Love Lost and Found (Shadow the Hedgehog love story) #15

Ending very soon... Running out of ideas, like I said before... So this is one of the last chapters and... yea...... Anyways, I hope ya like this! And sorry the chapters are getting shorter and shorter... Enjoy! ^_^ (PS: if I messed up at all during this chapter, I wrote most of it last night at like, 1:00 AM, so I was tired...)

Created by Shadowsgirl15 on Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sonic's POV
"SHADOW!!! ____!!!! Where are ya guys!?" I ran through the hallways on the ARK. Me and Amy came here to serch for Shadow and ___, and help them if need be. I heard Amy behind me say, "Sonic, maybe they're not here. Maybe we're just overreacting." "No Amy, I know them. They've gotta be here!" Just then, we heard a loud crash. "Come on!" I grabbed Amy's arm and ran with her dragging behind. When I got to the source of the crash, I saw Scourge knocked out against the wall, Mecha Sonic had slammed ___ against a wall, and Shadow was glowing a dark color that I only recognized as his dark super form, which I never thought exsisted for him. "SHADOW! _____! Mecha, let her go!" He pushed ____ to the ground and I saw her eyes close as she passed out. "Amy, go try to talk some sense into Shadow! I'll take care of Mecha Sonic." Amy nodded and ran off to calm Shadow down. I used my homing attack on Mecha, only for him to block it by hitting me out of the way. I crashed into the wall right behind Mecha, sending some metal from the walls falling from the wall. A large pieces of metal fell on Mecha's head and covered him completely, making him go unconcious. "Well... That was easier than I expected..." I turned to ___ and picked her up. I met up with Amy and Shadow andhanded ____ to Shadow and he carried herout of the ARK and back to the rocket we used to get here.
Amy's POV
I ran over to Shadow and knelt beside him. "Shadow! What happened?" He spoke in a voice, darker than usual, and filled with hatred, "Leave... me... alone..." "No Shadow! You have to relax!" He still didn't look at me as he said, "Look at her... It's my fault... And Scourge... He hasn't helped make it any better at all..." I shook my head in disagreement. "You're wrong Shadow. It's not your fault. You can't be everywhere all at once. And Scourge and Mecha Sonic are the ones that caused all the pain we've all been feeling lately... Not you." The dark glow still surrounded him. I thought, *Nothing's getting through to him...* Then he spoke again, "I didn't help her... Look at ___... She's out cold and it's my fault. I couldn't help her. Instead, I had to let some bastard like Scourge get in my way." "But Shadow, she'll be fine! She's strong, and she's been through worse. She really wouldn't want you to beat yourself up over this..." That must've gotten through to him, because I noticed the darkness around him fade away. His pupils returned and he finally looked at me. "You're right Amy. How did you even get here anyways?" "Rouge let us borrow a rocket from GUN. Now come on! Cheer up Shadow!" I helped him up as Sonic walked over to us carrying ____ in his arms. Shadow put his arms out and said, "I'll carry her... You worry about flying the rocket." Sonic nodded and handed ___ over to Shadow. I heard him mumble somethingabout howshe felt warm, and I thought I saw her eyes open slightly, and a small smile formed on her face.
Your POV

You slowly began to wake up, and you noticed that you weren't in the ARK anymore. You looked down to see you in your bed. You heard Shadow's voice say, "Thank God You're awake!" Arms wraped around you and you looked over to see Shadow. He continued, "I was so worried about you." His grip tightened and you gasped for breath. "Shadow.... need... air..." He loosened his grip. "I'm sorry," He released you and finished, "Amy said you need to rest, I won't get in the way of that." He pulled you close to him one last time and kissed you gently on the lips. Just as you noticed his kiss to become a little more agressive, the door started to open. Shadow pulled away and Amy walked in. "You're up! Great! You were a little dazed. All you could do was say, "Uh huh..." Amy turned to Shadow and said, "You're taking care of her?" He nodded and looked at you. You noticed a smirk grow on his face and you blushed lightly. Amy said in a stern voice, "Remember Shadow, she needs rest." Shadow answered, "Yea yea yea......" He didn't seem like he ment it though. Amy said, "I mean it Shadow, and ____," she turned to you, "I should probably tell you, Mecha Sonic and Scourge are unconcious. They're downstairs right now-" "WHAT?!" You were worried now, and ready for revenge. Amy said, "Calm down, Tails is talking to Eggman right now-" You interrupted again, "EGGMAN'S HERE TOO?!" Amy looked a little mad. "Let me finish... Tails is talking to Eggman about what to do with them. Eggman is going to send Scourge back to his world and as for Mecha Sonic, He said he'd find a use for him. Either that or he'll lock him away in his base somewhere." You became releived and disappointed at the same time. You were glad you didn't ave to worry about them anymore, but you still wanted revenge for everything they did to you and the others. Amy started to walk out of your room. Before she left, she repeated, "Remember, rest, ok ___?" You nodded and Amy left your room and closed the door behind you, leaving you and Shadow alone again.

(I've said it before and I'll say it again... I LOVE FANART!!!!!!!!! And rockergirl13, (who I share an account with on Shadowrockergirls1315, which you can see on my friends list) likes this picture because our social studies teacher said that her future profession will be a professional graffiti artist, and I'm apparently gonna be a special forces sniper. lol!)

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