Bad Girl, Good Slave (A Vampire Slave Story) part 1

Created by A-TOWNshawty on Wednesday, March 08, 2006


The carriage hurries across the pebbled road as hundreds of slaves are brought to the auction. You are dressed in nothing but a short, black lace skirt and a black corset top with red trim. You also have on black heels that go up your calves. Slaves had to look their best. The better they looked, the more money the slave traders got. The crisp, cool air cuts at your bare skin as goose bumps rise on your skin, not only from the chill, but from the fear of being sold. Who would buy you? A vampire? Lycan? Pixie? Demon? You have never been bought before. You were new, pure, untouched, but greatly trained. You were very obedient and were taught to please your master in any way they wanted, to love them unconditionally and be a faithful servant to them.

You have been trained to be a slave for as long as you could remember. You don't remember your parents, just the people who raised you, your trainers. Being trained was hard. You were to learn all your lessons correctly, or be punished. And the older you were, the more you got punished. Whips, paddles, and anything else were used to make slaves obey, but after the punishments, medication was put on the wounds to make the marks go away. The slaves were not to be anything less than flawless. You learned that different species had different "needs." Vampires liked blood letting while elves liked to be waited on hand and foot.

The carriage stopped and the slave traders gently took each slave out of the carriages, as not to damage them. The men went first, their names were called and they walked on stage, only to get bought by the highest bidder. Then, the women went.
"Divine," the speaker called. It was your turn. You gave the girl next to you a hug. She was the only person who you let get a little close to you. You knew that at any moment someone could be taken away from you are killed, so you chose not to get hurt.
"Good luck, Divine. God bless you," she said.
"I love you 'Becka," you told her and made your way on stage. Your heels clicked as you walked across the platform. Everyone's eyes were on you, immortals of all kind. Demons, elves, pixies, lycans, vampires, everything imaginable. You stood by the speaker, your trainer, as he started the bidding.
"25 THOUSAND DOLLARS!" the speaker called out. Who would spend that much money on a slave, let alone a slave like me?
Instantly prices were being called out, each bidder trying to outdo the next. A deep voice came from the crowd, "700 thousand dollars," he said walking up to the stage. Everyone was quiet. He smirked at you and gave the speaker the money and met you off stage.
"Marquise will love you," he whispered in your ear as he opened the door to a carriage. You gracefully stepped inside and he sat in front of you. The trip was long, but you tried to make yourself entertained by looking at the scenery pass by. It was getting dark when you were going through a forest; you could barely see but still kept your eyes out the window. As it grew even darker, you started getting scared. Shadows seemed to move and you heard strange noises. You were never trained to defend yourself so you were scared that something might attack the carriage, but you kept your calm exterior and shifted your gaze from the window to the sleeping vampire across from you. At first you thought that he was your new master, but no. Anybody with that much money would not do their buying themselves. You were nervous to meet your new master. Would he like you?
You were lost in thought as the carriage came to a halt and you looked out the window and saw the outline of a huge castle. Your doe eyes widened even more at the sheer magnificence of it all. The man had awoke and opened your door and you stepped out the carriage, but you stumbled a bit, your legs having fallen asleep through the long ride. You blushed and cursed yourself mentally; female slaves should always be graceful.
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He led you inside the castle and your jaw dropped. As beautiful as it was outside, it was 10 times that on the inside.
"Come, hurry along. We took longer than expected. Your master wants to see you now," the man said.
You followed him up a flight of stairs and into what looked like a living room. There was a fireplace directly across from the door and two chairs facing it. There was a couch to the side and a huge rug in the middle of the room. The place looked so cozy and warm.
"Thank you, Kennith, you may leave now," a dark, sensual voice came from the chair. You wanted to see this man, your master, but he was facing the fireplace away from you. You stood like you were taught, with your back straight and hands clasped in front of you.
"Yes sir," Kennith said and left, shutting the door behind him, leaving you alone with your new master.
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"This is where you sleep," your new master told you.
You stepped inside and gasped at the huge room. You were going to be living in this room. YOU! You could not believe it. Surely this was a joke. Didnt slaves sleep in the slave quarters?
"Are you sure that you want me to have this room?" you asked.
He smirks and walked towards you, backing you into a wall.
"Im treating you special because you are going to be different than all the other slaves. You are to deal with certain special needs," he whispered into your ear. You realized what he meant and nodded your head. Your master kissed down your jaw bone and left a short peck on your lips.
"Is that a problem?" he whispered, his lips barely touching yours.
"No master," you whispered back.

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