Sky High 2: Royal Pain's Return!!! New Cast Member Profiles and Story Intro

This is character profiles and the intro!

Created by xhiei33gaarax on Wednesday, June 24, 2009


SKY HIGH 2 Cast Members!
Warren Peace - Finds love with two people. One is a new cast member; the other is someone he thought he hated.
Lash - Is let out on potral, and good behavoir. He now has to live with Warren Peace. Finds love, and something new about himself. One loveis a new cast member; the other is someone he thought he hated.
Lyla Willams - Finds out Will's guilty pleasures...minor things.
Speed - Is let out on potral, and good behavoir. He now has to live with Warren Peace. Finds love with a new cast member.
Will Stronghold - Has to reveal his guilty pleasures.
Magenta - Falls in love.
Zach Braun - Finds new powers, and tell his long term crush how he feels.
Ethan - Finds love with a new cast member.
Penny - Breaks out of prison.
Gwen Grayson,a.k.a. Royal Pain, - Breaks out of prison.
Steve Stronghold, a.k.a. The Commander, - Gets a bit distant.
Josie Stronghold, a.k.a. Jetstream, - Suspects Steve is cheating.
Principal Powers
Coach Boomer, a.k.a. Sonic Boom, - Gets a really big boo-boo.
Ron Wilson, Bus Driver - The toxic waste wears off, and goes back to driving the bus for Sky High.
Nurse Spex - Gets a big surprise.
Mr. Grayson, a.k.a. Stitches,
All American Boy, a.k.a. Mr. Boy, - Gets a girlfriend.
Professor Medulla - Gets a lesson of his own.
Ryu Reaper, a.k.a. ShadowPryo, - Turns around his lifestyle.
Candy Reaper, a.k.a. WildK9, - Turns around her lifestyle.
Angel Reaper - Finds a swinger's dream come true.
Aqua Baster - Find a great first love.



In a world of Super Heroes and Super Villans; two villans stand above the rest. WildK9 and ShadowPryo!I call them mom and dad. You see the most evil villans, but I see the most insane, thrilling, loving parents, ever. I mean I'm not thrilled to be the child of the two greatest villans, but I still love them; plus sometimes it can be fun. The ever thrilling chase!

I know, I'm strange, but that's your problem.Also; if you think that's strange; get this,my uncle is Steve 'The Commandor' Stronghold, my aunt is Joise 'Jetstream' Stronghold, and my cousin is Willam-Will for short-Stronghold. With me being only a year younger then Will; we get along, but our dads don't. It's like World War 3...super style...only worse!

Once I got through with middle school; I had to pick out what type of school to go to. It was between Human school, Hero school, or Villan school.I pick the hero school Sky High to be with Will. Only one problem. I don't know how to use my super powers. I know I have I know how to bring out my healing powers for a bit, and I'm sheided by the shadows; otherwise I'm clueless.

I know I'm a fire user,firecontroler,or pryo; I figured that out, because I got pissed and the school burned down-me inside it-, and I was the only one that lived. I just can't get it to do what I want; when I want.

I also have strength, speed, adiligy, flexiblity, since of smell, and knowledge above human levels, but lower then super levels.I don't think I would be considered an hero when I can't even use my heroic powers when I want or need to. So I'm stuck in Hero Support unless I canfind the damned secert to my powers.

I'll be in the sophomore classes, because of my knowledge. In otherwords, I'm to smart to be a freshman, which is a very sexist word; so I'm glad. I was able to go to power placement before school strated, and was put in Hero Support. I am Angel reaper!

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