Damaged (naruto vampire knight) uchiha sasuke (1)

Created by rosariogirl on Saturday, June 20, 2009


Apale girl sat in the snow not a single emotion was seen across her face nothing but pain deep in her heart was left around the area her delicate face watched as white little balls fell across her face
"what is this" her voice was like a melody it is snow young one the Rosario on her neck said snow she repeated she then got up but i feel some thing Else red liquid ran down her flawless face she then touched it and as son as her hand touched it. It was healed
she looked a head and saw a man staring at her she felt like he was after her blood is he "different like me" you asked your Rosario yes but is not worthy to live so kill him you nodded you then open your eye's to reaville death eye death.gifscreams were heard. but ended with pure silence
only one emotion was shown on this child's face excitement she then stopped as she saw a sign it said konoha.
She then realised no clothes were on her pure skin she then saw a ring on her finger she sighed i guess i should lay low but i will give this ring to some one i love and protect there lives. I'm sure that i can go on into here with out a hassle. no there will be problems if your out in the open with your horns and ear's showing you Rosario said.so i should make my ears and horns disappear for a while so no one knows you replied. "yes" it replied back you then made your horns and ears disappear i need clothes can i kill a small human child so i can not be seen like this you asked. "No" you will not show your ability not yet only when needed your Rosario said i understand should i keep a low profile you asked "I'm not sure"
but do as you wish for now. thank you. you then started to walk straight ahead but some one blocked your way are you lost you saw a man in funny clothes what is he wearing you asked your Rosario telepathicallyhe's a ninja be careful they are stronger than normal humans "but it's not a problem just don't let them no water is your weakness OK. Fine i understand you replied um yes am lost you said he smiled would you like some one to find your mommy for yo...... you ripped of his head and continued to walk to the village you kept quite and in the shadows you saw children playing a game it was interesting you chuckled it looked like fun but you were nervous but you then gathered enough courage to ask if you could play. um excuse me can i play pleas you asked they laughed at you why have you no clothes you got upset at the girl's your all the same you then ripped her body apart with your vectors
the other girl stood there frozen in fear you smirked I'll play my own game you the did the same to her. Blood was on every inch on your body you then walked away from the scene you then found a waterfall wow it's so pretty you said out loud ah you then heard you stomach growl what the hell was that you herd chuckling you the saw a boysasuke-21.jpg you age it's because your hungry he said. hungry you repeated he smiled
you glared at him are you here to laugh at me to you asked with venom dripping from every word he was shocked on i was just coming to my secret place she said fine I'll go you said but the then grabbed your soft angelic hand you can stay if you want he said. You weren't sure but to have some one be nice like this was very new to you fine you sighed. you saw his face go bright red what you asked rudely
w...where's your clothes you shrugged you can't go walking around like that he said he then took off his top and gave it to you. what the heck are you supposed to do with this you asked he chuckled "put your arms up" hesaid.You did as you were told the shirt that he had then slipped over your head and looked like a dress on your thin body he blushed are you hungry he asked you nodded he then saw an apple and used a shuriken to cut it down ad handed it you. You then sniffed it it was horrible ew you said he laughed your funny you lifted an eye brow he smiled again come to my house mum could find you some thing for you to wear he said and grabbed your hand again and stated dragging you to wherever he was going he then stopped for a minute Waite i don't even know your name what is it he asked smiling you sighed Lucy you said he smiled that's a pretty name it suites you he said (why did I not tell him my real name it's probably for the best if he found out my name was kanji i would of bee screwed) what's your name you asked him he smiled proudly sasuke uchiha he said you tried to smile but it turd out as if you were killing some one he sighed where's your mummy or daddy you cringed you remembered your farther beating you and molesting you mother didn't care you hated them for that you simply killed them. dead they were murdered bye a heartless monster you cried he then hugged you there there it's OK you smirked to yourself. idiot they deserved to die for the pain i live with and acting is easy i could play mind games with you but it's a wast of breath. But the other reason i don't know this feeling but i want to protect you why is that you asked your self
you then pulled back sasuke. simply blushed as a lady with hair like sasuke's was excited and all mushy and loving it was making you sick
she giggled sasuke who's your friend sasuke smiled her names Lucy and she's actually not a fan girl i she's my best Aquatics you cut in why sasuke said sadly because am leaving the village tomorrow you said. "What no you cant sasuke said " and why not I'm not needed you said sasuke shook his head pleas stay you sighed pleas let go sasuke did as told you weren't used to being treated like this you were always told to leave or your hated but sasuke never said any thing false about you or to you. it was different to you. is your mum and dad leaving konoha she asked you were about to tell her but sasuke cut in no she's alone her parents were killed bye a monster and she lives nowhere he said you were sad inside. The woman was shocked you poor thing she the hugged you you must of suffered so much she said you tried not to cry you then poshed her away and tried to run away but fell down the step you then cried silently why why are you guys the only one who are kind your kindness is making me sick why you screamed i don't need anyone's pity you cried loving arms cuddled you your not alone any more sasuke you whispered you the turned around and hugged him back why you asked you started to cry softer into his chest you stared to feel your eye's get heavy you then drifted off to sleep
(sasuke's prov)
her face so cold you felt happy with her this feeling i think am in love with her she's had it rough i wonder who killed her parents though. Mum then took her from your arms she's so beautiful her mother would of been a goddess mum said. i wonder sasuke would you like her to stay with us she asked you smiled the biggest one yet yes pleas she smiled fine you started to do a happy dance yay .
(sasuke's mum's prov)
she's so light. I think she killed her parents they must of beat her senseless or molested her i have ever seen such emotionless eye's before ad am itachi's mother she must of been tortured till in a near death. Sate you set her on sasuke's bed a piece of her hair was in her face you then tucked it behind her ear she's so peaceful i wonder you smirked to your self
( sasuke's prov )
i have to tell itachi about her he might know what to do with these feeling you then ran as fast as your little legs could carry you i no class i forgot am never late. i have to go to school now you then made it in time damn it i wanted to ask itachi you smiled oh yeah he's picking me up to day
(lucy's prov)
i can't do this any more you said pleas kill me you asked your Rosario pain that will never go away will lead to suidcide
take the pain your becoming your own enemy it said you cried again. You then had a flash back
(lucy's flash back)
daddy told you to take your clothes off you glared at the floor i won't you said. What was that you little freak bitch he then slapped you. why do you do this? to mummy and me you said while coughing up blood he smirked your a freak your not human you deserve this he said about to touch you again no enough you saw mommy in the door way she smirked your a stupid little bitch to think fr the start we loved you unconditionally your not human there is no place for you in this world so die already she and daddy started to get a knife you backed into a cornea no then a voice told you to kill them you were silent. the ones that are in human why is that you screamed your mommy and daddy hit the floor limbs were very where blood drenched you. this is what your meant to do don't be afraid of what you really are
(end of flash back )
you felt hurt memories no i won't you screamed you then fell out of bed blood then dripped down your face you saw cute white clothes1280545.jpg on the chair even under ware miss uchiha sasuke I'm afraid of trust blood i cant hurt any off you i promise i won't kill you and that's a promise you then slipped those clothes on and used teleportation to arrive at the park. you then cloapsed and started to cry. little did you know that 2 people were watching you cry you new they were there but your bottled up feelings were eating you alive then you felt soe one hug you turnd around to see a girl with brown hair and redish brown eye's she smiled what's wrong you whated kill her to letyour pain go away but you didn't the world human's she was shocked you knew she was a vampire but she didn't know what's wrong with human's she asked you then lifted you dress up to your chest to show her your scare across your stomach but it instantly healedshe was shocked again she looked like she was about to cry she then hugged you agian you were shocked at her. am so sorry i feel really bad your not a bad person why whould they do it to you. you srugged sadly she then smiled not all human's are bad she sad you smiled i guess i think only you and sasuke/miss uchiha. are the only ones that don't deserve to die you cudlled her thank you for your kindness a few tears hit the ground you then felt her cringe and she saw your lager vampire fages she moved away a little bit are you a vampire you tried not to laugh. am not a vampire even though i hate them to but i promise i won't kill you to you said then sighed yet i will kill others yet first you said she looked frightend you then laughed am kidding whould you like to play a game i saw two girl play but i killed them you said she was shocked really killed yeah it comesnaturally you braged she hit your head hay you said and hit her lighter because if your really hit with your own strenght she would of died she laughed but stopped don't brage about the killings you do she said you lifted a eye brow and why not you said she smiled she then went's to hit you again playfully but you stopped her with your one of your vectors she was shocked she screamed then a man appared and smiled at you are you to fighting you glared at him go away or i'll kill you you then punched him in the stoched with your vectors he looked like he was about to die you were about to punch him but stopped as she stood in the way pleas don't kill kaname she cried you felt bad you saw he was about to die fine I'll bring him back to life you then went over to him and kissed his lips a black light surrounded your lis. his eye's then opend thank you he said while blushing you sighed nexst tie don't scare me kay you said and as for you you looked at her she then embraced you thank you my names yuuki pleas be my firend she asked you smiled and hugged her back tears fell from your blood red eye's she then stopped you said you wern't a vampire she said. you smiled am not i really don't know what i am you then kissed her cheek i have to go now she looked sad why. You chuckled reasons unknown my name's lucy by the way you said you then thougth of the ring you smiled and told her to hold her hand out she did as told you smiled your my first girl to be my firend your ever in dandger kiss it i will stop any one who ever want's to harm you no matter where you are i will be there you said she smiled it's so pritty she said and kissed the ring roseseallogo.jpg
thank you lucy she said you smiled she hugged you. i have to go now your my best firend big sis you said huh how old are you you smiled 5 turning six's she was shocked wow awsome she kissed your cheek bye you then reapeard at sasuke's house.
(sasuke's prov)
Yes the bell went finally you then ran out the door to see itachi he smiled lightly sasuke ready you nodded itachi you asked hmn yeah he replied i l...like some one how do i tell them you blushed he smirked who sasuke? she's emotionless quite but funny she's most of all beautiful i think she could classify as a goddess you said blushing madly sasu167-1.jpgitachi's smirk got bigger and when will i meet her itachi asked sasuke smiled she's at home. is she a quite fan girl he asked you nook your head no she's deffanetly not a fan girl you said.
(itachi's prov)
she sound nice you said yeah she's amazing she's staying with us really you lifted an eye brow
you then arived home to see the most beautfulest girl you have ever seen sitting on the front step your eye's even widen welcome back sasuke her voice was like a melody sasuke then ran up to her to hug her but she stepped to the sie and sasuke fell over you chuckled she glared sasuke was right her eye's were pure ice you shiverd at her you had a feeling you were going to fall in love with her.

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