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Created by foxxy-baby on Wednesday, March 08, 2006

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Tonight I was heading over my best friend, Kara's house for a sleepover with Isabelle, our other friends. We were all best friends. Ive known Kara for as long as I can remember, and Isabelle just a little less, but we're all equally close. I got butterflies in my stomache which I never knew the reason to, I mean, its not like I was going on a date. I walked down the road to Kara's house, since our houses were on the same street. I got up to the Victorian house and rang the doorbell. I've always loved Kara's house. It was large, but not too big, with delicate violet paneling. Their lawn was perfectly green and cut as always. I looked down at my attire, which consisted of a denim miniskirt and a red cotton tube top, that matched my thong shoes. I chose to wear red because my straight flowing blonde hair lay beautifuly over it. I heard footsteps from the inside of the house and the door flew open. Kara stood there.
I was always jealous of her dark red locks that flowed down her back perfectly. She had striking green eyes and heart-shaped lips that always formed a smile. She work a light yellow tank top over a small, revealing, bikini top and track shorts with two stripes on either side.
"Hey Amie!" She said to me and leaned in for a hug.
"HI!" I screamed with the same amount of enthusiasm.
"Come on in."
I saw Isabelle stroll over to us. Isabelle wore denim short shorts and a cute blue tankt top. She had light auburn hair that had a bit of a wave to it, and it was a little shorter than my hair. She had the most gorgeous blue eyes, that were a tad lighter than mine.
"Hi Amie!" She gave me a hug too.
"You guys wanna go in the hot tub?" Kara asked.
"YA!" Me and Isabelle answered in unison.
We headed to Kara's room to change. We never minded changing in front of eachother, we were girls, we had the same parts. Kara had changed so she just layed on her stomache on her bed and read a magazine. I glanced at Isabelle out of curiosity. She pulled her shirt off over her head revealing her large breasts that werent supported by a bra. She then pulled down her shirts and flung them to the ground. I watched her breast hang down as she leaned over, but I quicklu snapped out of it when I heard Kara say 'Ow ow' to her jokingly.
I quickly pulled my shirt off to reveal my own breasts which were a little smaller than Isabelle's. I flung my batheing suit top on and then the bottom after i slipped my skirt off. My eyes went back over to Isabelle and she stood with her bottom exposed. She turned around to get something in her bag I looked at her butt for a second. She best over and I saw between her legs. Sudently I felt my stomache tighted, from what I was hoping wasnt excitement.
"I have to go to the bathroom, be right back." I excused myself and headed to the bathroom that was connected to Kara's bedroom. I sat on the large sink and brought one leg up to rest on the counter top. I rubbed myself bewteen my legs for a moment, but i resisted the urge to continue. Why was I feeling this way. I wasnt attracted to girls. I liked boys. But still, the feeling lingered in my stomache, becomeing even more harded to forget when I thought about Isabelle beanding over like that.
I heard a rapping on the door. "Come on Amie."
We headed down to her hot tub which was outside in the cool air. We stepped in and the warm water felt good agaisnt the breeze. We all sat next to eahother and started talking.
"Lets play truth or dare!" Kara screamed.
"OK!" Isabelle exclaimed.
"Ok, Amie, truth or dare?" Kara asked.
"Ok... i got it! whats the most youve ever done with a guy?"
"Ummm, kissed a guy." I answered truthfully.
We got to playing the game. We mostly talked about boys and all that stuff. We finally got bored with the hot tub and decided to get out. Kara leaned over me to turn off the jets and her knee leaned in on my front. I felt a surge go through between my legs and i almost gasped out. I tried so hard to hold it in, but she finally moved and I could think clearly now.
"Ugh, now my hairs chloreiny. Lets go take a shower." Isabelle said. I suddently felt excited about that. We would usually shower together, and the heat between my legs burned again.
We got up the the shower and stripped ourselves of our clothes, me going a little faster than Isabelle and Kara. We were naked, totally exposed in everyway. Isabelle probably had the largest breast of the three of us. Mine were practically the same size as Kara's. Kara was the only one who had shaved herself completely. We got under the steamy water. Isabelle was facing me and she accidentally slipped, falling on to my front and pulling us all down to the bottom. Our boddies were all intwined and I couldnt help myself now. I vigorously rubbed at my clit but, a moment later I noticed it was really Isabelle's.
"What are you doing Amie?!" She screamed and I just covered her mout with mine and shoved my toung down her throat. She pulled away and asked the same question.
"I want you!!" I moaned and I began rubbing her clit, as well as Kara's. After a moment, they realised they were enjoying it, and soon moans and whimpers started to fall out of their mouths. We all stood up and got out of the sower soaking wet and went to Kara's room. We kneeled on the ground and my fingeres were assulting Isabelle's clit and Kara brought her fingeres from my opening to her mouth and sucked on them. I moaned and mine and Kara's mouths were attatched. Our tounges sucked on eachothers and I tasted my own juices. She pulled away from me and went to her bed. I enteered my fingers in Isabelle, and her hand imediatly went to my breasts. She massages them and moaned as i moved my two fingers in and out of her. Her mouth went to my nipple and she began sucking on my breasts and gently massaged them. I entered a third finger in her and she moaned loudly out of pain and pleasure.
Kara was back by our sides with a dildo in hand. "Bend over," she told me and i layed down on my back, pulling my fingers out of Isabelle's opening. She continued to suck on my breasts, and kara slipped on the dildo over her opening since it had something you could connect to yourself, as if it were part of you, and she placed it in my opening and thrust in hard. I screamed and she started humping me with it. It was like nothing I have ever felt. It was so great, but it hurt so much. After a little while it became very pleasing though. Before i would climax she pulled in out and began sucking at my opening. She thrust her tounge in my and lapped up my juices. He toung moving so fast on my made me orgasm. I screamed loudly as she still licked at me. She then thrust the dildo back in me, even thought i had already came. That part didnt feel very good. My clit felt like it was spazing out. Isabelle tried to help me by connecting out mouths and we started kissing. Kara took the dildo out of me and pulled in off of her. she then rubbed at herself, but Isabelle was soon by herside assisting her. She thrust her fingers in Kara, going in and out. I then went over to Isabelle, who was on her hands and knees over Kara, and I started dry humping her. She moaned, and then i opened my mouth to her burning opening. I licked at her and she moaned even more. All three of us started moaning and it became one three some. I put the dildo on and started humping isabelle intill she came, as she licked at kara until SHE came.

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