Broken Claws (Logan/Wolverine) Chapter 7: Black to Yellow

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Chapter 7: Black to Yellow

Logan lead me back towards the combat room. He told me to wait there as he went to get Jean. I was sore, very sore. I rolled my sleeves up to see all the small black and purple spots that had began forming on my arms. I didn’t need to look at my back and legs to know they were in the same shape.

I rolled my sleeves back down and wrapped my arms around me, I didn’t want them to see this. I knew it would upset Logan that he had hurt me. Then again he did do the same thing to all those students, maybe it wouldn’t bother him? I didn’t know.

After a few minutes of waiting Logan walked in with Jean behind him.

“Long time no see.” I said softly, giving her a weak smile.

“Let me see.” was all she said.

Logan placed an unlit cigar in his mouth and crossed his arms as watched me as I slowly rolled up my sleeves. Jean moved in and blocked his view of my arms. I was thankful for her actions. Jean looked sad as she took my hands in hers and rotated my arms to see the damage. I winced as she ran one of her fingers over a bruise. I watched her forehead crease as she looked back to my face.

Jean stepped back. Logan could see my arms now and his jaw dropped slightly, his cigar hung loosely in his lips.

“Let me see the rest.” Jean said calmly. I shook my head me. “Nicole please, take off your shirt I need to see.”

I didn’t want her or Logan to see, and i definitely didn’t want Logan to see me in my bra. Jean nodded and turned to Logan, “Turn around.”

He rolled his eyes and did as he had been asked. “Its not like its nothing I hadn’t see before.” He began to pull a lighter out of his pocket.

Jean ignored him. I began to pull my top off over my head. I stood there watching her. Her eyes went wide and she gasped. Her hands went to her mouth and she talked into them, “Oh my God....”

Her words make Logan turned. His lighter fell to the floor at the same time as the still unlit cigar hit the floor. I covered myself with my arms, feeling ashamed. Logan just stood there stunt that he had done that much damage. Jean grabbed my hands once again, moving my arms out of her way.

My whole chest was one giant purple blob from where his chest and shoulders had hit me, and on my left shoulder you could make out the imprint of where his dog tags had hit me as they had been squished between our bodies. On my right shoulder was a large hand print from when he had put his hand up to try and stop himself. Now that I could see the damage i realized how much pain I was in. Same of the purple spots looked more blue now, some green, almost like they were starting to heal already.

“Wait here.” Jean called as she started out the door as if she had noticed something we hadn’t.

I put my arms back around myself and stared at the floor. I was to scared to look at him.

“Nikki...” I heard him mumble under his breath. We stood there in silence. Jean followed the Professor in a few moments later. Great, how many people is she going to expose me too?

I finally looked up. Jean and the Professor stood in front of me. I could see Logan behind them, staring at the floor, running his hands through his hair.

“I see what you mean, Jean.” the Professor finally spoke after inspecting me after a few moments.

I didn’t know what was going on, I started to panic. “What do you mean?” He didn’t answer, I turned to Jean, “Jean what does he mean? What’s going on?” My actions got Logan’s attention and all eyes were on me.

We all stood there in silence for a few more minutes, they were all staring at me. I was still panicked, what was going on? Why wouldn’t they tell me. Logan’s eyes had slowly widened as time went on.

“What....what’s going on?” I couldn’t take it anymore. I stepped back and covered myself as tears started forming, “What’s wrong with me!?” I almost yelled at them.

Jean ran up to me and took me in her arms, trying to comfort me. “There is nothing wrong with you, I’m sorry for making you think that. We are just trying to figure out what’s going on.”

“Jean, what is going on?” She stood back and took my hand and cupped both of hers around it.

“Look at your arm.” She said slowly and calmly. I followed her face down to my hand that she held and then down my arm. The once purple marks on my arm had become green, some even yellow. They where already almost healed? I jumped back from her and inspected the rest of my body. The other bruises had begun the same speedy healing process. What was happening to me? My hand shot up to the cut on my lower cheek. It had become a scab.

“Meet me in my office in an hour Nicole, I need to think. Logan, Jean, come with me.” The Professor turned his chair and began out the door and down the hall.

Jean put her hand on my shoulder. “Don’t worry everything will be okay.” With that she followed him out the door once again leaving me alone with Logan.

I looked over at him for answers. I looked him right in the eye. His gaze dropped to the floor. I could see his fists clench. He sighed, relaxed, and looked back into my eyes, After a moment he shook his head no, telling me had didn’t know anything more then I did at this point. I slowly dropped my gaze and he left me there.

I just stood there for a moment after I put my shirt back on, my mind racing. What was going on? What is happening to me? Did I do something wrong? Was the Professor going to make me leave?

I drowned in these questions. I had no answers. I was over my head. I couldn’t breath. I had no light to show me which way to the surface.

After an hour I stood outside the Professors office. I sighed. Did I want to know what was waiting for me on the other side. With that the doors flew open and I was greeted by Jean’s face, it was plastered with a giant smile. Without a word she grabbed my hand and lead me into the large, round room.

The Professor looked at me from the far side of his desk. I gentle smile on his lips. “I’ve been looking into you and your powers Nicole. Please relax, and don’t worry I would never ask you to leave. This is your home now.”

His words calmed me down, I couldn’t help but smile. His smile grew and his hand gestured to the chair facing him. I walked to the desk and sat down.

Logan was lounging on the couch as he had been last time I was in here. Jean took the seat beside me. This woman was quickly becoming the best friend I had had in years. I was home here. I had friends here and people who cared for me. This school was a family, and everyone looked out for each other, protected each other, cared for each other. Even the hard asses like Logan.

“Would you like to know more about your powers Nicole?” The Professor asked. He folded his hands and lead forward looking slightly more serious.

I nodded, he nodded in response and began, “I have learn quiet a bit about you. Your powers are quiet unique. I have seen similar powers but nothing like this before.” His words intrigued me. I leaned forward a bit. Jean copied my actions and I heard Logan shift on the couch.

“Your main power comes from your ability to bend and concentrate light and colours in the air. This is how you create your force fields, you concentrate the light and colours in the air into a solid form, stopping other solid objects and moving smaller objects, like the leaves in the park the first time we met.” I could feel my jaw slowly drop. Logan had now moved closer to us, now leaning on the side of desk, finally having that cigar he wanted. “This ability is what also allows you to appear invisible. I do believe you can actually make yourself disappear but you cannot control your powers well enough yet to make yourself totally invisible. You tend to also cover yourself in a thin layer of this concentrated light. I think its a instinct to protect yourself. You have to learn to stop that, I believe thats why Wolverine can still see you. His keen eyes can pick up on the light reflecting off the this force field.” I was amazed at what he was telling me. I felt myself smile. I was happy to finally know about myself.

“So does that mean I could learn to turn other objects and people invisible with me?” I asked one of the many new questions that had begun to form in my head.

He laced his fingers together and rested them in front of him, “I think you could only do that if you had direct contact with the person or object. You would have to be touching them.”

My smile grew. I didn’t know I could do all that stuff. I thought about when I stopped Jeans hand, and when I ran and hid from Logan, and when I stopped him with my force field. Then my mind went to training room, when they all stared at me, scaring me. My smile faded and I became worried, “Then what about when we were in the training center, what was that about?”

Jean took my arm and rolled my sleeve up. The bruises were nothing more then light yellow spots. My arms was almost bare now. I looked down at it wide eyed. “Its not humanly possible to heal that fast.” I muttered to myself. I knew Jean heard me. The Professor probably read it in my mind and if Logan’s senses where as strong as they say he would have heard it too.

Logan grunted, I looked at him and he chuckled softly. I looked back to the Professor. He smiled to reassure me everything was going to be okay. “I think that, like Logan, you have advanced healing abilities. You said yourself you never fight so how would you really know. However like your invisibitliy powers I believe that with direact contact you could also use your healing abilities on them.” He was right, I had always healed fast if I cut myself while slicing vegetables or something clumsy like that but never that fast, but I had been ignoring my powers so how would I have known. “I’m not sure why you can do this but it is a very special gift. I don’t believe you could heal yourself to the same extent that Logan can. YOU can get broken bones and die of bleeding out but maybe it will improve over time.” I just stared at him wide eyed. That was new, and Logan had that power too? I guess thats why he knew he would be fine after he had crashed into me.

This was all a lot to take in at once. I thanked him and went back to my room for a bit. Thinking of everything that had happened. I wasn’t mad, or sad, or happy, I was just trying to sort it all out in my head.

Once I had mad peace with everything that had been said, I decided to go get something to eat and maybe try and hang out with someone? I didn’t want them to start thinking I was antisocial. Maybe I would go find Jean or Storm after dinner, or maybe Bobby and Rouge, but it was almost 9 and I knew they all had class in the morning. Maybe I would find them tomorrow then. Well I could play so pool. I needed to get better so I could beat Logan one day, just to rub it in his face, even if it was only once.

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