The third day within the story.

Created by hollybug71 on Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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*Koga (wolf demon) =19

*Ayame (wolf demon) =16 (deceased)

*Ginta and Hakkaku (wolf demons) =18 (SECOND IN COMMAND)

* Keigo (Ayame and Koga’s boy) (full demon) = 3

* Farmer Franklin (human) (Jada’s father) = 49

* Penelope (human) (Jada’s mother) = 40 (deceased)

*Jada (human) = 16

*Mamimi (the doctor) (SECOND IN COMMAND) (wolf demon) = 19


(Mamimi is the only other female in the tribe, besides Jada.
She has the power to tell the future and can read minds. The only person that knows this is Koga. Nobody, except for Koga, tries to mess with her because she is also second in command)

*Sunday January 17th Age: 16

Koga wakes me up. He then asks me how my leg is. I try to move it and remarkably it’s healed! Koga tells me that Mamimi slipped some ground up herbs into my drink last night that helps with any pain in the body. I hugged him and told him thank you. We exited the wolf den. Koga put me on his back and ran to my village. When we got to the outskirts of my village I got off of his back and started to walk myself. Everybody stared at us and ran away when we came near them. I guess since I’m wearing these clothes and I’m with a demon they think I’m a demon too. When we got to my house and walked in I screamed after what I saw on the floor. My father was lying in a pool of blood and had a knife in his hand. I rolled his body over and put my head on his bloody chest to check for a heartbeat. As I pulled my head away from his chest I looked at Koga and told him there was no heartbeat, he was dead. Koga picked up a letter that was in my father’s hand and read it aloud. It said *I cannot bear living in this cruel world anymore. My wife and only daughter are now dead. So I did the only thing I could do and killed myself. Because life is just not worth living if I cannot share it with the ones I love. Signed, Farmer Franklin.* After hearing this I laid my head on his chest and cried my eyes out. Koga said “Come on get off of the corpse. I know your upset but crying over it will not bring him back.” Then Koga tried to pull me off of him but I was kicking and screaming and only made it harder for him. He then said we will bury the body but that is all we can do. I’m sorry. By now I was screaming. I said It’s my fault he’s dead I should have just used the well in the village, but instead I used the one in the forest and got taken away. He must have thought that I was dead and tried to kill himself. It’s all my fault! I took Koga’s sword and tried to kill myself, but Koga grabbed the blade before I could stab myself in my heart. Blood dripped from his hand, onto the blade, and then on the floor. I screamed at Koga to let the sword go, but he just calmly said killing yourself won’t solve anything. I screamed back at him to shut the hell up and that he didn’t know what he was talking about. With his free hand he pulled his armor off to show me multiple scars on his chest. He said to me that when Ayame died He tried to kill himself about two times a week for a month. After the one time he almost died from too much blood loss he realized that sure he was upset that she died but killing himself wouldn’t solve anything. It would only make other people sad and give them reason to do the same thing to themselves. After hearing this I dropped the sword. Koga picked it up, put it back in its sheath, put his armor back on, put his arms around me, and tried to comfort me. After I realized that his hand was still bleeding I got him some bandages and wrapped his hand up. Koga helped me burry my father’s body that night. Koga spent the night with me at my house.

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