tough, eh?"I mocked them. Hey if I'm gonna die, I won't go without the last word.

Awaiting my demise I close my eyes only to hear cries of anguish. I open them quickly to see a tall man reeking of the evil seed. "Why would let your life go to waste like that ?Fool."he said sheathing his sword. Around me were the soliders once stood they had fallen. Lying in their own warm red liquid.

"I have nothing to live for. Matter of fact death would put me out my misery"I said in pain. "Your power if remarkable though. Hm. Its not the evil seed as I but...something else. I'm guessing you did'nt unlock it yet."he said and walked closer to me. But he then stopped and looked in shock. " You have form of a human but beast traits? What are you?"he said.

"I'm not a beast! I'm human and dog demon! Idiot"I said trying to get up. "Dog...Hmm...Wait! Since your young your still a pup. You look around Amy's age. You can be her new pet as payment for saving you"he said. "I shall be no one's pet!"i said acting tough but fell in pain. I cursed in my head.

he said nothing like he knew what I was going to say. He then smirked. "Fine...Only because I'm loyal for you saving me"I said still laying on the ground. "Good, by the way my name's Raphael Sorel.What about you pup?"he asked picking me up bridal style. "Celeste Prideaux"I said. "Celeste, Amy is my daughter, that shall be your master. You shall listen to her every command and please her in any way. You shall never harm her. But just to make sure you don't try anything"he then bite into my neck with force. I swallowed my scream as a tear escaped my left eye. "What the hell was that for!"I screamed.

"You now belong to Amy"he said.


"Well we are here" he said. I opened my eyes to in amaze. This masion was beautiful. "Woah, Raphael,did'nt think you had this kind of taste"I joked. He rolled his eyes. He took me into this bed room, I guessing the guess bed. He layed me on the be."I'll go fetch Amy so she can fix your wounds"he said. "Well why can't you do it"I teased. "Well...uh...Because!" he said and blushed. he then walked out the room and closed the door. I laughed but it hurt to so I stopped.

A girl then opened the door with supplies in her hand. She had on a gothic lolita kind a dress with blood red hair in curls that were tied into pigtails. "So your my new pet"she said with no emotion. "But your different"she said sitting the supplies on the bed. She touched my ears and then held up my tail. "Very different"she said in confusion.

"A puppy"she teased. "What! You and your dad are a bunch of jokesters, eh?"I said winching as she wiped the blood from my scars. "Take off your shirt, so i can properly wrapped the wounds"she said. I blushed. "Here, let me help you" she said and tore my shirt off revealing my undershirt. "Hey!"I protested. "It was ripped and torn anyway"she said. I then sat up. She pulled my shirt up, right above the woulds and began to get a needle and thread. "W-what are you doing!"i asked.

"These are open wounds, they have to be closed or they will get infected"she said. "O-okay"i said. I closed my eyes and she began to close up my wounds. After she finished she wrapped my whole abdomen area up. She wiped the blood off her hands with a wet rag. "You can rest know"she said and left. I lay there wanting her to come back, like a little puppy waiting for his master to walk through the door.

"...Pure beauty"I say and drifted off to my beautiful nightmares.

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